The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 199

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Chapter 199: Tenfold Divine Sense

Naturally, Jiang Yun's appearance immediately attracted the attention of many demons from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

Three demons were closest to Jiang Yun, after exchanging glances, they all gave up chasing the Snow clan team and turned towards Jiang Yun.

Among the three monsters, there was a beast demon.

Unfortunately, he did not see his companion, the green wolf, at the moment, who was fiercely fighting with a blood wolf.

He did not even see the hundreds of white wolves lying silently by the side, not daring to move at all.

But soon enough, he found out!

The beast demon, even before arriving, had already controlled his fierce beasts and charged towards Jiang Yun.

In the next moment, almost instantly, the hundreds of fierce beasts turned against him under Jiang Yun's command and rushed towards him!

As for Jiang Yun himself, in a flash, he had reached the side of the other two monsters, raising his right fist, which had turned blue, and fiercely smashing it against each one.

With two punches, he easily killed both monsters!

Jiang Yun's physical strength was incredibly powerful, shattering most of the stone demon with his bare strength.

Although he hasn't fully absorbed this Petrification Talent yet, his strength has increased, making his physical strength even more terrifying.

Plus, these two demons are only at the second level of the Blessed Land, they couldn't withstand Jiang Yun's full strength punches.

After killing the two demons, Jiang Yun completely ignored the beast demon surrounded by fierce beasts, frowning.

Even though he stood out, he didn't attract too many demons over.

Jiang Yun closed his eyes slightly, a powerful divine sense spreading out instantly in all directions.

Divine sense is an ability only possessed by those in the Blessed Land Realm, and it is the most commonly used power.

Without using his eyes, solely relying on strong willpower, he could see the surroundings as if he were seeing them with his own eyes within a certain range.

If someone knew the current range covered by Jiang Yun's divine sense, they would surely be amazed.

Because his newly born divine sense directly covered an area of nearly hundreds of miles, revealing twelve Snow clan members scattered and escaping within this area.

You see, for most cultivators who reach the first level of Blessed Land Realm, they can only see up to a distance of ten miles, unless they belong to the demon race with the talent of divine sense.

This means that Jiang Yun's divine sense is ten times stronger than other cultivators of the same level.

Jiang Yun may not know the reason, but Bai Ze knows it well - it's because of Jiang Yun's Hun Tian Dao body!

The Hun Tian Dao body exactly possesses the talent of divine sense!

At this moment, the closest unit to Jiang Yun from the Snow clan is being surrounded by over two hundred snow lions and snow leopards. Two big men are standing calmly on the periphery.

Even though the Ten Thousand Demons Cave has fewer members compared to the Snow clan, their advantage lies in the beast demons that can control fierce beasts, giving them the upper hand in such a unique battlefield.

The strategy of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave is to let the beast demons entangle the Snow clan unit with fierce beasts as much as possible, while the other demons work together to eliminate other units.

This strategy works quite well as two beast demons can usually entangle one unit.

However, with Jiang Yun's appearance, this strategy not only loses its effectiveness but turns into a weapon used against them!

In a swift move, Jiang Yun arrived beside the Snow clan team and said firmly, "Either go back to the valley or find other clan members and bring them to me!"

While speaking, a fierce light flashed in Jiang Yun's eyes, making the snow lions and snow leopards shiver and stop attacking.

Then, Jiang Yun waved his sleeves and said, "You should also move your bodies!"

The Gold-Rayed Demon Ape, White Bear, and Unicorn Python demon beasts appeared again, charging towards the two stunned monsters on the outskirts.

With Jiang Yun's strong presence, the Snow clan team finally breathed a sigh of relief, bowed to Jiang Yun, and instead of returning to the valley, turned to help other teams.

"Sir, it was him! He controlled the demon beasts last time and killed our people!"

At that moment, the Stone Demon finally saw Jiang Yun and shouted, hoping to get the attention of the black-clothed man leading the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

The black-clothed man might be too far away to hear, but the Snow clan grandfather saw the demon beasts and couldn't help but gasp in surprise again.

Pressing his forehead hard, the Snow clan grandfather whispered, "Besides being a pharmacist, could he also be a Demon Refiner?"

In the whole North Mountain, only Snow Clan grandfather vaguely guessed that Jiang Yun was a human cultivator, so even though other monsters saw that Jiang Yun could control demon beasts, they did not think he was a Demon Refiner.

However, because of this, Snow Clan grandfather's shock had reached an unparalleled level.

He didn't make a deal with Jiang Yun because of Jiang Yun's own strength, but because of Jiang Yun's background, hoping to draw out the powerful figure behind Jiang Yun.

But he never expected that in just a month and a half, Jiang Yun had brought him surprise after surprise.

With each surprise, Jiang Yun's path of cultivation in the future would be limitless.

After a moment of silence, Snow Clan grandfather muttered to himself again, "Perhaps, he will not only be the key to our clan's survival today but also the key to our clan's future."

"As long as he can help us get through today's crisis, then I will immediately bring him into our clan's sacred land!"

"If he gains something in the sacred land, when the army from Ten Thousand Demons Cave attacks, he may bring me an even greater surprise!"

Obviously, the surprises brought by Jiang Yun had already changed grandfather's initial thoughts.

Jiang Yun didn't know what was special about the Snow clan's sacred place, but what demons, including those who knew about the Snow clan, desired the most was the Snow clan's sacred place!

Just as the stone demon spoke, Jiang Yun also saw him, and a hint of surprise appeared on his usually indifferent face.

He clearly remembered having defeated the other party, but now they appeared here unharmed.

Jiang Yun asked Bai Ze, "Stone demon, besides petrification, do you possess any immortal talents?"

Bai Ze seized the opportunity to show off his knowledge and said, "Apart from the Phoenix clan's talent for rebirth, stone demons do not possess immortality."

"However, these earth-based demons like stone demons can have the Dust Return Talent!"

"Dust Return Talent?"

"Yes, returning to dust and earth, turning into dust particles, and returning to the earth can help save their lives! However, this talent can only be used once in a lifetime, and it's not considered immortality."

Upon hearing Bai Ze's explanation, Jiang Yun's eyes lit up.

Because this Dust Return Talent is really a life-saving skill, but last time when I used the Demon Refining Seal on the stone demon, it seems like I didn't absorb this Dust Return Talent, but only absorbed the Petrification Talent.

"Even though the Petrification Talent has not completely integrated, technically I shouldn't refine other talents anymore, but this Dust Return Talent, no matter what, is worth taking a risk for!"