The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 203

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Chapter 203: Earth Palm

Grandfather continued, "Of course, I haven't found my own Tao yet, so this is not a true Taoist spell! This demonstration is just a simple explanation to show you the difference between magic and Taoist spell, do you understand?"

Jiang Yun stared unblinkingly at the blazing flames around him, seemingly capable of burning everything, and upon hearing grandfather's words, he fell into deep thought without speaking.

I have to say, with Snow Clan grandfather's detailed demonstration and explanation, Jiang Yun vaguely understood something.

Even though he's not in the Dao Spirit realm now, unable to sense the rules or understand his own path, let alone what Dao is, but after a moment, he had his own understanding and thoughts.

Jiang Yun suddenly reached out and saw a small flame flying out of the sea of fire all around, landing on his fingertip, flickering up and down.

Staring at the flame, Jiang Yun murmured, "It seems like skill is a point, law is a line, Dao is a surface, but all things return to the source, all paths flow!"

As his words fell, Jiang Yun raised his hand again, and the continuous sea of fire around him suddenly separated in an instant, turning into countless small flames, swaying gently.

"No matter how big a surface is, it is still made up of countless points, so a Taoist spell is actually composed of various skills, but it's the Dao force that connects them all!"

"Elder grandfather, is my understanding correct?"

Jiang Yun's words and actions immediately stunned Snow Clan grandfather.

After contemplating for a moment, he suddenly realized and gave Jiang Yun a thumbs up, saying, "Young Taoist friend, great insight! Your understanding is correct!"

Don't be fooled by Snow's grandfather's knowledge of Taoist spells and techniques, but Jiang Yun's explanation was given in a simpler and more straightforward way.

Jiang Yun's ability to do this, although he was indeed intelligent, was mainly due to his more than ten years of experience in alchemy.

In short, to put it in eight words - get to the root, simplify the complex!

After simplifying the Taoist spells, he found their source and essence.

Grandfather spoke again, saying, "The pinnacle of techniques is Taoist spells!"

"Although we have never heard of Taoist spells being cast in the Mountain-Sea World, today our Taoist friend displayed one," he said.

"So, whether it's me or Jin Yifei, we are both extremely shocked. Since he already knows you are a pharmacist who caused the Dan Disaster, he might come to arrest you himself next time."

Jiang Yun's pupils couldn't help but contract slightly.

When he obtained the Human Tao technique, he thought about why the sect master, Dao Tianyou, gave it to him as a gift instead of his master.

Why did the sect master solemnly speak those words to himself?

While Seeking-Tao Sect exists, I will too. If Seeking-Tao Sect falls, I will die!

Now, he finally understands.

Because The Human Tao technique is an inheritance of the Seeking-Tao Sect, a Taoist spell rarely seen in the Mountain-Sea World.

According to Gu Bulao, The Human Tao includes not only the Eight Sufferings Art, but also skills related to the seven emotions and six desires.

Although Jiang Yun has been away from the Seeking-Tao Sect for almost a year, he has only grasped one type of the Eight Sufferings Art.

Sometimes, he can't help but blame himself for being slow to understand.

At this rate, he doesn't know when he will be able to comprehend all twenty-one skills in The Human Tao.

However, he didn't expect that the Art of the Unattainable was actually a Taoist spell.

The same Taoist spell has a total of twenty-one forms!

If this secret is spread, the Seeking-Tao Sect will immediately attract attacks from numerous forces.

"Once Jin Yifei catches you, he will definitely use all means to discover the secret of this Taoist spell in your mind!"

"Because the Taoist spell you obtained may very well come from other worlds!"

"I believe you should also know that the entire Mountain-Sea World is currently in a precarious situation, facing imminent disasters."

"And if he is able to uncover the secret of your Taoist spell, then it may be possible to leave the Mountain-Sea World and travel to other worlds!"

Snow clangrandfather's words made Jiang Yun suddenly look up and gaze at him.

Although his body did not move, at this moment, the spiritual energy and demonic energy within his body had silently started to operate, and there was even a sense of vigilance in his gaze towards Snow clangrandfather.

Jiang Yun is innocent but not foolish. Since the secret of this Taoist spell on him is related to other worlds, it means there is another way out for others, which Jin Yifei and Snow clangrandfather would definitely want to know.

Grandfather obviously noticed Jiang Yun's change in attitude, and shook his head with a bitter smile, saying, "Dear friend, please don't misunderstand. Even though I am indeed tempted by your Taoist spell, I understand that if you possess such a spell, and even your elders have not taught you the difference between spells and techniques, then it means they are confident in you!"

"Our Snow clan is already in great danger, if I draw attention to you, it will only lead to our destruction sooner."

"That's why I am fulfilling my promise to you now, to take you to our Snow clan's sacred place!"

"However, I can't help you with what opportunities you may find inside, it all depends on you..."


Suddenly, a loud roar interrupted Snow clan grandfather's words, and his face changed abruptly as he turned to look to the side!

Two deep gazes seemed to pierce through the snow house, beyond the valley's numerous mountain ranges, reaching towards the end of the earth, where a hand appeared!

Just a hand, looking ordinary.

But this hand moved with astonishing speed, carrying terrifying power. Wherever it went, a deep bottomless chasm appeared on the ground!

If you look down from the sky, you will see a hand holding an invisible sharp blade, deeply piercing into the earth and easily splitting it apart.

Taking a deep breath in shock, Grandfather's voice sounded bitter and said, "Earth Palm!"

"Earth Palm?"

Jiang Yun looked toward the direction of the voice, but unlike Snow Clan Grandfather's powerful skills, he couldn't see the palm.

However, a sudden sense of unknown danger emerged from deep within his heart.

This danger seemed to surpass all the crises Jiang Yun had ever faced in his life, even sparking a sense of despair in his heart that he couldn't believe - he couldn't escape!

You see, in his life, he had encountered many life-threatening situations, but had never felt such despair before.

At the same time, the sharp cry of Bai Ze echoed in Jiang Yun's mind, "Earth Palm, kid, run as far as you can, quickly, quickly!"

In fact, without Bai Ze's reminder, as soon as the feeling of despair appeared in Jiang Yun's heart, he leaped into the air, using his strong physical strength to break through the roof of the snow house.

The whole person flew out like an arrow leaving a bow.