The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: Capturing Alive

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun glanced deeply at the stone demon, although he did not approach him, it still made the stone demon tremble all over.

Being nearly killed by Jiang Yun last time already made the stone demon deeply wary of him.

And now, this glance made him keenly feel that Jiang Yun was clearly targeting him.

Jiang Yun, of course, knows the importance of the situation. Though the stone demon's Dust Return Talent is tempting, helping the Snow clan through today's danger is more crucial.

As for the stone demon, even if he escapes today, as long as he doesn't die, there will be another chance to meet in the future!

Jiang Yun withdrew his gaze, suddenly soared into the sky, stood in the air, overlooking the ground below, with a hint of satisfaction on his face.

Now, he can finally fly!

Grandpa Snow Clan's brow furrowed as he said, "He must have entered the Blessed Land Realm to be able to fly! If he entered the Blessed Land Realm but didn't gather blessings, and even missed one blessing, could it be that he has more than one blessing?"

Jiang Yun, floating in the air, suddenly let out a long whistle and then shouted, "All Snow Clan members, come to me immediately!"

The sound shook the sky, spreading throughout the area and reaching the ears of all Snow Clan members.

Since Snow Clan had sent out twelve teams of one hundred and twenty people in total, even if Jiang Yun could fly, he would not have enough time to save them all. Therefore, he could only gather them to him.

As he spoke, he raised his hands high.

All the falling snow within a hundred yards flew into the air with his hands and exploded, turning into a sky full of mist, condensing into a hand also reaching a hundred yards in size.

The mist-formed hand became more solid than before, looking nothing like mist but like a real hand.

Inside it contained the dense bloody aura formed by the killing of many fierce beasts and monsters by Jiang Yun.

However, the huge hand did not hit anyone, but gently pressed down towards the ground below.

As the ground shook heavily, the hand exploded, releasing numerous fierce beast-like creatures roaring fiercely, creating a wild wind of voices sweeping in all directions.

The sound made everyone shudder, especially those controlled by the beast demons!

Upon hearing the sound, they were so scared that they instantly stopped, standing still, too afraid to move.

This allowed several Snow clan teams surrounded by these creatures to break through and rush towards Jiang Yun.

Just a moment later, the beasts that had surrounded them not only stopped attacking but also followed them, protecting them.

The remaining beast demons were shocked because no matter how they commanded, the creatures did not listen to them.

This was completely impossible in their understanding!

It is important to note that they were able to control these creatures because they were from the same group.

But their strength is higher, so this kind of driving force is a driving force within the group, which is much stronger than the beast control technique among human cultivators.

But now, unexpectedly, he couldn't defeat Jiang Yun!

They didn't know that if Jiang Yun really wanted to deal with them, they would obediently listen, just like those wild beasts whose intelligence had not fully opened.

The black-clothed man led by the Ten Thousand Demons Cave is currently besieging the Snow clan led by Xue Luan.

He actually heard the words of the stone demon, and even sensed his presence when Jiang Yun just woke up, but he didn't care at all.

It wasn't until this moment, watching the Snow clan escape under the protection of at least five or six hundred fierce beasts, that he realized he had underestimated Jiang Yun.

Especially when a red wolf led hundreds of white wolves, a demon ape, white bears, and a Unicorn Python led hundreds of snow lions and snow leopards charging towards Jiang Yun, the black-clothed man's heart sank to the bottom.

Without the help of fierce beasts and without the numerical advantage, he knew very well in his heart that the people he brought today would never be able to complete the task of eliminating the Snow clan.

And all this is, of course, because of Jiang Yun's sudden appearance.

Therefore, he stared at Jiang Yun with his eyes wide open and pointed his finger, saying, "Forget about the Snow clan, focus on killing this guy! Whoever kills him will be greatly rewarded!"

Upon hearing this, the demons from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave immediately abandoned their opponents and ran towards Jiang Yun.

The dark-clothed man secretly signaled to a demon beside him, "Capture a member of the Snow clan, probe their soul, and find out who this person really is!"

Being a high-ranking figure within the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, he had some knowledge about almost all powerful demon races in the North Mountain area.

However, he had never heard of anyone like Jiang Yun before, which made him suspicious of him. Even though the outcome was already decided today, he wanted to at least uncover Jiang Yun's true identity.

Seeing forty to fifty demons charging towards him, Jiang Yun didn't feel afraid. Instead, he was filled with determination to test his current strength and see how much he had improved.

Moreover, since these demons had stopped pursuing the Snow clan, Jiang Yun considered his mission accomplished. He wanted to single-handedly draw the attention of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave demons, allowing the Snow clan to safely escape back to the valley.

At that moment, Jiang Yun stood proudly alone between heaven and earth, facing the approaching forty to fifty Blessed Land Realm ordinary demons.

Whether it was the golden armored demon ape and other demon beasts, or the five to six hundred ferocious beasts, as well as numerous Snow clan members, they were all at a certain distance from him.

Therefore, upon seeing this scene, one by one, the members of the Snow clan rushed desperately towards where Jiang Yun was.

After today's battle, these Snow clan members had already considered Jiang Yun as one of their own.

If it wasn't for Jiang Yun's timely appearance that turned the tide of the entire battle, they wouldn't know how many people would have died. Hence, at this moment, they couldn't let Jiang Yun face so many monsters alone.

Even Xue Luan, when she looked at Jiang Yun, her gaze held less hostility and more respect.

Xue Luan didn't like Jiang Yun simply because he was brought into the clan by Xue Qing.

But no matter what, she was still a member of the Snow clan, and everything she did was for the sake of the whole group. Therefore, Jiang Yun's selfless actions naturally changed his image in her heart.

With determination, Xue Luan suddenly shouted loudly, "All clan members, at all costs, protect our Taoist friend!"


All Snow clan members were already rushing towards Jiang Yun, but upon hearing Xue Luan's words, they accelerated their speed once again.

One after another, figures sped rapidly across the sky, causing the air to tremble violently.

However fast they were, they were still no match for the countless demons from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave. The nearest group of demons was about to reach Jiang Yun.

Just then, the demon tasked with searching for the soul of the Snow Clan arrived by the side of the man in black and whispered a few words to him.

The man in black's eyes suddenly lit up, and he urgently said, "Don't kill this person! No matter what, we must capture him alive! Whoever dares to kill him, I will wipe out their entire clan. Whoever can capture him alive, I will reward him with a Reaching-Sky Pill!"