The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 207

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Chapter 207: Reduced to Ashes

First, Jiang Yun gently took off the storage ring in his hand and placed it aside.

Then, a ten-foot tall fleshly avatar emerged from his forehead, also sitting cross-legged, merging with Jiang Yun's main body.

At the same time, his right hand emitted a blue light.

After doing all this, he slowly reached out his right hand towards the Li Fire in front of him, allowing a wisp of Li Fire to wrap around his palm.

Taking a deep breath, determination showed on Jiang Yun's face.

The next moment, this wisp of Li Fire had already entered his right palm, directly penetrating into his body.


At the moment a sharp sound rang out, Jiang Yun smelled a burnt smell at the tip of his nose, and felt a burning pain inside his body.

This reminded Jiang Yun of the time in Mang Mountains when he had roasted the fierce beasts that he had mistaken for food.

Now, it seemed like he had turned into those fierce beasts, letting the Li Fire slowly burn inside him.

Although the temperature of the Li Fire had exceeded what Jiang Yun's body could bear, with just a strand, it couldn't completely turn Jiang Yun into ashes.

After successfully integrating the first strand of Li Fire into his dantian, Jiang Yun's eyes lit up, realizing that this method was feasible.

At the same time, his divine sense spread out, filling his body as he tried to sense the Will of Fire in that strand of flame.

However, this Will of Fire was an elusive existence, and even though Jiang Yun was clever, he couldn't comprehend it without any clues.

Therefore, Jiang Yun had no choice but to continue absorbing the second strand of Li Fire.

The more Li Fire Jiang Yun absorbed, the greater the possibility of understanding the Will of Fire became.

In this way, Jiang Yun continued to increase the amount of Li Fire he absorbed while trying to understand the Will of Fire with his divine sense.

As time passed, Jiang Yun absorbed more and more flames, and the smell of burnt flesh became stronger.

His face and skin turned red, some areas even showing signs of blistering.

Despite this, Jiang Yun still couldn't feel the Will of Fire.

This created a vicious cycle where the inability to sense the Will of Fire led to the need to constantly absorb flames, causing more harm to his body.

In the end, Jiang Yun's dantian almost turned into a sea of fire.

His whole body turned completely black, like a charred piece of coal.

The pain of being burnt alive by flames was unbearable, not only for Jiang Yun but even Bai Ze, who watched with divine sense, couldn't bear to see him suffer any longer.

After hesitating for a moment, Bai Ze shouted loudly, "Stop, kid, don't absorb more Li Fire! You can't refine the Will of Fire. It's better to give up and save your life!"

Although Bai Ze's voice was loud enough, Jiang Yun couldn't hear anything at the moment.

In his ears, there were only swirling flames; inside his body, there were only constantly jumping flames; and in his consciousness, it was completely filled with flames like his dantian.


Accompanied by a very faint sound, the physical body of Jiang Yun, who had been sitting cross-legged and integrated with him, could no longer withstand the heat of the Li Fire and turned into ashes.

With the protection of the physical body gone, Jiang Yun's original body began to emit wisps of black smoke, and his internal organs also turned to ashes.

Moreover, the speed of this transformation continued to spread at a terrifying rate to his chest, feet, legs, hands, and arms!

Eventually, Jiang Yun was completely burned to ashes, scattered on the ground, leaving countless strands of Li Fire still jumping up and down in the spot where he had been sitting.

As for Jiang Yun, he seemed to have completely disappeared from this world.

"Burned to death?"

Among the stored items, there came a voice murmuring with disbelief from Bai Ze.

At the top of Snow Palace, a blurry figure stepped back, faintly letting out a sigh-like sound, as if he also felt regretful that Jiang Yun had been burned to ashes like this.

Just as the figure began to dissipate, preparing to leave, his form suddenly stopped!

He even took three more steps forward, nearly standing at the edge of Snow Palace, firmly gazing down at where Jiang Yun had been sitting before.

There, besides the still pulsating Li Fire, the ashes left by Jiang Yun, almost completely burned to ashes, suddenly seemed to come to life, starting to wriggle frantically and merging into the ground below.

"Return to dust!"

Following that, Bai Ze's excited and sharp cry rang out again, causing the entire large underground cave to tremble slightly.

Bai Ze remembered that earlier, when Jiang Yun was fleeing from the pursuit of the Earth Palm, he had caught the stone demon and used the Demon Refining Seal to infuse it into the body of the stone demon.

At that time, the situation was very dangerous, and even Jiang Yun didn't have time to check if he had gained the Dust Return Talent.

But at this moment, watching Jiang Yun's ashes merge into the earth, Bai Ze was sure that Jiang Yun had successfully gained the Dust Return Talent.

And this talent, at that moment, really saved his life!

In the unreachable land of Bai Ze's divine sense, the ashes that Jiang Yun turned into were slowly recondensing under the unseen force's guidance.

Although this recondensing took a lot of time, it was a huge surprise for Bai Ze and Jiang Yun.

Even the figure at the top of Snow Palace, after staring for a long time, made a faint sound, "Strange, he is clearly human, why can he have the talent of a monster?"


In the Snow clan valley, to be safe and prevent any dissatisfaction among the tribe, Snow clan grandfather did not reveal where Jiang Yun had gone.

After all, the Snow clan Blessed Land was not even accessible to the tribe members.

Luckily, the tribe members didn't ask any questions and even though they thought Jiang Yun had left the Snow clan and wouldn't help their tribe in the upcoming big battle, they didn't have any objections in their hearts.

Just like Snow clan's grandfather had told Jiang Yun at the beginning.

With the decline of the Snow clan and their continued seclusion, coupled with the presence of the Snow clan's sacred land, this tribe had no one they could trust among all the creatures in the entire North Mountain.

Therefore, the Snow clan had long been used to being independent, so even though Jiang Yun was gone, they hadn't given up hope and were still making final preparations for the upcoming battle.

Snow clan's grandfather was also doing the same, but his actions were not to fight in the great battle, but to lead the whole tribe away from this place.

Although he sensed a touch of divine thought left by his ancestor in the sacred land and knew that Jiang Yun had been saved by the ancestor and would gain something in the sacred land, after the initial excitement, he came to his senses.

Even though the ancestor left behind a trace of divine thought, it wouldn't be too strong.

Otherwise, how could the Snow clan have declined to this extent? So, he knew he couldn't rely on the ancestor or on Jiang Yun.

Therefore, the best solution was to quickly complete all preparations and lead the Snow clan far away.

Unfortunately, just seven days after Jiang Yun entered the Snow clan's holy land, a snowflake suddenly fell from the sky into grandfather's hand, and as he looked at the snowflake, his expression suddenly darkened.

A hurried voice came from the snowflake, "Grandfather, thousands of miles away, the Ten Thousand Demons Cave is attacking!"

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