The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 196

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Chapter 196: My Blessed Land

Upon hearing Grandfather's final decision, many Snow clan members' faces immediately turned pale, because it meant they had to give up their own relatives.

Even though they couldn't accept the decision, in the Snow clan, the grandfather was the highest authority, and no one dared to disobey him.

Moreover, they were very aware in their hearts.

If they rushed out to save their kin without thinking, there was a great possibility that not only they couldn't save their loved ones, but they might also perish.

Therefore, every Snow clan member clenched their teeth tightly, their eyes almost spitting fire, firmly watching the empty sky.

The demons from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave naturally stopped attacking the grand formation, quickly retreated, and scattered to guard all sides of the valley.

The Snow clan members also dared not use the teleportation array stones to rush out.

Because to outsiders, their teleportation array stones could locate and transfer, but only they knew the truth.

They could only teleport to their enemies when they could see their opponents' location.

However, without visibility, using the teleportation array stones was like leaving it to chance whether they could reach the enemy.

The Snow clan and the Ten Thousand Demons Cave were locked in a stalemate.

However, this stalemate was very disadvantageous for the Snow clan.

In the short term, it was fine, but if it dragged on, reinforcements from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave would inevitably arrive.

Once that happened, what awaited the Snow clan would be a very tragic outcome.

Xue Luan couldn't help but speak up again, "Grandfather, we can't just sit here and wait for our doom!"

A man agreed, "Yes, Grandfather, waiting like this is not a solution. It's better if we split up and try to break through, kill them as much as possible, and see if we can bring back other clan members."

Even though Grandfather's eyes were closed, his divine sense enveloped the area for miles around.

It scanned each figure hidden in the snow until it eventually focused on a figure sitting cross-legged on a cliff.


At the sight of this, grandfather's eyes suddenly lit up.

"It seems like he is ready to start condensing his Blessed Land."

"Although Ten Thousand Demons Cave hasn't noticed him yet, once he starts condensing the Blessed Land, a powerful aura will be emitted, and Ten Thousand Demons Cave will inevitably discover him."

"In any case, we must protect him and ensure he is not found!"

"Whether we can safely overcome today's danger seems to all depend on this child!"

Thinking of this, grandfather paused for a moment and then said, "We cannot just sit and wait. All our tribe members above the fifth level of the Blessed Land, each leading nine others, should rush out of the valley to search for scattered tribe members and attract the attention of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave demons."

"No matter what methods you use, ensuring your own safety, try to lure the Ten Thousand Demons Cave demons away from the cliff near the sea."


Upon hearing grandfather's orders, many Snow clan members instantly brightened up and began to prepare.

Just a moment later, the Snow clan appeared with twelve squads, totaling one hundred twenty people, each teleporting out of the valley from twelve locations.

Naturally, their appearance was immediately discovered by the demons guarding outside the valley.

The man in black clothes calmly gave orders, dividing them into several groups, splitting into twelve teams and dispersing to kill the members of the Snow clan.

Even he himself took three people and went to chase the group led by Xue Luan.

However, he still left some demons behind to continue guarding around the valley. The green-faced man who controlled the group of wolves before and an old man with a weathered face stood near the cliff.

In an instant, the Snow clan and the Ten Thousand Demons Cave clashed once again.

Although the Snow clan had the advantage in numbers, the beast demons drove nearly a thousand fierce beasts, instantly wiping out their slight edge.

Fortunately, they firmly remembered the grandfather's orders. Their purpose of coming out was not to fight but to find their clan members. So they did not seek battle, running away while fighting, gradually leading their enemies from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave further and further away.

The grandfather, who kept an eye on the battle, whispered to himself, "Jiang Yun, all I can do for you is this. I hope you won't disappoint my hopes, hurry and form your Blessed Land!"


At this moment, Jiang Yun had no idea that the Ten Thousand Demons Cave and Snow clan were already in a conflict.

On top of this cliff, at first he was indeed looking at the vast sea, contemplating his own Blessed Land, but gradually, his view changed from the sea to six mountain peaks.

Five towering peaks, resembling open palms, and one ordinary peak about a hundred feet high. At the summit of this peak sat a young boy, with three figures standing beside him.

"Master, senior brother... My Blessed Land, should it be Seeking-Tao Sect or Hidden Peak?"

As this thought crossed Jiang Yun's mind, the six peaks of questioning and the images of his master and others began to gradually disappear, replaced by a world of cloud-sky and mist-earth.

Within this world of clouds and mist, one could faintly see dense forests and even a thousand-foot-long bridge with two people standing on it.

One was a man dressed in white, extremely handsome, and the other was a lean middle-aged man in black.

"Senior Hun Tian, Brother Hei... Should my Blessed Land be World-in-world, Beast Forest, or Against-Demon Bridge?"

In Jiang Yun's thoughts, everything in front of him disappeared once again.

And this time, what appeared was a vast mountain range stretching for one hundred thousand miles, his home for sixteen years—One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains!

Within Mang Mountains, he saw hundreds of villages, he saw Jiang village, he saw the loved ones who had been with him for sixteen years inside Jiang village.

He also saw village chief Jiang Mu, he saw Big Brother Jiang Lei, he saw Jiang Yuerou, he saw... Grandpa!

"Grandpa, Yuerou... Is my Blessed Land One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains, or just Jiang village?"

The scene in front of his eyes was once again replaced by another, this time it was a swirling mass of water!

A handful of water that looked like it would fit in the palm of his hand, yet gave off a vast and boundless feeling!

"Is water made of stone also my Blessed Land?"

Gradually, the water in Jiang Yun's eyes merged with the vast ocean in front of him, and at that moment, Jiang Yun slowly closed his eyes.

"Blessed land, is the land of blessings!"

"And my Blessed Land, is it One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains, or Jiang village? Is it Seeking-Tao Sect, or Hidden Peak?"

"Is it World-in-world, or Trapping-Demon Forest, or Against-Demon Bridge?"

"Is it the water transformed from the rock in my hands, or the sea in front of me?"

Amidst continuous murmurs, Jiang Yun suddenly opened his eyes, "Perhaps, they are all my Blessed Lands!"

"My Blessed Land should be a sea, but the sea is misty, the mist has mountains, the mountains have forests, the forest has a village, and in the village, there are the people I miss!"

As Jiang Yun's words fell, three out of the nine Earth-opening Pills always wrapped in spirit qi within his body suddenly exploded.

Boundless spirit qi, like wild horses, instantly rushed into various parts of his body, until it reached his dantian!

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