Younger Martial Sister of the Sword Sect Holds a Magic Wand – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: The Magic Stone of the Celestial Being?

Ye Shubai had once entered the Dark Heaven Secret Realm. The difference was that back then, he was still a young man at the Golden Core Stage and had not yet been called an old man by anyone.

"It is said that the Dark Heaven Secret Realm is where celestial beings enlighten cultivators. Thousands of years ago, the Qingliu Sword Sect had three predecessors who ascended, all seemingly enlightened by celestial beings in the Dark Heaven Secret Realm."

At this moment, Ye Shubai was standing by the murmuring creek, explaining the origin of the Dark Heaven Secret Realm to Wen Yun in detail while raising the Brightwood sword in his hand.


As the wooden sword fell and was picked up again, the tip of the sword had already skewered a lively and jumping fat fish.

Wen Yun quickly took the fish to prepare it, reminding Ye Shubai, "One fish is not enough, bring a few more. Oh, and continue speaking."

Then Ye Shubai continued to work two jobs and during breaks, Chafish explained to her, "But over the past two thousand years, countless people have entered the secret realm, yet no immortal has appeared to guide them. The last time it was opened was over five hundred years ago, and it is said that a practitioner once knelt and begged for a month for the immortal to appear."

Wen Yun paused in her fish gutting motion, looking at Ye Shubai with a strange gaze.

She dared to confront the God of Light in her past life, so in this life, she naturally wouldn't fear any immortal, especially since this secret realm was not inhabited by immortals, but merely a piece of land left behind by them.

Besides, she always had others kneeling down before her, she never understood what it meant to kneel down herself.

Ye Shubai glanced at her, quietly saying, "I didn't kneel."

Wen Yun didn't hesitate to praise herself, "Truly a model of a sword cultivator, very dignified, believe in yourself more than in heaven."

Ye Shubai said, "While they were kneeling and pleading for guidance from the immortal, I carefully searched through the Dark Heaven Secret Realm and by a lucky chance, found a Phoenix tree, which I used to make a new sword."

"When the Phoenix Tree Sword was made, I suddenly felt a trace of the laws of heaven, so I took the opportunity to strike with the sword and cut down a peak."

It was quite clear, this was the origin of The Tenth Peak, which was the heroic feat of "cutting down a mountain with one sword" that Third Martial Brother Bai Yushan wanted to learn day and night.

So, The Tenth Peak is actually a peak in the Dark Heaven Secret Realm?" Wen Yun blinked, looking at Ye Shubai with a strange look in her eyes. "You not only brought back a tree from inside, but also a mountain?"

She finally understood why she mistakenly thought she was on The Tenth Peak when her mind was fuzzy, because The Tenth Peak was actually moved out from the Dark Heaven Secret Realm.

So, the two places have very similar vibes, both containing incredibly magical elements and spiritual power, but the elements in the Dark Heaven Secret Realm are even richer!

Ye Shubai blushed slightly on his face, pondered for a moment before explaining, "In my youthful arrogance..."

Wen Yun finally experienced what it meant to have a kind face but a black heart. She looked at this seemingly upright person, but behind the scenes, he was cutting down trees and moving mountains while his competitors were busy worshipping gods. This kind of silently making a fortune behavior was truly eye-opening.

She became concerned about Ye Shubai's poor opponents, "What about them?"

Ye Shubai leaned against the creek, staring solemnly at two fish swimming at the bottom of the water, then swiftly made a move.

After handing the two fish to Wen Yun, he calmly replied about the fate of his competitors, "They kneeled for a month, without even catching a glimpse of the immortal's shadow."


"You know those people too."

Wen Yun really wanted to say she didn't know the hundreds of years old man, but considering the age of the person in front of her, she wisely chose to stay quiet.

"Those people are Qianzhenzi's group, maybe because they come from prestigious backgrounds, with ancestors who have achieved great abilities, they have always believed in the existence of celestial beings in the upper realm, solely focusing on ascending to immortality."

Upon hearing this answer, Wen Yun suddenly felt less sympathetic towards them.

She had witnessed the madness of those people, willing to go to extreme lengths for jade nascent soul fragments, even turning against their juniors, all in pursuit of their own path to immortality. Becoming immortal had long been their obsession, bordering on delusion.

Ye Shubai, rarely talkative today, skillfully took the fish from Wen Yun's hands after skewering it, gutted and scaled it silently. It was quite unbelievable that such a divine-looking figure could perform such mundane tasks.

Wen Yun sprinkled some wild herbs and chili that Ye Shubai had gathered on the grilled fish, watching as the fish turned crispy and golden. Suddenly, she thought of something, "Wait, since The Tenth Peak is a mountain inside the Dark Heaven Secret Realm..."


Wen Yun blew on a piece of fish and handed it to Ye Shubai, taking a bite of another herself, "It means... the fire hemlock, elderberry, and other treasures I found, might be growing everywhere on other mountains in the Dark Heaven Secret Realm? There's even a chance to find materials of even higher quality?"

As she spoke, her eyes began to sparkle, and her pale face slowly turned rosy with a blush on her cheeks.

The greatest pain in the world is to have once had something but to have lost it tragically.

She once had many magic wands to choose from, but during the Swordsmanship Contest, she didn't take any because of sudden trouble from Qianzhenzi and others.

Even though she could use magic without a wand, losing her weapon meant a significant decrease in the speed and strength of her spells. Also, without a weapon, how could she strike a heroic pose and talk tough?

But now, her chance had come - she had been directly transported to the Dark Heaven Secret Realm!

Thinking about this, Wen Yun suddenly had a bold idea, "Since you are here as an immortal, does that mean you are the ruler of the secret realm?"

Ye Shubai paused for a moment and explained, "Not quite the ruler of the secret realm. My power is not sealed in the Dark Heaven Secret Realm, and I have visited it once before. It's not as easy as you think to control the secret realm."

She casually reached for the space bag at her waist, raised an eyebrow, and with a natural tone and gesture, she looked just like Second Master Brother Xu Wanfeng robbing someone, "Why don't we take all the treasures from here first? Tell me which treasure in the secret realm is the best, and I will take it now."

Ye Shubai replied, "The secret realm has been opened countless times in the past, and all the rare treasures have already been discovered."

Wen Yun saw his sad expression and offered to take her to look for something if she finished eating the fish.

Wen Yun was touched and handed over the rest of the grilled fish to him, saying she wanted to show her gratitude by offering it to him and would cook more if needed.

"Ye Shubai looked at her and quietly mentioned that he didn't need to eat as he was already fasting."

"Ye Shubai wanted her to taste the freshly picked chili to see how spicy it was."

Wen Yun, with tears in her eyes and cheeks flushed, remarked that her face was turning red from the spiciness.

Ye Shubai remained silent for a moment.

He gazed at her blushing lips, noticing her usual cold demeanor had now softened into a charming and tearful look.

He searched in the space bag and found a package of osmanthus sugar that filled the air with a sweet fragrance.

The man's hands were elegant, making even the ordinary osmanthus sugar wrapped in oil-paper and twine look particularly attractive in his hands.

"You eat this, it's sweet to counteract the spiciness."

Wen Yun was surprised, "You actually brought osmanthus sugar with you, it seems like you really like to eat this."

She thought to herself that her spiritual tattoo was still there, and Ye Shubai at least was her own sword spirit. Since the sword spirit liked it, she must remember to bring more for him when they go out in the future.

There was no choice, being a considerate owner who spoiled the sword spirit like that.

Ye Shubai looked at her with clear eyes and calmly revealed the truth, "I bought this in Castle Peak City."

"At that time, there wasn't much food on the airship, we could only eat dry rations and Inedia Pills. You mentioned twice that you didn't like the taste of the Inedia Pill, I saw many female cultivators in the city buying this kind of snack, so I bought some to have for you."

However, later on, the people from the Qingliu Sword Sect had the inn chef roast over ten fat cranes before getting on the airship. Wen Yun was fully satisfied with that, so the ordinary osmanthus sugar pack never had a chance to be taken out again.

He handed her the osmanthus sugar, seemingly just doing a trivial thing without any ripple, and then got up to go check on the fish.

"You eat this to fill your stomach first, I'll grill two non-spicy fish later."

Wen Yun stood up straight, with a cold and proud look on her face. Despite her calm appearance, her back was already covered in sweat as she tightly held the osmanthus sugar, a fragrant dessert that felt more dangerous than a sword in her hand.

She quietly glanced over at Ye Shubai.

The fairy-like exile held a wooden sword with two fat fish skewered on the tip, their tails swinging wildly.

He looked over at her and furrowed his brows when he noticed she hadn't eaten yet. "Don't like it?" he asked.

Wen Yun remained calm and replied, "It's decent, you go ahead."

Seeing Ye Shubai turn back to deal with the fat fish, she immediately untied the rope to unwrap the paper package.

The osmanthus cake was milky white, with tiny sugar cubes delicately decorated with light yellow dried osmanthus flowers, not too fancy, but still very lovely.

Wen Yun carefully picked up a piece and tasted it, finding it sweet and delicious.

More than just decent?


The Dark Heaven Secret Realm was more like a deserted primitive jungle, with mountains, cliffs, and winding rivers valleys.

They had been at the edge of the entrance, but now they were venturing deeper into the jungle, and after a long journey, they had not encountered the legendary millennium spirit medicine or the thousand-year spirit stone.

Ye Shubai, "The denser the spiritual power, the more likely treasures will appear. I once found a top-grade spiritual jade mine here, but I took it all away five hundred years ago. It will be very difficult to find it now."

This was also why Ye Shubai was so generous.

Sword cultivators, especially those from the Qingliu Sword Sect, were poor because they had two expensive hobbies: extracting swords and crafting swords from spiritual jade.

These two hobbies were often combined and closely linked.

The first hobby was risky, as it could result in injury to either the sword or the person.

If the person got injured, like Bai Yushan losing an arm or a leg, they would endure the pain and reattach it themselves to avoid spending money on spiritual jade from unethical Medical Cultivators.

But if the sword gets damaged, it needs to be fixed. If you can do it yourself, that's fine. But if you can't, you have to spend a lot of money to find a skilled blacksmith. Sometimes you need to find some high-level ore to upgrade the sword.

And then, after upgrading, he couldn't resist the urge to go out and test his sword with someone...

As they kept improving their swords, the sword cultivators' swords became stronger and the spiritual jade in their space bags decreased day by day.

Only Ye Shubai, who used the Phoenix Tree Sword, didn't have this worry. Moreover, he also managed to dig out an entire top-grade spiritual jade vein from the Dark Heaven Secret Realm.

"I can now sense the fluctuations of spiritual power throughout the secret realm. Let me see what can be used to make a staff for you."

Wen Yun paused in her footsteps, looking strangely towards a certain direction, murmuring softly, "I feel like there is some misunderstanding between us."

When Ye Shubai mentioned that there weren't many treasures left here, he was referring to treasures rich in spiritual Qi for cultivators. However, Wen Yun, being a mage, naturally sought treasures with abundant magic elements.

Their habitual way of thinking made both of them unaware of this discrepancy.

It's like the place they have just arrived at now.

Wen Yun looked up at the barren mountain peak, with only some short grass and small trees growing on it. Not even birds dared to build nests and live there, making it a desolate place.

"Ye Shubai, can't you see that something is wrong here?"

Ye Shubai glanced over and said calmly, "There is no spiritual energy here, just an abandoned--"

He stopped abruptly in the middle of his sentence.

A faint look of surprise crossed his eyes, rare hesitance showing, "This is..."

"Yes." Wen Yun nodded seriously, acknowledging the dull response of this inept apprentice in magic.

"Indeed, this area lacks any spiritual power, and there can never be a top-grade spiritual jade vein here again. However, this mountain is emitting almost tangible magical elements. If I'm not mistaken, there should be a Magic Stone mine below."

Just like spiritual arrays, real magic arrays require Magic Stones to set up.

But since arriving in the cultivation world, Wen Yun hadn't seen any Magic Stones. She could only use depleted spiritual jade as a vessel, infusing magical elements into it to create Magic Stones.

Although this makeshift solution works, it is not as effective as the original Magic Stone and is also quite difficult to make.

"May I borrow your sword?"

Ye Shubai handed over the Brightwood sword to Wen Yun, who confidently twirled it in her hand before striking forward with a swift slash—

"Light Arrow!"

A beam of sacred golden light shot out, flying straight towards Bald Mountain.

In the blink of an eye—


A large hole had been blasted open at the foot of the mountain by the Light Arrow.

Wen Yun appeared calm, but she sneakily glanced at Ye Shubai, only to find that he showed no reaction.

She had to hint, "Aren't you curious why I use sword moves while casting spells at the same time?"

Ye Shubai replied seriously, "I know, you use sword moves to confuse enemies so that your magic can catch them off guard."

Wen Yun dryly admitted, "...You're really smart, you've figured it all out."

No, she just felt that by being around Shen Xinghai for so long, using powerful moves while striking a cool pose would be more effective. Plus, it's cooler than standing still and chanting spells.

Unknowingly, she had transformed from an ordinary mage into a melee magician with talent points misplaced.

She couldn't tell Ye Shubai about this, or she would lose face as a master.

Calmly, Wen Yun led the way into the newly dug mine, and as soon as she entered, a cool drop of water landed on her head.

She reached out and realized that it was a magical element from the dense air that had condensed into a water droplet...

It was truly terrifying - the Magic Stone mine that hadn't been tended to in thousands of years, if not since the beginning of the cultivation world, how good must its quality be?

Wen Yun walked a few more steps forward, and along the way, the Magic Stone grew from the size of small pebbles to the size of eggs, then even bigger like fists.

Luckily, Wen Yun was a half-Master of Magic who had seen similar things in her past life in a wizard's tower. While others might consider them treasures, she found them ordinary.

She kept picking up Magic Stones and putting them into her space bag as she walked, but suddenly she found one piece that she couldn't lift anymore.

Wen Yun slowly lifted her head.

In front of her was a whole Magic Stone... as big as a small mountain, so big that she couldn't even see the top when she looked up.

Wen Yun opened her mouth but couldn't make any sound.

Her mind was in a whirl, shifting from how to move the Magic Stone to how to use it, even considering what kind of wand could hold such a Magic Stone.

After much thought, a spark of idea flashed through Wen Yun's mind.

It didn't matter anymore, she had the Magic Stone in her hands, and she could think about those questions later.

Now, there is only one very important question left!

Wen Yun suddenly turned around and stared at Ye Shubai with a complicated look in her eyes.

"Wasn't Dark Heaven Secret Realm built by immortal beings from the upper realm? So why is there a Magic Stone here!"