Younger Martial Sister of the Sword Sect Holds a Magic Wand – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Transform the Qi Into Horse

"Do you know, the path to ascension in the cultivation world has long been cut off, and the immortal beings from the upper realm have not appeared to guide us for a thousand years."

Qianzhenzi sat cross-legged on the ground, his aged appearance seemed to have deepened at some point.

The people of Blizzard Island sitting below him were originally obediently lowering their heads, but upon hearing this, they all raised their heads in astonishment.

Anyone hearing such news would feel incredulous.

Whose ultimate goal is not immortality in the cultivation world? Who among cultivators does not wish to ascend and become an immortal?

And now their ancestors were telling them that ascension was no longer possible?

"The piece of white jade from before was given by an immortal a thousand years ago, it is the only treasure that can connect with the upper realm."

The disciples below held their breath and listened quietly.

"This piece of white jade was originally whole, but it shattered and scattered everywhere during the battle between good and evil. If we can find it, the path to ascension in my cultivation world can be opened again!"

"One of the white jade fragments was stolen by the Xie Family!"

Qian Lishen's eyes, which were unfocused at first, gradually regained their brightness. He parted his lips and asked in a rough voice, "So, the ancestor fought desperately for that piece of jade, not for..."

He paused, suppressed the unfavorable guess, and continued, "Actually, were you striving for my Blizzard Island's ascension plan?"

Qianzhenzi nodded kindly and then solemnly faced everyone, "It's not just for Blizzard Island, it's for the future of the entire cultivation world! If unscrupulous people use it to do evil, our cultivation world will be in great danger!"

"This is a secret of Blizzard Island that must not be spread outside, remember! Remember!"

Some disciples who had criticized Qianzhenzi for harming others had already bowed their heads in shame below, no longer daring to have any doubts about the ancestor.

Similarly, rumors were also circulating in the Jiang family and the Yu family at the same time, all three parties maintaining the same tacit understanding and blaming the Xie Family both internally and externally.

After exposing the Xie Family for stealing people's Golden Cores, Wen Yun's ruthless actions made other righteous sects afraid and angry. Who wouldn't worry about their talented Golden Cores being stolen or their reputation being replaced by the Xie Family?

The Xie Family became the source of all evil, thieves stealing the opportunity for Ascension from the entire cultivation world.

In just two days, the nickname "Xie Thieves" spread throughout the cultivation world. They were like rats being chased by everyone, and the four major families became three.

Various forces quickly took over the resources of the Xie Family in the Southern Continent, generously giving some to smaller sects participating in the Swordsmanship Contest. The entire righteous sects were in a frenzy, but unfortunately, the main branch of the Xie Family escaped too fast, taking many treasures with them.

Several strong Transmigration Stage experts, of course, did not personally participate in such mundane matters. After blaming everything on the Xie Family, they appeared to restore their righteous image.

At Blizzard Island, the major families still had not left, and the Swordsmanship Contest resumed after a two-day pause. This contest was crucial for qualifying for entry into the Dark Heaven Secret Realm. If suddenly canceled, it would likely cause chaos among all sects.

In Qianzhenzi's mansion, the people who had previously clashed over White Jade were sitting together again. Though the atmosphere was tense, they had to focus on their interests, considering the past incident a minor matter.

Qianzhenzi furrowed his brow, "Still can't find Wen Yun? What kind of method is this? To make someone disappear without a trace..."

The head of the Yu family pondered for a moment and suddenly said, "I heard that thousands of years ago, when immortal beings from the upper realm came to our cultivation world, they could instantly appear anywhere in the world. They could be in the Southern Continent and reach out for snow from the Northern Continent. Could she have encountered some kind of immortal fate?"

"Haha, your family only cares about studying those old, boring stories," said the head of the Jiang family loudly and stubbornly. "Ridiculous, ridiculous! Everyone knows that the so-called immortal from the upper realm hasn't appeared in thousands of years. No one knows if it's true or not. Why bring up Immortal Realm powers? Why not say that Wen Yun is an immortal?"

The head of the Yu family had a cold expression and didn't want to talk to such a rude villager.

With a smiling face, Wan Dabao stepped in to mediate, "Don't argue anymore. Since we can't find out where Wen Yun went, let's put that aside for now. The most important thing is to deal with the Xie Family's assets..."

"They are just ordinary things," Qianzhenzi interrupted Wan Dabao, speaking seriously. "We must find Wen Yun, not just for the white jade she has, but more importantly, to find the person who saved her!"

The head of the Yu family had a complex expression, "Although not clearly seen, if there's anyone in this world who can rival the three of us, it's probably only that person."

"He's also holding a wooden sword."

Wan Dabao, sitting on the side, took a sip of tea and restrained his smile, "I've said it before, my Wan family has confirmed that he has already passed away. Why don't you believe me?"

Qianzhenzi said, "Friend Wan's insights are amazing. We trust you, but aside from him, there's probably no one else with that terrifying aura. So, we must personally visit The Tenth Peak to find out! If it's really Ye Shubai coming to rescue his disciple, then we'll capture his three senior disciples to force him out!"

After a moment of silence, Wan Dabao slowly regained his indifferent smile, "If that's the case, then I will accompany you on this journey."

However, the Qingliu Sword Sect is really far from Blizzard Island. Even though they have reached the peak of Transmigration, they did not have the ability to teleport like the upper realm immortals. They used all kinds of methods like riding swords and driving symbols, but it still took them three days to reach the Qingliu Sword Sect.

The Tenth Peak looked as desolate as ever. The fire hemlock bushes on the south slope were sparse due to being cut down, and the other shrubs on the north slope were not much better. The entire mountaintop looked barren, like it had been chewed up by dogs.

This didn't look like some immortal sect treasure land at all, more like a deserted hill at the edge of a village.

Qianzhenzi hesitated for a moment, then looked back at the Supreme Elder Ouyang who was guiding them, "Could it be that we took the wrong path?"

Supreme Elder Ouyang was not pleased with these people suddenly showing up, but since it was related to Ye Shubai, he had to suppress his anger and said, "I am not that clueless after all."

The group instinctively checked the seal that Qianzhenzi had set up himself that day. He could tell that the formation was not damaged at all.

However, just as they were about to capture Ye Shubai's three disciples, they were stunned to find out...

Those three individuals, like Wen Yun, had disappeared.


Wen Yun felt very tired for the first time.

Her eyelids kept drooping, and she felt as if she was being submerged in bone-chilling seawater, feeling nothing but cold.

Although magicians have long lifespans, their bodies are still weak, unlike monks who have strong healing abilities. Besides, on that day, Xie Xun harbored murderous intentions, and his sword energy almost shattered her heart completely.

Wen Yun's vitality was gradually draining away with the blood hole in her chest. At this moment, her face looked pale like a white paper, and her eyes appeared darker and emptier, unable to focus.

She slowly opened her hand, revealing the excessively dazzling Golden Core in her palm.

The back of the Golden Core was closely attached to a small piece of broken jade, and the two were about to merge completely.

Since she first saw Xie Mian, Wen Yun had been working on making this random teleportation scroll for the sake of her revenge plan.

She had intended to retrieve the Golden Core and escape using the scroll, with everything planned perfectly. However, she never expected that Xie Mian fused her Golden Core not with some family secret technique, but with Ye Shubai's jade nascent soul fragment.

No wonder Xie Mian dared to portray himself as a genius in front of everyone. With these two items, if he also wins the qualification to enter the Dark Heaven Secret Realm in the Swordsmanship Contest, his future achievements would be immeasurable.

No wonder the old monsters went crazy trying to stop her when Golden Core appeared, it turns out it all stemmed from Ye Shubai.

She was in so much pain that she could hardly speak, so she mustered all her remaining strength to hand these two things to Ye Shubai.

She was sure she wouldn't need the Golden Core anymore, but Wen Yun didn't want to leave it for Xie Mian either. She never expected that after all the twists and turns, she would be able to retrieve this piece of jade nascent soul for him.

Finding joy in suffering, Wen Yun thought to herself that she was indeed a very kind person.

But being kind was really tiring, too tiring.

She had been busy for so long, practicing magic and swordsmanship, not even getting a full night's rest. It was so pitiful.

Wen Yun's eyelids grew heavier and heavier, until finally closing.

Just then, Ye Shubai, holding her, sternly called out to her, "Wen Yun, open your eyes."

That tone of voice was just like how he used to wake himself up every day before the rooster crowed.

She struggled to open her eyes, her gaze gradually becoming unfocused, and her mind becoming muddled and unclear.

Vaguely, she felt like she had returned to the courtyard of The Tenth Peak, with the familiar sight of mountains and trees before her, even the crisp air around her was the same.

However, this time Wen Yun simply couldn't move, she couldn't get up to practice sword fighting again.

Just then, she faintly realized that she had been placed on the ground.

The man next to her whispered something, but she couldn't hear clearly, she just vaguely watched as he raised the sword at her.

It was a wooden sword she had made herself, carefully crafted with precise lines over several nights, the sword body had a light natural color, and she had carved two five-petaled plum blossoms on the hilt.

It was a beautiful wooden sword made by her hands, every detail she remembered clearly.

Yet at that moment, the sword was pointed at her.

Surely, he was going to kill her.

She knew that Ye Shubai found out her identity, and now he wanted to kill her.

She pretended to be clueless and showed off her magic to intrigue him, fearing that this man would kill her to keep her quiet because of his special identity and her extensive knowledge.

Most importantly, she also engraved a soul mark on him that could only be removed by death, trapping him.

Wen Yun realized that the thing she had been fearing all along had finally happened.

Now that he had truly mastered magic, she felt she was of no value to him anymore. He might as well kill her to silence her and remove the soul mark. Without a teleportation scroll this time, she knew there was no escape.

Wen Yun stared at him in despair, her mind consumed by the fact that he wanted to kill her, unable to focus on anything else.

Suddenly, she felt overwhelming grievances.

It turns out that their supposed bond of life and protection was false.

Wen Yun, in a daze, thought about sharpening Ye Shubai's sword even more, so that when he killed her later, it would be quicker and cleaner.

Ye Shubai spoke gently as if comforting her, then covered her eyes with his hand, similar to the way he extracted a fragment of a jade nascent soul from the Supreme Elder of the East that night.

The light scent of white plum lingered faintly, then a sharp pain arose from her lower abdomen, the metallic sweetness of blood overpowering all other smells.

Am I going to die?

"No, you are going to live."

Ye Shubai calmly replied to her whispered question, then took the Golden Core and shattered jade from her palm.

Without hesitation, he placed these two items into her lower abdomen.

Xie Xun's strike contained the cultivation of the Nascent Soul Stage, shattering her spiritual veins and flesh, only the infusion of spiritual power can repair the shattered spiritual organs to save her life.

If Xie Mian can merge someone else's Golden Core with a shattered jade, then she surely can integrate her own Golden Core back.

Ye Shubai frowned, his expression serious as he used light-based healing magic on her.

After the gentle light faded, Ye Shubai felt a wave of tiredness washing over him, as if his energy had been drained a bit.

Without taking a rest to recover, he solemnly glanced at Wen Yun's wound, then continued to use a healing spell on her.



Three times.


After countless times, the bleeding hole in her chest gradually showed signs of stopping and healing, and the tiny cut in her dantian also began to slowly recover.

However, the injury to her spiritual vein could not be healed by a basic healing spell; it required her spirit Qi to be nurtured and repaired slowly from within.

With his energy completely drained, Ye Shubai's lips were almost colorless at this moment, and his whole demeanor became somewhat dazed.

He barely held himself up with a wooden sword, guiding her Flawless Golden Core with his spiritual power to draw out a tiny bit of spiritual power, sending it towards the nearest broken spiritual vein.

Her flawless golden core, matching his half-step ascended jade nascent soul.

These two stolen things once saved Xie Mian's life.

Now that they have returned to their rightful owners, why can't they save her life?


Wen Yun, you must stay alive!

Wen Yun is waiting for death.

Every time she dies, she switches to a new world, unsure which world she will end up in this time.

The one before last was about magic, the last one was about cultivating inner energy, should we start practicing martial arts this time?

In a hazy dream, she saw herself unleashing a powerful martial arts move, making the people nearby gasp, "The martial arts master is terrifying!"

Countless powerful individuals knelt before her, excitedly bowing and calling out, "Respected Wen Yun, your magic knows no bounds!"

Among them was Ye Shubai, who had stabbed her with a sword in her past life. He was the most enthusiastic and loud one, even holding a wooden sword and smiling flatteringly, urging her to stab him back.

She continued to maintain her aloof demeanor in front of others, sitting proudly on the martial arts horse, looking down on everyone, and then...

And then she was awakened by the calling.

"Wen Yun?"

She slowly opened her eyes, and saw Ye Shubai, who had just been kneeling in front of her, offering a cup of water to her lips.

Although he was not as obsequious as before, he still knew how to serve her, barely acceptable.

Wen Yun unconsciously opened her mouth, the ice-cold and sweet water entered, and the rich spirit Qi in it made her eyes squint comfortably.

Indeed, the tempered spirit Qi felt more comfortable entering her body than magic…


Spirit Qi?

How could she sense the spirit Qi! Wasn't she supposed to be killed by Ye Shubai?

With her body recovering, Wen Yun's thinking ability gradually returned due to her previous weakness, in other words, she began to regain the brainpower she had lost.

Wen Yun immediately sensed that there was an extra Golden Core in her body. With its effect, her body felt unprecedentedly light and comfortable, the distant mountains, waters, and trees became clear, and she became more sensitive to various smells in the air.

This is the effect of spiritual power, greatly strengthening the body.

After a long silence, Wen Yun's voice was extremely dry, "Has my Golden Core returned?"

"Hmm." Ye Shubai looked down at her and continued to pass the cup of water to her, "Drink it all."

Wen Yun was too lazy to take it, she leaned over to enjoy his water service, suddenly she thought of something, "So your jade nascent soul fragment is also in my body? You didn't try to kill me with the sword earlier, but to place the Golden Core for me?"

It's not easy to transplant a Golden Core, usually it disperses when separated from the body. Even if her Golden Core is flawless, it can't withstand such turmoil. To re-integrate it into her body, she can only rely on the power of the white jade.

As expected, Ye Shubai nodded, "Hmm."

In a moment, he furrowed his brows and asked back, "Why would I kill you?"

Since the connection to the immortal path has been severed, there is no longer any talk of the Heavenly Dao in the world. Therefore, these cultivators are no longer afraid of causing karma, nor do they cultivate their hearts.

But Ye Shubai has his own principles, he once said he would protect her for life, how could he go back on his word and try to kill her?

Wen Yun realized she had misunderstood Ye Shubai. She felt guilty and immediately apologized sincerely, "I'm sorry, I was confused at the time and saw you pointing a sword at me, I misunderstood you, it was my fault."

"I'm sorry, Ye Shubai, we are bound together in life and death, and yet I..."

As Wen Yun was talking, she noticed Ye Shubai staring at her expressionlessly.

She belatedly realized...

Oh no, her mind wasn't fully awake and she accidentally called out his name.

Wen Yun forced a laugh and said, "I suddenly feel a bit dizzy, I need to rest for a while. Let me wake up first before we discuss how to extract your jade nascent soul. It's quite complicated, maybe you can look through the magic spellbook I gave you to see if you can find an answer..."

To her embarrassment, Ye Shubai showed no intention of moving, unlike before when he got excited about studying magic. He remained still, calmly gazing at her with his beautiful eyes.

Wen Yun had to admit defeat and explained softly, "I actually knew your identity early on, but at the time we had just met and I couldn't match your strength. I was afraid that knowing too much would make you silence me..."

Ye Shubai continued staring at her. If he remembered correctly, he had initially planned to reveal his identity, so Wen Yun's feigned ignorance was not entirely for that reason.

She felt uncomfortable under his gaze, clutching her chest with a frown, then gasped, "I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my chest, as if the wound has reopened."

Ye Shubai's voice was cold, "I already used a healing spell to close your wound."


Alright, you are powerful with magic and martial arts.

Unable to change the subject, Wen Yun had to confess honestly, "Aren't I supposed to be your apprentice under the senior brothers? But I was once a dominant force, how could I let a master rule over me as an ancestor, so I..."

"So you pretended to be ignorant the whole time, tricking me into being your sword spirit, as my ancestor."

Ye Shu calmly exposed her final little scheme.

Wen Yun tried to play dumb and brush past the matter, but Ye Shubai was extremely cold and ruthless.

"Now that you know about this, as your master, I must take responsibility for you. There's no need to take out the fragments of your jade nascent soul, I have a solution."

Wen Yun looked up at him, with a bewildered expression, appearing as innocent as a spore in her eyes.

She thought Ye Shubai would be angry because of her misunderstanding and deception, would say, "Since I saved you, then our relationship is settled, and we go our separate ways."

Because this is how normal people should react.

However, he did not set boundaries with her.


Ye Shubai changed the topic, Wen Yun pursed her lips, quickly looked down to hide her sadness, then lifted her head with a cold and arrogant disguise, appearing indifferent.

"Now that your Golden Core has returned, you need to practice swordsmanship diligently, starting tomorrow at sunrise."


Wen Yun tried to maintain her cold and proud demeanor, "You don't even know where this is, and you can practice swordsmanship here with peace of mind?"

The powerful Time Space Spell she created in her previous life could directly travel through time and space, but here it could only create a crude spatial teleportation array, so she was unsure where this forest was.

Perhaps she had been transported to another world.

Because she sensed that there were not only spiritual energy and magic here, but also other unknown elemental energies, completely different from the previous world.

To her surprise, Ye Shubai calmly replied, "I know where this is."

Wen Yun, puzzled, asked instinctively, "Where is this?"

"Dark Heaven Secret Realm."

Wen Yun was shocked.

The entire magical world had invaded the continent several times, and talented individuals from various righteous factions gathered at the Swordsmanship Contest, even to the extent of risking their lives. What were they after?

It was precisely to enter the legendary Dark Heaven Secret Realm built by immortals, containing the method of ascension.

However, Wen Yun suddenly realized, "Isn't it said that only cultivators below the Nascent Soul Stage can enter the Dark Heaven Secret Realm? It is said that those with too much strength will cause the secret realm to collapse and be destroyed?"

"In fact, it won't collapse, and those with greater power won't die if they enter," explained Ye Shubai. "They will just be suppressed to below the Nascent Soul stage by the secret realm."

Wen Yun turned her head with piercing eyes, "So you're only at the Golden Core level now?"

Before Ye Shubai could speak, she picked up a tree branch at her feet, "Let's compare!"

Wen Yun still remembered being overwhelmed by Ye Shubai's illusions in Qianzhen Tower that day, only managing to pass with his guidance. Now that his powers were sealed and she had successfully integrated her Golden Core, she was ready to fight back.

However, half a tea time later, Wen Yun was downed by Ye Shubai's sword. She was truly defeated.

"You're lying! This isn't the Golden Core Stage!"

Ye Shubai shrugged, "I never said I was at the Golden Core Stage now."

Wen Yun got up, frowning, "But you did say that those who enter the secret realm will have their powers sealed below Nascent Soul level."

The man standing in front of her remained silent for a while, with a hint of confusion in his eyes.

"I don't know why, and also..."


Ye Shubai moistened his lips and spoke in a horrified tone, "It seems that the Dark Heaven Secret Realm has mistaken me for a celestial being."