The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 204

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Chapter 204: Wild Escape

The sudden loud roar on the ground alarmed all the Snow clan people in the valleys, as well as many fierce beasts subdued by Jiang Yun and stationed outside the valley.

Even though they had no idea what was happening, as the roar echoed in their ears, it felt like countless ancient monsters were entering their bodies, trampling fiercely on their hearts.

While showing fear and confusion, many weaker clan members were already vomiting blood and falling down.

As for the beasts, under this sound, they were even more vulnerable, with nearly half of them dying almost instantly, only a few still bravely holding on.

Jiang Yun, who rushed out of the snow hut, was also affected by this sound, his heart pounding like a war drum.

He didn't have time to figure out the escape direction, so he randomly chose a direction and ran straight ahead.

Luckily, in front of him, the figure of the stone demon appeared, and without much thought, Jiang Yun grabbed the stone demon's body and swiftly formed the Demon Refining Seal, thrusting it into the opponent's body.

At this moment, Jiang Yun still remembered the Dust Return Talent of the stone demon.

However, now he wanted to make this talent his own, not for the future, but for the present!

After all, once he successfully possessed the Dust Return Talent, it was like he gained an extra life!

And at this moment, Snow clan grandfather finally came to his senses, his old face still showing fear, but after gritting his teeth, he made a decision in an instant.

"Cloud Taoist friend, I will take you to our Snow clan sacred place now, take care of yourself!"

As he finished speaking, grandfather bit his tongue, blood spattered on the ground, and he slapped his hand towards the sky.

At this moment, if Jiang Yun could lower his head to look, he would see that the palm lines on Snow clan grandfather's hand were actually leaving his palm.

Like turning into silver snakes, breaking free from his hand, they rushed towards the protective barrier above the valley one after another.

"Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!"

The countless snowflakes were swirling crazily in the air, heading towards the silver serpents.

In an instant, they intertwined with countless silver serpents.

Not only did it cause the entire protective clan formation to suddenly shrink to its utmost limit, from covering the entire valley to now only covering all Snow clan members outside.

Furthermore, it formed a door made of snowflakes.

The shrinking of the protective clan formation finally gave some respite to the many Snow clan members who were being battered by the roaring sound.

Although there were still loud rumbling noises in their ears, at least within a range they could bear.

As for Jiang Yun, he knew in his heart that the snowflake door in the sky above must be the gateway to the sacred land of the Snow clan.

Therefore, he casually threw the stone demon, whose talents he had already taken back, and without hesitation changed directions, accelerating once again, heading directly towards the upper gate.

At the same time, Gu Bulao, who was on the peak of Seeking-Tao Sect's Hidden Peak, suddenly opened his eyes, rare sharpness shining in them.

"How dare the Earth Protection Realm attack my disciples, Ten Thousand Demons Cave! You are asking for destruction!"

With a wave of his sleeve, Gu Bulao flew into the sky.

By the time he reached the sky, his appearance had transformed from that of a boy to a middle-aged man in his thirties or forties.

The pressure emanating from his body caused the entire Seeking-Tao Five Peaks to tremble slightly.

In the next moment, Gu Bulao's figure suddenly disappeared!

As Gu Bulao vanished, Dao Tianyou looked up at the sky and muttered to himself, "He has unlocked the second seal. Gu Bulao, things are getting serious now!"

Jiang Yun approached the snowflake gate above his head, noticing a hand rapidly descending from the sky towards the earth.

Wherever the hand passed, not only did the ground crack, but everything in its path would easily be split in two.

Trees, mountains, demon beasts... nothing could escape.

The hand is as powerful as the hand of the heavens, nothing can stop it and nothing can resist it.

With such dominance, the hand is getting closer and closer to Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun's teeth are almost being crushed.

Even though he still doesn't know what Earth Palm is, he feels a growing sense of danger.

He knows that once caught by the hand, there is absolutely no chance of escape.

At this moment, all he can do is to use all his strength, push out every ounce of power in his body, resist the roaring sound, speed up, and rush towards the gate of snowflakes.

One hundred feet, fifty feet, ten feet, three feet!

Just as Jiang Yun is about to reach the gate of snowflakes, his soaring figure suddenly stops.

Time seems to freeze, hanging silently in the air.

Because that hand was now coming within a hundred feet below him.

Even though it hadn't touched Jiang Yun yet, Jiang Yun could clearly feel a tremendously strong force that tightly bound his body, making it impossible for him to move at all.

At this moment, despite Jiang Yun's mind racing, he couldn't keep up with the speed of the hand.

No matter how strong his will was, it couldn't match the force restraining him.

This is the huge gap in power!

In front of the power possessed by the owner of this hand, Jiang Yun was like a tiny ant, with no possibility of resistance.

On the ground, all the people from Snow clan were looking up at Jiang Yun.

At this point, how could they not see that Jiang Yun was facing great danger.

Although they wanted to help Jiang Yun, they couldn't do anything, all they could do was watch anxiously.

Even Snow Clan's grandfather showed a sad and helpless expression.

Opening the entrance to Snow Clan's sacred land and shrinking the protective formation was the best he could do in the face of this giant hand.

"Earth Protection Realm! I can't believe a strong warrior from Earth Protection Realm has appeared in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave."

"This person definitely isn't Jin Yifei or the Demon Lord of Ten Thousand Demons Cave. It must be one of the Supreme Elders inside!"

"Jin Yifei must have reported Jiang Yun's matter, but who would have thought even a strong warrior from Earth Protection Realm would covet his Taoist spell!"

"If Ten Thousand Demons Cave is already so powerful, it will be a piece of cake for them to destroy our Snow Clan."

"It seems this time, not only Jiang Yun is in trouble, but our Snow Clan is also facing disaster."

Despite feeling helpless, Snow Clan's grandfather did not give up hope.

Because he knew there was another strong person behind Jiang Yun.

Even though the strong person was not from the Earth Protection Realm, he might still have the power to match the owner of this hand.

However, his hope slowly disappeared as the hand that was getting closer to Jiang Yun.

Until, the hand finally grabbed Jiang Yun's body!

Snow clan grandfather couldn't help but close his eyes, he knew that Jiang Yun was done for, and his Snow clan was done for too.

But at that moment, two earth-shattering voices suddenly sounded from the sky.

Like two thunderous roars, shaking the entire Mountain-Sea World violently.

What was even more unexpected was that these two voices, clearly from two different strong individuals, actually said the same word.