The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 201

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Chapter 201: Changing Plans

The man in black had just ordered the demons to abandon the Snow clan and focus on killing Jiang Yun. But in just a moment, he changed his command to capture Jiang Yun alive.

Not only the demons of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, but also the Snow clan members, including Jiang Yun himself, were surprised to hear this new order.

Only the Snow clan grandfather sighed and said, "I didn't expect them to discover that this child has a divine body and the secret of being a pharmacist."

Soul-searching technique can reveal the memories of the person being searched.

Obviously, after searching the souls of the Snow clan members, the man in black learned that Jiang Yun not only has a divine body, but is also a pharmacist.

Although pharmacists are rare, the Ten Thousand Demons Cave has its own pharmacists, even up to third-grade, so they don't usually need more.

But Jiang Yun is different!

A pharmacist who triggered more than ten Dan Disasters in a month deserves great attention from any force.

He was determined to get it at all costs, even risking everything.

Therefore, Jiang Yun had to live!

At this moment, Jiang Yun couldn't help but touch his storage ring, thinking about the three Heaven-Level Reaching-Sky Pills inside, muttering to himself, "Am I really worthless?"

For Jiang Yun, all the pills he could refine were worthless.

However, for the Blessed Land Realm, the Reaching-Sky Pill that could help open up a cave had an irresistible and fatal attraction to them.

As Jiang Yun looked up and saw the demons getting closer to him, his pupils slightly contracted.

The faces of these demons were full of murderous intent just now, but now, there was a strong light and an indescribable vigor in their faces and eyes.

Especially the divine sense that always enveloped Jiang Yun sensed a strong desire emanating from them.

And this desire was naturally because of that Reaching-Sky Pill!

Jiang Yun knew the look on the Demon Eye and their expressions very well.

Du Guirong had encountered similar looks from the praying mantis and Medicine Puppet that he had killed himself, as well as the demon beasts controlled by the Luo family using the Demon Refining Seal.

"Snow clangrandfather asked me to hold back my strength. I was still considering how to deal with you, but now that you want to capture me alive so badly, and want that Reaching-Sky Pill..."

"Then, I will grant your wish!"

With those words, Jiang Yun slowly raised his hands.

A powerful aura rose from his body, a light shone in his eyes, covering him from head to toe. He looked invincible, as if enveloped in divine light.

In the palms of his hands, whirlpools appeared.

Within the whirlpools, shadows flickered, music played, but at that moment, as they rushed towards Jiang Yun, the whirlpools contained only one thing - the Reaching-Sky Pill!

"Ask, and you shall receive!"

As Jiang Yun spoke, two invisible swirls flew out of his palm and instantly grew to nearly thirty feet in size, lightly crashing into the approaching forty or fifty monsters!

The Art of the Unattainable is a type of Eight Sufferings Art in The Human Tao.

Although Jiang Yun had grasped it on his own and had some understanding of its power, he had never tried using this technique to deal with so many enemies at once.

It wasn't until he acted that he realized he had underestimated the power of this technique all along.


At the moment the two swirls flew out of Jiang Yun's hands, a powerful aura suddenly emanated from the Snow clan valley.

Shortly after, a phantom figure appeared out of thin air in the sky.

With white hair and a weathered face, wearing billowing pant legs below his knees, it was none other than Snow clan's grandfather!

At this moment, Snow clan's grandfather's eyes were fixed on Jiang Yun, his elderly face showing an expression of disbelief.

Even though Jiang Yun brought him many surprises, all the previous surprises combined could not compare to the surprise he felt when he saw "the Art of the Unattainable."

Actually, for today's battle, Snow clan's grandfather already had a detailed plan, which was to not get involved and deliberately show weakness.

He was even willing to sacrifice some of his tribe members to kill the scouting team from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

Then, at the critical moment, he would let a demon go, so it could go back and inform the Ten Thousand Demons Cave about the battle today, making them continue to underestimate Snow clan.

This way, even though the Ten Thousand Demons Cave would definitely send people to attack Snow clan again, their strength would not be too strong.

As long as they could withstand one more attack from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, by the time they realized they had been tricked and sent out their true experts, he would have already led Snow clan far away.

However, now, with Jiang Yun's use of "the Art of the Unattainable," he had to change his initial plan and personally step forward.

Because he knew that the secrets about Jiang Yun, especially the move "the Art of the Unattainable," could not be taken back by anyone from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave today, no matter what.

The big man in black beside him had the same expression.

However, his body was shaking slightly, his face showing disbelief and a strong sense of fear.

He didn't even notice the appearance of Snow clan grandfather in the sky!

Now, all the demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, except for the stone demon hiding in the distance instead of rushing towards Jiang Yun, the remaining forty to fifty demons mostly rushed into those two huge whirlpools at the first time. Only six or seven demons near the whirlpools suddenly woke up.

Then, with a look of horror on their faces, they frantically retreated backward, clearly sensing the terror of those two whirlpools and trying their best to avoid them.

These six or seven demons are among the group of demons sent by Ten Thousand Demons Cave this time, with strength second only to the man in black clothes, all at or above the sixth level of the Blessed Land Realm.

But at this moment, they all looked like they had lost courage, not even daring to look back at Jiang Yun.

They didn't care about the man in black clothes still standing there in a daze, only wanting to get away from this place, far away from Jiang Yun.

The man in black clothes finally snapped out of it, a teleportation array stone appearing in the palm of his hand, about to crush it.

But at that moment, the illusionary figure of Snow clan grandfather in the sky suddenly reached out his hand.

Countless snowflakes turned into several large hands, not only grabbing all the escaping demons, but also catching the dark-clothed man in one giant hand, adding more fear to his already panicking face.

It was only then he realized that all the information about the Snow clan was fake.

The Snow clan grandfather didn't have cultivation in the Sky Reaching Realm, but in the Dao Spirit realm!

Holding his own shadow at this moment was his Dao Spirit!

However, he had no time to regret.

In the next moment, the Snow clan grandfather's hand suddenly clenched, crushing his body directly!

At that moment, a golden smoke emerged from the shattered body of the dark-clothed man, turning into a middle-aged man dressed in golden robes.

The man coldly looked at the Snow clan grandfather and said, "You have indeed hidden your strength, but now, I know everything about your Snow clan."

"Wait, I will come back soon, and by that time, I will surely wipe out your Snow clan, including him!"

"A pharmacist who can summon Dan Disaster and has Taoist powers!"

Pointing towards Jiang Yun in the distance, the middle-aged man's figure suddenly exploded, leaving only his last words echoing in the air.

"Moreover, he has mastered a Taoist spell!"