Younger Martial Sister of the Sword Sect Holds a Magic Wand – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Elixir!

The girl holding the wooden sword stood tall like a pine tree, her gaze aimed along with the sword at Xie Mian in the far corner.

Others were stunned at first, then they showed respect.

She didn't choose disciples from smaller factions or take advantage of the other three's injuries to kick them while they were down. Instead, she directly challenged Xie Mian!

Who is Xie Mian? In this Swordsmanship Contest, everyone rated Jiang Si as the strongest, followed by Xie Mian. Now that Jiang Si is injured, isn't Wen Yun taking on the toughest challenge?

The head of the Yu family sighed deeply and said, "People often say that sword cultivators are proud and heroic. Wen Yun's actions are truly admirable and deserve respect!"

Qianzhenzi nodded, stroking his beard, and gazed at Wen Yun with satisfaction. "She's not taking advantage of others' weaknesses; this is truly a good deed."

On the other side, the head of the Jiang family held a sword and smiled at Wen Yun on the Sword-fighting Platform. "This girl is truly righteous. My Jiang family thanks you, and you're welcome to visit us in East Continent in the future!"

Everyone looked at the young girl in the center. Whether she wins or loses, her reputation has reached its peak. Whenever someone mentions this Swordsmanship Contest in the future, they will remember this sword cultivator named Wen Yun.

It's just a pity that her opponent is Xie Mian.

Everyone's gaze shifted to the elegant young man in white brocade robes in the distance.

Leng Yanyan cautiously leaned towards Xie Mian and whispered, "Cousin, it was her who harmed me in the formation. Now she's daring to challenge you. How about teaching her a lesson?"

Xie Mian didn't react, he just stared at Wen Yun with his lips pressed tightly together and didn't take a step forward.

He couldn't overcome the fear in his heart before entering the Qianzhen Tower, so he told Xie Xun about Wen Yun's survival, and Xie Xun immediately prepared to kill Wen Yun.

However, by the time Wen Yun had entered the tower, they had not encountered each other inside. When Wen Yun came out, she became the center of attention, and Xie Xun could no longer easily harm her.

So Xie Xun ordered the death of the nine Dark Guards of the Xie Family. If they found Wen Yun, they were to intercept and kill her on the Sword-fighting Platform.

Unexpectedly, before the Xie Family could take action, Wen Yun stepped forward on her own!

Seeing Wen Yun choose him, Xie Mian cleared his throat, while Xie Shi behind him seemed unaware, standing completely still.

After a moment, another man in a black robe behind Xie Mian stepped forward and said sternly, "Taoist Friend Wen, my Young Master was injured in the formation just now. Let me, Xie Shiyi, handle you first."

Without waiting for Wen Yun's consent, he swiftly attacked with a pair of daggers, and with a strange spiritual power enhancing his movements, his figure gradually disappeared and finally vanished completely in front of everyone's eyes.

"This hidden technique is powerful. It seems like the Xie Family has found some impressive new recruits."

The excellent assassin had great control of spiritual power, but unfortunately she encountered someone with powerful mental strength.

Wen Yun quietly praised, then leaped back to avoid the deadly backstab, swinging her fire hemlock wand at the same time.

"Freezing spell."

Suddenly, Xie Shiyi, who was previously invisible, appeared in the air and was frozen into a block of ice as he fell to the ground, still holding a dagger in his hand.

Wen Yun ignored the exclamations in the distance, like "Sword Intent Transformation," and didn't even look at the person on the ground who had lost the ability to fight, only glaring coldly at Xie Mian.

She asked again, "Xie Mian, do you dare to fight me?"

As soon as he was called out by name, Xie Mian felt as if he was being stared at by the cold eyes of a wild beast, making him feel chilly all over.

He swallowed nervously and didn't step forward. Xie Shier beside him immediately stepped up to fight in his place.

"My young master is still weak. Please understand, miss. Xie Shier will fight in his place!"

Xie Shier is more upright than Xie Shiyi, he doesn't do sneaky things like ambushes.

Wen Yun smirked and asked, "You are covered in injuries, yet you let the nobleman with clean clothes and tidy hair fight in your place. Are you saying he's weak? I think he's in better shape than anyone else on the field. Or could it be that even a powerful Golden Core Stage expert can feel sick and dizzy?"

As soon as these words were spoken, the others who had not doubted before immediately looked at Xie Mian and noticed something was wrong.

Just as Wen Yun had said, everyone on the field in Qianzhen Tower looked battered and Wen Yun's hair had been messy earlier. However, Xie Mian, who had been escorted all the way, still looked fresh and tidy.

Comparing Xie Shiyi and Xie Shier's description of "injured and weak," it seemed a bit distorted.

Xie Mian furrowed his brows slightly and his fingers gradually closed around the sword hilt.

Seeing her cousin being questioned by Wen Yun, Leng Yanyan felt annoyed. She quickly stepped forward and said, "My cousin saw that you had no cultivation and out of friendship, he couldn't bear to embarrass you. How could you speak so rudely, Wen?"

This excuse was barely acceptable, and the crowd believed it to some extent.

Wen Yun tugged at the corner of her mouth, leaped gracefully, and with a swing of her wooden sword, aimed towards Xie Shier.

The refined swordsmanship that had been honed in the sword formation had reached the pinnacle. Before Xie Shier could react, the sword tip was already pointing at his forehead.

"You have lost, go down now."

Wen Yun invited for a fight again, Xie Mian avoided again.

Wen Yun cut down Xie Shi three times, then pointed at Xie Mian, who still did not respond.

After several rounds, Wen Yun looked expressionless at Xie Mian, who was still hesitating, now with only Xie Shi left behind him.

She rested the wooden sword on her shoulder, her cold expression gradually becoming more unrestrained.

"Xie Mian, dare to fight me!"

Xie Mian remained motionless in place, onlookers also realized something was wrong. It didn't seem like the friendly exchange Leng Yanyan had mentioned, but more like... unwilling to fight?

Wen Yun's cold gaze swept over, lifting her chin slightly, "Isn't Xie Family Young Master a renowned sword talent? Why not dare to fight an ordinary person like me who has no cultivation?"

"In the Qingliu Sword Sect, Young Master Xie didn't participate in the inner competition or the Swordsmanship Contest. Are you saying that Young Master Xie of the Xie Family wants to enter the Dark Heaven Secret Realm without even using his sword? I feel sorry for the fellow practitioners from different sects."

Wen Yun is beautiful and young. When she held the sword, she emanated a divine aura. Her words, spoken in a naive tone, made everyone sympathize with her instantly.

Someone boldly shouted, "Young Master Xie, the Swordsmanship Contest is just for practice. This young girl has invited you several times to spar, why are you hesitating?"

At that moment, Qian Lishen regained consciousness. After listening to the disciples from Blizzard Island recount the incident, he smiled with a pale face.

"Xie Mian, are you scared? If so, don't embarrass yourself on the Sword-fighting Platform. Look at me, even though my legs are broken and I almost lost my life, I'm still lying here ready to fight if someone dares to challenge me."

Hearing this, Xie Xun glared fiercely at Qian Lishen.

He is so mean!

However, Qianzhenzi did not speak up against his grandson's behavior. Qian Lishen's words influenced the public opinion, and now many people are whispering that Young Master Xie from the Xie Family is nothing special.

Xie Shi was originally tasked with assassinating Wen Yun. During the incident, Wen Yun and her group had their Golden Cores taken away. In the end, only Xie Shi managed to escape.

To protect Xie Mian in the Swordsmanship Contest, the Xie Family used their secret medicine to forcefully elevate Xie Shi's cultivation level from the early stages of Core Formation to the middle stages of Nascent Soul.

This medicine is extremely mysterious, but no one knows that it sacrifices the lifespan of the host in exchange for cultivation. Although Xie Shi appears to be powerful, he only has three years left to live, trading his life for Wen Yun's.

Xie Xun was upset by the rumors and gossip around him, so he raised his voice and said to Xie Mian, "Mian, stop being overly protective. Take action!"

Wen Yun's Golden Core was personally witnessed by him. A person without cultivation skills, no matter how skilled in swordsmanship, cannot match a master like Xie Shi at the Nascent Soul Stage!

Indeed, Xie Xun had made it clear that if Xie Mian faced a strong opponent, Xie Shi would intervene and kill the opponent during their battle. Xie Shi, who is eager to protect his master, would be the one breaking the rules, not Xie Mian.

Xie Xun had been carefully planning everything to protect Xie Mian and the reputation of the Xie Family.

Xie Mian hesitated for a moment, while his older brother below anxiously shouted, "Mian, do not hold back just because the opponent is from the same sect!"

With a flicker in his eyes, he discreetly glanced at Xie Shi, who was guarding him closely by his side, gripping his sword tightly and taking a heavy step forward.

As he took each step closer, the nonchalant expression on Wen Yun's face became clearer, causing a sharp pain in his eyes.

Xie Mian finally reached the center of the Sword-fighting Platform and said in a hoarse voice, "Martial Sister Wen, I challenge you."

Just as he finished speaking, amidst the crowd's gasps, Wen Yun leaped forward, her wooden sword flashing like lightning and striking towards Xie Mian.

With no spirit energy and without using Sword Intent Transformation, just a simple move, she managed to easily send the talented Xie Family prodigy flying to the ground!

"Huh? How come Xie is unable to block even this move?" Jiang Si exclaimed in surprise.

It wasn't that he couldn't block it, but rather chose not to.

Everyone present were the most outstanding young cultivators of the righteous path, naturally they wouldn't be mistaken, anyone could tell that Xie Mian was unable to block Wen Yun's ordinary sword strike!

Xie Xun was greatly surprised and stared at Xie Shi, who stood motionless like a wooden statue, showing no intention at all of intercepting and killing Wen Yun as planned.

At this moment, Xie Mian awkwardly fell to the ground, struggling to pick up his sword, but Wen Yun had already flown over and accurately struck his hand with her sword.


The sword inlaid with precious gemstones was thrown far away.

Wen Yun's face turned cold as she asked sharply, "Xie Mian, aren't you a sword genius who reached Core Formation at the age of twenty? Why can't you even hold a sword steady, not even compared to me, someone whose Golden Core was stolen by a useless person!"

"Between the two of us, who is really useless!"

The girl's stern reprimand rang like thunder in Xie Mian's ears, bringing him back to his senses.


He is not, he is not!

He is the pride of the Xie Family, a sword genius known throughout the righteous path for a thousand years. He is the only one in the world who can form a Flawless Golden Core. He is not the useless person who can't even hold a sword, not the one who hides in his room when guests arrive and dare not show himself!

Xie Shi...

Yes, Xie Shi!

He finally remembered his savior and tried to hint Xie Shi to act, but when their eyes met, Xie Shi looked away.

Xie Mian felt a sudden chill in his heart, as if he had fallen into an icy cave.

At that moment, he knew he was on the brink of life and death. He had to crawl towards the Sword-fighting Platform with all his might, shouting, "Brother, save me!"

However, Wen Yun suddenly turned into a swift wind, mercilessly swung her sword again, and struck him down to the ground.

The voice of the young girl echoed through the clouds--

"Xie Mian, the Xie Family is all wood-element, why are you a Golden Core metal element!"

"You stole this Golden Core, you may fool the world, but can you fool yourself!"

Stole the Golden Core!

What is going on here?

Everyone below was so shocked that they dare not speak anymore, only countless uncertain gazes fell on Xie Mian.

Haven't heard of Xie Family Young Master's reputation before, but a year ago, rumors of his extraordinary abilities spread like wildfire. Yet, no one has seen his true strength till now. Initially thought to be mysterious and low-key, now it seems that this so-called sword genius is being trampled by that girl like a dead dog!

Xie Family is skilled in medicine - could it be that they have a way to seize others' Golden Cores for themselves? This twenty-year-old Core Formation genius from Xie Family is a thief!

Qian Lishen's eyes flashed as he joined in the excitement without hesitation, "Stealing Golden Cores? If Xie Family can extract and use others' Golden Cores, wouldn't that be no different from a demon cultivator?"

Wen Yun smiled, raising her left hand and tossing something into Qian Lishen's arms.

"Qian Lishen, this is my own creation, the Listening Spiritual Array. I see you with favor, so I'm giving it to you!"

While speaking disdainful words, Qian Lishen couldn't hide the delight on his face, eagerly unfolding the rolled-up scroll.

Instantly, a sacred light glowed, followed by a familiar warm male voice that anyone could recognize as Xie Mian's!

"Little Jiu..."

"Since you have already heard, I should not continue hiding it."

"They said since the Xie Family saved your life and lent you a Golden Core, it is not unreasonable, and I cannot go against my parents' wishes..."

At this point, the crowd was in an uproar!

If this Listening Spiritual Array is real, doesn't it confirm that Xie Mian's genius reputation is stolen? And the victim is Wen Yun!

Qian Lishen marveled, his talent made it clear that this array was truly skillful, not fake.

"This Listening Spiritual Array is real!"

The proud youths from small sects whispered with chill in their faces, "If this is true, then are we from small sects going to be at the Xie Family's mercy in choosing Golden Core?"

"How could such a bizarre thing exist in the world? In the past, I would not have dared to believe it, but Xie Mian's strength even surpasses my Foundation Establishment Stage..."

"Xie Family is shameful..."

"Xie Mian is a waste..."

The noisy chatter fell like a sudden rain, Xie Xun's heart burned with anger, trying to enter the Sword-fighting Platform, but was stopped by Wan family's master.

Xie Xun swung his sword towards him, "Get out of the way!"

Wan Dabao, who was a level above him, easily restrained him, smiling with his big belly, "Oh, thank you, fellow Daoist. The Sword-fighting Platform is for the younger generation to compete. How can we intervene?"

His tone was still friendly, but he showed no intention of backing down.

Xie Xun looked around and saw that the other family heads were all watching him like a joke, with no intention of helping.

How hateful!

They were all waiting for the Xie Family to lose face, probably eager to wipe out the Xie Family from the four clans, taking advantage of the fact that the Xie Family's elder was about to pass away, leaving them vulnerable.

Xie Xun struggled to go to the rescue, but Wan Dabao stood firm like a mountain, blocking him and the other members of the Xie Family.

Qianzhenzi frowned in doubt, but Wan Dabao stood his ground without stepping back, his smile unwavering.

"This is the rule of the Swordsmanship Contest, thank you friend, rules cannot be broken."

Xie Xun watched in horror as his younger brother was trampled and insulted by Wen Yun, his heart aching as if it were bleeding.

He shouted in anger, "Xie Jiu, how dare you hurt Mian, I will make sure you pay for it!"

Wen Yun tilted her head slightly, the first light of dawn shining on her beautiful profile, but not softening the coldness in her eyes.

"Xie Jiu is dead, what can you do to her now?"

She stood tall like a sturdy bamboo, her wooden sword pressing against Xie Mian's chest, her white dress fluttering in the wind as if dancing on clouds.

At this moment, Wen Yun seemed like a sharp unsheathed sword, making people dare not look at her directly, and no one dared to make a move!

She was actually going to retrieve her Golden Core in front of everyone!

Xie Mian knew he was beyond saving. With a pleading look in his eyes, he tightly gripped the wooden sword, causing his fingertips to turn pale from the force.

"Little Jiu... no, Wen Yun, Martial Sister Wen, I know I was wrong."

Tears streamed down his handsome face, making the red tear mole appear even more pitiful.

"Please forgive me this once. I didn't mean it. I'm willing to spend the rest of my life to make it up..."

"It's too late," Wen Yun interrupted.

The girl's eyes showed no emotion as she coldly thrust her sword into the man on the ground.

"You have no more time left."

As the wooden sword pierced his flesh, there was a slight resistance, then it was swiftly met with a hot, wet rush of blood, flowing freely.

Wen Yun's action was decisive as she plunged the sword directly into his core without hesitation.

Under the sword, Xie Mian cried out in pain, twisting and struggling on the ground, no longer showing his proud and arrogant demeanor.

"Xie Jiu!"

"Brother! Kill her!"

"Kill her..."

Xie Mian's voice became increasingly broken, blood spurting out one after another. He lay on the ground, staring at Wen Yun with dying eyes, his spirit beginning to fade away.

Suddenly, Wen Yun felt her eyes sting.

Sunlight enveloped her vision, as if a light mist rose from her body. She faintly saw a sword-bearing girl nodding her thanks, before vanishing like frost melting away.

Justice may be late, but it will be served.

Wen Yun drew her wooden sword, causing the man at her feet to tremble violently. Warm blood splattered on her skirt, staining the delicate embroidery crimson.

Wen Yun...

I've got your things back for you!

Amid the gasps of the crowd, she raised her sword and...

Amidst the blood and flesh, a shining golden Golden Core was forcefully cut out.

At the same time, another strong aura emanated from the Golden Core.

That is...

A fragment of a jade nascent soul!

"Mian, my brother!"

Xie Xun wailed loudly, tears streaming down his face, swinging his sword wildly as if he had gone mad.

Just as Wen Yun was about to escape with the Golden Core in hand, she suddenly felt a powerful force pressing down on her from all directions, paralyzing her in fear and causing her bloody sword to fall to the ground.

The Sword-fighting Platform, which had been closed to only the participants, suddenly opened up, and all the old monsters at the Transmigration Stage fixed their red eyes on her and charged towards her.

The head of the Yu family sternly declared, "The Xie Family has broken the rules. This white jade is now ownerless!"

Yes, the existence of the white jade was meant to be kept a secret from future generations. The Xie Family broke the rules by using the white jade to merge with Xie Mian's Golden Core, so now it no longer belongs to the Xie Family!

They must fight for it!

That was the jade nascent soul of a half-step ascendant expert, containing the mysterious power of the celestial laws from the higher realm!

One piece of white jade could help them break through from the Soul Changing Stage to Transmigration. If they had two pieces, they could potentially take all the white jades from others, no longer worrying about their decreasing lifespan, and ascend to the celestial pathway without any obstacles!

The pathway to ascension in this realm is already fragile, and their lifespan is running out fast.

They didn't want to wait to die like the Jiang family patriarch, only the white jade could save them.

This was their only way out!

Qianzhenzi's eyes were also red, as he threw out countless talismans to stop others from approaching, and urgently said to Wen Yun, "Wen Yun, quickly give me the white jade!"

The head of the Jiang family swung a large knife towards Qianzhenzi, saying, "Get lost, I want this white jade!"

"Jiang Aotian, this item appeared on my Blizzard Island, it should belong to me!"

"Qianzhenzi, the white jade that our Yu family obtained in the previous battle was taken by you, you have no right to take this one again!"

The dignified leader of the righteous faction, the unattainable experts of the Transmigration Realm, were fighting for their lives like bandits in front of a group of juniors, engaging in a fierce battle.

The shock of Wen Yun dissecting Dan had not yet dissipated, and now they witnessed this ridiculous yet frightening scene.

The young people who had revered them as gods and immortals stared blankly at this scene. Although they did not understand what the white jade they were fighting desperately for was, the divine figures in their hearts had already developed countless cracks, becoming ugly and deformed.

Wan Dabao was shocked, "So you used that person's broken jade nascent soul fragment on Xie Mian, no wonder he could merge with Wen Yun's Golden Core!"

Seeing the powerful Transmigration experts moving towards Wen Yun, he was too busy to deal with it and let Xie Xun seize the chance to fly away.

Various magical treasures and blades attacked Wen Yun one after another, they only wanted the white jade, whether she lived or died didn't matter to anyone.

Wen Yun's cultivation was still shallow, unable to avoid the full-force attacks from these peak experts.

"Martial Sister Wen!"

"Martial Sister Wen, quickly escape!"

"You dare, old thief!"

The sword cultivators of Qingliu Sword Sect drew their swords, Qianzhenzi sneered and easily waved his hand to knock them back.

Shen Xinghai wanted to resist, but was completely overwhelmed by absolute strength, he could only watch tearfully as they mercilessly attacked Wen Yun.

"Hello, Sister Wen!"

Just then, a figure in white suddenly appeared under the sunlight, with no one able to see his face in the backlight, while the others felt inexplicably terrified.

Like a cold ice frost, he held a wooden sword similar to hers, making a swift slash that forced three powerful Transmigration peak experts to retreat.

However, his jade nascent soul was not fully recovered, and his current strength was insufficient, making it quite a struggle to face all three opponents alone.

Ye Shubai kept walking without looking back.

"You go away!"

Wen Yun was still trapped by the three, when a flying sword suddenly approached.

Xie Xun's eyes were bloodshot, holding a sword with a fierce stab towards Wen Yun's chest.

"You deserve to die!"

A sharp pain hit me, followed by waves of dizziness.

"Wen Yun!"

Ye Shubai felt a sharp pain in his chest, but he pushed through and rushed towards her, swinging his sword to fend off Xie Xun.

At that moment, the three powerful Transmigration Stage experts behind him charged towards the two of them again.

Wen Yun gritted her teeth in pain, reaching out her hand towards him, while at the same time crushing the scroll prepared for today!

As their hands clasped together, a dazzling golden light suddenly exploded from Wen Yun, with spiritual power and magical elements surging from all around.

The laws of space seemed to be forcefully twisted by the divine--

"Gone... vanished?"

Everyone stared at the empty space.

Those two people disappeared right in front of their eyes.