The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 197

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Chapter 197: Frozen for Thousands of Miles


Just as the three Earth-opening Pills inside Jiang Yun's body exploded, on top of the Hidden Peak of the Seeking-Tao Sect, Gu Bulao, who seemed to have never left, suddenly opened his eyes.

"Is it finally time to cultivate the Blessed Land? The timing is just right. I am really looking forward to it. What will your Blessed Land be like!"

A look of anticipation appeared on Gu Bulao's youthful face. He raised his head and looked towards the distant North, as if he saw the figure of Jiang Yun sitting cross-legged on a cliff of North Mountain.

At the same time, two demons standing near the cliff also sensed a powerful energy fluctuation coming from behind them.

The two demons were about to turn around, but at that moment, a soft scolding sounded in their ears.

Then, the snowflakes in the sky froze and turned into countless hexagonal ice flowers, making sharp sounds as they shot towards them from all directions.

The sudden change startled the two demons. Ignoring the energy fluctuation behind them, they quickly each sent out beams of light of different colors to meet the hexagonal ice flowers.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The ice flowers burst open continuously, turning into a swirling mist of ice. Within this mist, a graceful figure in white appeared above the snowy ground.

On her stunningly beautiful face, there was endless indifference. With a wave of her hand, the surrounding snow soared into the sky, forming a giant snowman towering up to three yards high, charging towards the two monsters.

The one appearing at this moment was none other than Xue Qing!

The moment she discovered the group of monsters, she revealed her true form, blending into the snow and luckily evading the search of those fierce beasts.

Even if she kept hiding here like this, perhaps she still wouldn't be found.

However, she also sensed the powerful fluctuation of energy.

And she was clearer than anyone that the fluctuation was coming from Jiang Yun, who had been sitting on the cliff for a whole half month!

Although she didn't know what Jiang Yun was doing, by sensing this energy fluctuation, she could guess that Jiang Yun must be entering a crucial phase of cultivation.

Jiang Yun in this state, if disturbed by external forces, would likely be at great risk of losing control.

Even if they don't fall into madness, these two monsters will definitely not let Jiang Yun go.

Therefore, even though she knew that the other side's power was at least one level higher than her own, she had to take a risk, make a move, attract their attention, and try to buy more time for Jiang Yun.


Another earth-shattering roar resounded. A huge hole had appeared on the chest of the snowman, and through the hole, a lewd, elderly face full of sinister smiles could be clearly seen, staring sharply at Xue Qing.

"Haha, they say the women of the Snow clan are all as beautiful as flowers. Seeing one today, it's truly well-deserved!"

As this person's voice fell, the icy mist that filled the sky was immediately swept away, and another middle-aged man with a green face walked out from inside, smiling smugly. "I never expected to find a Snow clan woman here. It just so happens to benefit us, brothers!"

"Let's play with her first. After she's exhausted, we'll take care of her properly, brothers!"


Suddenly, hundreds of white wolves appeared beside Xue Qing, each with green eyes glaring viciously at her. With a wave of the middle-aged man's hand, the pack of white wolves immediately pounced on her.

Even though the white wolves were just ferocious beasts and not considered demons, there were too many of them and they were extremely fast. Even Xue Qing, who was at the first level of Blessed Land Realm, couldn't deal with them in a short time.

Just as the pack of wolves trapped Xue Qing, another old man suddenly remembered the energy fluctuations he had sensed earlier. He quickly turned his head and looked up the cliff, finally spotting Jiang Yun's figure covered in ice and snow.

"What is this?"

The old man looked puzzled, started to walk towards Jiang Yun while speaking. Upon seeing this, Xue Qing clenched his teeth and suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood!

The blood was not red, but white!

The white blood scattered on the snowy ground, almost impossible to notice unless you looked closely.

"Thousand Miles Ice Seal!"

As Xue Qing uttered these four words, he fiercely slammed his palm onto the ground.


Suddenly, there was a loud rumble from underground, and the blood that Xue Qing had sprayed out had a life of its own, crazily spreading in all directions on the ground.

The snow touched by the blood, along with the hundreds of white wolves standing on the snow, were instantly frozen.

Even the two demons, caught off guard, didn't have time to escape. They too, after the blood spread over them, turned into ice sculptures.


Xue Qing breathed out heavily, and in her blue eyes, a hint of dimness appeared. She even staggered and couldn't stand steady.

It was clear that this spell was beyond her current abilities, and forcing it had a great impact on her body.

Nevertheless, she still slowly made her way towards Jiang Yun not far away.

If Jiang Yun were awake at this moment, he would definitely shake his head helplessly, once again lamenting Xue Qing's lack of battle experience.

A great opportunity like this should be seized to take down the two demons, instead of just passing by them.

Just as Xue Qing was about to reach Jiang Yun, she heard a sudden series of "crackling" sounds behind her. Startled, she turned around and saw that the two ice sculptures were covered with countless cracks.

Clearly, she had underestimated the strength of these two monsters. Her powerful ice spell was no match for them.


Finally, the ice on them exploded, freeing the two monsters. They smirked at Xue Qing and said, "You've got some skills, but now you must be running out of tricks!"

"This works out well, we won't have to waste any more energy. Surrender peacefully!"

With those words, the two monsters leaped into the air and flew towards Xue Qing from both sides.

Instead of focusing on the approaching monsters, Xue Qing turned to look at Jiang Yun with a smile on her face.

With a hint of reluctance, Xue Qing's smile faded back into cold indifference.

Inside her body, a blue and white aura intertwined rapidly, causing her energy to skyrocket.

As the energy rose, tiny cracks appeared on her body!

The change in energy didn't escape the notice of the two monsters, but they were confident in their own strength and didn't care.

In an instant, the two of them were in front of Xue Qing. Xue Qing reached out her hand, with blue light shimmering on her left hand like an endless ocean, and white light swirling on her right hand with snowflakes dancing inside.

At that moment, cracks even appeared on Xue Qing's pale face, making her look like a porcelain doll that had fallen to the ground.

It was only then that the two monsters realized something was wrong.

"This girl is going all out!"

"Damn, how does she have the Sea clan's energy on her!"


Xue Qing coldly uttered these two words, about to release the two orbs in her hands. But just then, a calm voice suddenly sounded in her ear, "This time, let me say thank you!"