The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 202

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Chapter 202: Taoist Spell

Watching the middle-aged man disappear, Snow's grandfather's expression darkened.

"Oh no, I didn't expect Jin Yifei to have a hint of divine power hidden in this monster!"

"Now he knows the whole truth, as he said, before long, he will lead the experts from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave to attack us again!"

"However, what's meant to happen will happen, exposing my true strength is fine, but..."

Grandfather's gaze turned once again to Jiang Yun, a hint of helplessness appearing in his darkened face as he said, "I never imagined he could also use Taoist spells!"

As grandfather finished speaking, the swirling vortex that contained nearly forty demons quietly dissipated, just like snow melting in the sunlight, leaving no trace behind.

Everything in the world, including the hundreds of ferocious beasts and the members of the Snow clan, had already come to a stop.

At this moment, everyone remained motionless, their eyes almost blankly fixed on the sky where the proud figure of Jiang Yun stood.

Even though they witnessed it with their own eyes, they still couldn't believe that Jiang Yun had single-handedly slain so many demons from the Blessed Land Realm.

And he did it all with just one move!


The Snow clan had finally passed through today's danger without harm.

While some clan members were injured or killed, compared to the victory they achieved, these sacrifices were almost insignificant.

Because of the hundreds of demons sent by the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, only one stone demon was captured by Jiang Yun, while the rest were all killed.

However, all the Snow clan members did not truly relax.

Because they had already understood from the words of the mysterious man in the disappearing golden robe, that this battle was just a test from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

It won't be long before the army from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave arrives!

And at that time, it will be a real big battle, even directly affecting the life and death of the entire Snow clan.

Therefore, many Snow clan members didn't even have time to be sad. After tidying up the battlefield, they immediately got busy again.

Healing wounds, practicing, repairing formations, turning sorrow into anger and battle intent, preparing wholeheartedly for the upcoming real big battle.

Naturally, after this battle, Jiang Yun completely changed his image in the hearts of the Snow clan members.

Especially in the final scene, he silently killed nearly forty ordinary demons with a spell, deeply impressing all the Snow clan members.

What surprised them even more was that the Snow clan's grandfather unexpectedly gave them two containers filled with the lowest Earth level TianJing Pills and Moon Dream Dew, and told them that these were specially made by Jiang Yun for the Snow clan!

At this moment, the whole Snow clan has gone crazy about it.

Medicines are very precious to their group, who usually live in seclusion, but Jiang Yun generously gave them so many medicines.

This not only made them revere Jiang Yun, but also filled them with deep gratitude.

Even when Xue Luan saw Jiang Yun again, although there was still some embarrassment on her face, at least there was no more hostility.

Moreover, in front of all the Snow clan members, grandfather personally promised that from then on, Jiang Yun would be a permanent friend of the Snow clan.

In the future, no matter what difficulties Jiang Yun encounters, as long as he finds the Snow clan, they will surely help him with all their might.

Jiang Yun didn't care about these things at all; he didn't come to the Snow clan expecting anything in return.

After returning to the valley, he first went to see Xue Qing, who was still unconscious, to make sure she was okay, and then he went to the snow hut of the Snow clan's grandfather.

"Grandfather, is there something you need?"

At this moment, Snow clan's grandfather's attitude towards Jiang Yun was very different from before, with a smile on his face he said, "Dear Taoist friend, I promised you before to let you enter the Snow clan's sacred place, so if you have nothing else to do now, I will take you in."

Jiang Yun was not particularly eager to enter the Snow clan's sacred place, he furrowed his brow slightly and asked in confusion, "Wasn't I supposed to wait until the nobles moved out before I could enter? Why can I go in now?"

Although Grandfather felt a little embarrassed inside, his face showed a calm expression as he said, "Because I heard earlier that you are missing a Blessed Land. Although I also don't understand what it means, perhaps within my Snow clan's sacred place, you may gain something, helping you fully consolidate your Blessed Land."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yun's eyes also lit up, after a moment of contemplation, he nodded and said, "In that case, I will trouble you, grandfather!"

"Don't be in a hurry!" Smiling, grandfather said, "Before that, I have a small question to ask my dear Taoist friend."

"What is the question?"

"Where did you learn that Taoist spell of yours?"

After saying this, seemingly afraid that Jiang Yun might feel uncomfortable, as inquiring about others' cultivation was taboo, so grandfather hurriedly explained, "Of course, I'm just curious. If you can't say, then there's no need to."

"Taoist spell?" Jiang Yun frowned, this was a term he had never heard of before, so he couldn't help but ask, "Are you referring to spells? That is a set of techniques passed down within my sect!"

"Hmm?" Grandfather paused for a moment before asking, "Hasn't your sect or your senior master ever told you the difference between Taoist spells and techniques?"

"No!" Jiang Yun shook his head. "Aren't Taoist spells and techniques the same? Just different names?"

"No, no, no!"

Grandfather's expression suddenly turned solemn, shaking his head repeatedly. "Techniques are techniques, and Taoist spells are Taoist spells. The difference between the two is like night and day."

"If my Taoist friend doesn't mind, I will explain a bit more to help you understand."

Jiang Yun politely said, "Please go ahead!"

Jiang Yun was always eager to learn and seek advice on any knowledge about cultivation.

After pondering for a moment, Grandfather began, "Techniques are various forms of attack that require the use of spiritual energy or the essence of the sun and moon to be executed."

"Whereas spells are rules, representing the laws of heaven and earth."

"Right now, you may not fully understand the power of rules, but all the spells that you and I, as practitioners, can cast actually contain the power of rules. If it's just a single spell, it won't have much power."

"When you reach the Dao Spirit realm, you will sense the existence of rules. Every kind of power in the world, even the heavens and the earth themselves, are all part of the rules."

"As for the Tao, it is the ultimate pursuit of cultivation for all of us practitioners, regardless of our races."

"Of course, the Tao encompasses all things. A Taoist spell combines a certain Tao with a spell, and because it contains the power of the Tao, the power of a Taoist spell far exceeds that of a regular spell."

Seeing Jiang Yun furrow his brow, clearly still not understanding, grandfather pondered and said, "I'll demonstrate it for you!"

"Generally, the most commonly used spells by human practitioners are fire spells. I will demonstrate using fire for you."

As grandfather's words fell, he extended a finger, and at the tip of it, a small flickering flame appeared.

"This is a spell!"

Then, grandfather gently moved his finger, and the flame instantly stretched out, turning into a straight fire dragon.

"This is magic!"

Then, grandfather's another four fingers also moved at the same time, and five straight fire dragons lined up in front of Jiang Yun.

"This is the art of magic!"

Finally, from grandfather's pair of hands, countless fire dragons shot out from all ten fingers.

In an instant, flames filled the small snow house, making Jiang Yun feel like he was in a world of fire.

Grandfather drew back his palm and said to Jiang Yun, "This is a Taoist spell!"