The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: The Three Realms

Two rolling words appeared suddenly, just like thunder rolling continuously into the distance, following the direction where the handprint came from, crazily rushing away.

The incredible speed made the distance between Snow clan Valley and a cave in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, which was at least hundreds of thousands of miles away, an old man with white hair flying, a red and purple blood mark on his forehead, suddenly spurted out blood, with a look of horror on his face.

"What is the origin of this child? He actually has two powerful masters protecting him!"

As he spoke, the old man raised his hand and looked at the two bloody wounds on his palm, the horror on his face gradually replaced by ferociousness.

"The more so, the more it shows that this boy has a great secret!"

"I must obtain his Taoist spell no matter what, so that I can leave the Mountain-Sea World for other worlds before the great catastrophe arrives!"

"But who are the two masters behind him? I only know that both auras belong to demons!"

"One of the auras is extremely strong, but carries a hint of death, as if nearing the end of life. Could it be the current grandfather of the Snow clan?"

"It's unlikely. If the Snow clan's grandfather is truly that strong, there would be no need to deliberately show weakness and let the Snow clan survive until now."

"And there was another presence, belonging to a kind of monster, but on the contrary, its presence was filled with incredibly strong vitality!"

"Logic tells me that in this Mountain-Sea World, I know all the monsters with some power, but these two presences make me feel very unfamiliar..."

The old man shook his head vigorously, unable to understand, so he decided not to think about it anymore, and coldly said, "However, these two monsters are only protecting that boy, not the Snow clan!"

"I can't touch him, but can I not touch the Snow clan either!"

"I don't believe this boy would ignore the safety of the Snow clan! In the midst of the battle, I have ways to catch him!"

"Jin Yifei, immediately take people to the Snow clan, you have half a month to eradicate the Snow clan, bring back the Snow clan's sacred land; if you don't get the sacred land, then be prepared to face the consequences!"

Just as the old man was giving orders, he had no idea that, directly above his head in the sky, a pair of hands suddenly reached out from the void and tore a huge crack as if ripping paper apart.

Following that, a middle-aged man in his thirties or forties stepped out from the crack, cast a cold glance at the cave where the old man was, then lifted his head and looked into the distance.

After staring for a moment, the man muttered to himself, "This old man, his luck is really good, even the Earth Protection Realm can't deal with him, just causing me to make a wasted trip!"

Of course, he is Jiang Yun's master, Gu Bulao!

Gu Bulao shook his head with a bitter smile and said, "I seem to be getting too worried about my disciples nowadays. It looks like I am really getting old!"

He looked down at the cave below, a cold light flashing in his eyes. He sighed suddenly, "Well, even if I can keep him safe in this Mountain-Sea World, how can I protect him when he leaves the Mountain-Sea World?"

"I can protect him for a while, but I cannot protect him for a lifetime. The path of cultivation still requires him to walk on his own!"

After saying that, Gu Bulao silently turned around, walking step by step in the direction he came from. With each step, his figure shrank a bit, his appearance became younger, until he gradually disappeared.


In the Snow clan valley, although the sudden two rolling words were earth-shattering, only a few people could actually hear them.

Including Jiang Yun!

For them, it was like the sky suddenly thundered twice.

And right after that, the hand that had been holding Jiang Yun's suddenly broke apart inexplicably in an instant.

Jiang Yun naturally seized the great opportunity, swiftly entering through the snowy gate.

This scene made all the people of the Snow clan breathe a sigh of relief instantly.

Though they didn't know where Jiang Yun had gone, as long as he was safe, they were reassured.

At this moment, inside the snow house, the grandfather had a mixed expression of joy and worry, murmuring, "I knew it! At a critical moment, the master behind Jiang Yun has finally appeared!"

"However, I never expected that the old ancestor had left behind a trace of divine thought hidden in the sacred place, undoubtedly to ensure the safety of our Snow clan!"

"But by just speaking out to save Jiang Yun, could it weaken his strength, leaving him unable to protect our clan when the real battle comes?"

"Yet, if the old ancestor was willing to save Jiang Yun, it means he also sees potential in him, perhaps giving Jiang Yun some advantage to help us through the danger."

"It's a pity that Jiang Yun is not one of our clan members! If he could stay with us, our clan's revival would be promising!"

"Is there any way to keep it in our tribe?"

After thinking for a moment, grandfather's eyes suddenly lit up and he said, "Qing'er!"

"He treats Qing'er well, and Qing'er is willing to sacrifice her life for him. The whole tribe now accepts Jiang Yun. If Qing'er is with him, I believe no one will oppose. This is good for Qing'er and our tribe!"

"Yes, I will talk to him about this after he comes out from the sacred place!"

Amidst grandfather's mumbling, Jiang Yun was already teleported under a snowflake gate formed teleportation array to an unknown location.

He didn't even have time to look at the surroundings. He stumbled out of the teleportation array and immediately sat down cross-legged.

Just now, in order to escape from the chasing palm, in a brief moment, he had almost exhausted all his strength, which was extremely thrilling.

Although it seems safe now, without any strength, nowhere is safe for him.

He doesn't even know if that palm will appear again. To have chased him here, he must quickly recover some strength now.

While catching his breath, Jiang Yun took the opportunity to ask Bai Ze, "What is the Earth Palm?"

Bai Ze seemed unsure as well and only responded after a while, "In the realm of cultivation, there is a division at the Dao Spirit level. This is because at the Dao Spirit level, one can sense the various laws existing between heaven and earth. In other words, once you reach the Dao Spirit level, you are truly setting foot on the path of cultivation."

"Before reaching the Dao Spirit level, there are the stages of Meridians Unclogged, Blessed Land, and Cave Heaven, which are the fundamental three stages;"

"Including the Dao Spirit level, as well as the following two realms of Earth Protection Realm and Sky Blessed Realm, they are known as the three realms of entering the Dao."

"Simply put, Earth Protection Realm means receiving protection from the earth, allowing you to harness the power of the earth in the world where you live."

"A demon that reaches the Earth Protection Realm is called an Earth Demon in the demon race, with strength second only to a Heavenly Demon!"

"The Earth Palm you just saw was a hand created by an Earth Demon using the power of the earth in your world."

"Therefore, even if the opponent is on the other side of the earth, they can easily grab you without being affected by the distance in between!"

"In short, the Earth Protection Realm can harness the power of nearly half of the world!"

After listening to Bai Ze's explanation, Jiang Yun finally understood.

Why was that palm so powerful, even making his own heart feel despair?

Having only stepped into the Blessed Land Realm, Jiang Yun had met the highest masters, reaching only the Sky Reaching Realm.

And the Earth Protection Realm was three major realms away from him, a seemingly unattainable presence.

Never did he expect to draw the attention of an Earth Protection Realm Earth Demon, and to his surprise, he managed to escape!