Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 840

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Chapter 840: Legend of the Doll City

"Your Excellency the Sky Sword, can you show us your treasure?"

Several puppet masters wearing tuxedos and the masks of rabbits, werewolves, and foxes appeared beside Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, looking at the small light spot flying in her palm with almost fanatical eyes.

"I am willing to pay all my family property to buy this treasure!"

"No matter what treasures you want in the Doll City, please give us this child!"

"Yes, the Supreme Council of our Doll City unanimously decided that all the treasures we have can be exchanged for this child."

Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword frowned and looked at the puppet masters who were in a frenzy with puzzled eyes.

In her impression, these strange puppet masters have never cared about treasures other than puppets.

In the seven towers, these puppet masters are almost regarded as insane people. If it weren't for the incredible power of the puppets they made, they would have been excluded from the circle of the seven towers alliance.

"It's my child, is there anything strange?"

"Can't you make a body suitable for her?"

The rabbit, the werewolf and the fox looked at each other and found that each other's breathing became rapid.

"Of course we can… We have a lot of moonlight branches in stock."

"Well, obsidian, ruby, and eye lines are really works of art. If it's convenient, can you tell me which master made it?" Looking at the doll formula provided by Shaya Longnis, the breath of some of the oldest puppet masters became more rapid.

Not only they, but also the puppet masters living in seclusion in the city of puppets breathed rapid after seeing the doll formula.

Soon, one after another purchase orders were put on the list of the seven towers, and the enthusiastic puppet masters began to rush to buy these materials.

In less than a quarter of an hour, the inventory of moonlight branches in the entire endless god's domain was bought, but even so, it could not stop the enthusiasm of the puppet masters.

More reward lists were hung up, and the prices were higher and higher, so that the mercenaries wandering in various god's domains were gape-mouthed.

"God, when is the moonlight branch so valuable!"

"Quick! Quick! Quick! Team up and go to the moonlight forest to cut trees!"

"Wow, they want so many Rubies! The higher the quality, the better. Let's go grab the red dragons!"

"There is a newly discovered Ruby vein over the volcanic area. It is said that there are many salamanders."

"Salamander? Even a male fiery dragon can't stop me. Let's kill them!"

For a time, the mercenaries of the endless god's domains were crazy.

Capital, with 300% profit, can trample on all moral laws in the world.

At the moment, the lists from puppet masters can give them more than ten times the normal profit!

Even moonlight branches grow mostly on ELF's territory.

Even if there must be ferocious fire magical beasts near the high-quality gem vein, and even giant dragons, it can't stop these bold mercenaries from going crazy!

People die for money and birds die for food. The task lists from puppet masters successfully made groups of mercenaries start moving, just to earn that terrible wealth.

Sometimes you can do whatever you want with money.

In the Doll City, Shaya Longnis didn't realize that the formula she gave and the small light spot turning around in her palm had led many mercenaries to the road of no return.

"It's really… It's so beautiful…" the puppet master with a rabbit mask was drooling. The more he looked at the light spot on Shaya Longnis' fingertip, the more uncontrollable his heartbeat became.

For thousands of years, or even longer, the Doll City has never had such a beautiful soul.

According to the truth, although souls rarely appear in the real world in the form of entities, puppet masters with countless resources can still trade them.

The combination of souls and puppets to produce miraculous puppets is one of the highest masterpieces of the city of puppets, and it is also the reason why the major forces of the endless god's domain have to hold their noses and admit the existence of the Doll City.

The puppets created by the puppet masters have extremely powerful abilities, among which the "For Death Doll" is a legendary prop that the major forces of the endless god's domains will compete for at all costs.

But this soul is different.

When Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword brought this soul to Doll City, all puppet masters discovered the mystery contained in it.

It is not the soul of any known intelligent creature, but the perfect doll soul woven by countless magical rules.

"This… This is actually true!" The more the werewolf masked puppet master observed the pure white soul, the more suffocated he became.

"The legend… it's true…" the puppet master wearing the fox mask almost cried with joy.

They witnessed a legend that has been spread in the Doll City since ancient times, a legend about the perfect puppet.

According to legend, the perfect doll has a pure mind, a body symbolizing the ultimate beauty, and a soul woven by seven colors of light.

What she represents is the ultimate pursuit of all puppet masters, which is flawless in both soul and body, and has the ultimate beauty that any intelligent creature will palpitate.

It is the ultimate goal of all puppet masters to create such a doll.

However, even if there is a way to create a perfect body, the way to weave a perfect soul is unknown to even those gods who are high above.

This involves the highest level of law. Let alone weaving a perfect soul, the puppet master doesn't have any clue to create an ordinary soul.

For this reason, many radical puppet masters have committed many grievous crimes, and some people have even been listed on the wanted list of the entire endless god's domains. They can only hide in the Doll City and are not allowed to step out of the city.

All this is just to pursue the ultimate truth of puppet masters - a perfect puppet.

At this moment, what do they see?!

A real, pure and perfect soul of a doll, just like the legend.

That is the ultimate fantasy that puppet masters have pursued for thousands of years!

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