Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1294

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Chapter 1294: The Dance of Origins

Compared to Yun Xi's cautiousness after learning his lesson, Casina the Battle God is truly skilled and fearless, or you could say fearless of the heavens and earth.

To let Ouroboros recover its strength as soon as possible, Casina the Battle God is determined to activate divination on her disciple. This time, the highest reward of the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade is a must-win for her.

Lady's charm? That kind of thing is very simple, she is super confident in her dancing.

"I am Casina."

"She is very good at dancing and fighting."

"So, come and watch me dance!"

Compared to Ouroboros' drunken and messy state, Casina the Battle God introduced herself simply and directly, without any hesitation.

After watching Shaya Longnis's performance, Ouroboros' performance, and the scores, Casina the Battle God is confident in the upcoming battle.

This confidence is built upon her extraordinary strength.

She doesn't bother with lies.

Casina..." Yun Xi almost added the word "teacher.

The more benefits Yun Xi gains from the Seed of the Battle God, the more he understands the teacher's power. It's a real and continuously growing strength, even the smallest student like him can clearly understand.

Carrying the Sand of Time divine sword, Casina the Battle God has embarked on the stage of the Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament time and time again, facing challenges from various strong opponents from the Endless God's Domain, and remains undefeated to this day.

Becoming a disciple of Casina the Battle God was a great opportunity for Yun Xi. If it wasn't for the White Lotus Secret Treasure revealing the future that Casina the Battle God had prepared for him, he wouldn't have known that Casina the Battle God had taken him as a disciple in order to train him as an opponent.

Nevertheless, Yun Xi is still grateful to Casina the Battle God because she truly gave him the methods to become stronger and showed him a path towards the legend-ranked.

If it weren't for the destiny of carrying the Starchild, maybe he would willingly take a walk in the River of Time.

The future that Casina the Battle God expects is also one of the futures that Yun Xi anticipates.

It's natural for a teacher to expect their disciples to surpass them.

Stepping out of the ordinary small town, Casina the Battle God was the friendliest legend-ranked that Yun Xi had ever encountered.

Despite being a Battle God, she gets along with everyone and doesn't care about her lofty status or have any prejudices regarding race or background. She even becomes friends with Ouroboros.

Powerful, beautiful, and confident, Casina the Battle God almost meets all of Yun Xi's ideal expectations for a teacher except for the demanding training and the trial of the Sand of Time, a millennium trial that is almost unbearable for humans.

In the future shown by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, there is a moment when Yun Xi is deeply immersed and delighted as he dances in the sky with Casina the Battle God, using their divine technique, the Magnificence of Sky Dance.

Yun Xi couldn't even imagine that he would meet his teacher again in this place, at this moment.

Casina the Battle God raised her left hand gently and placed her right hand on her waist, striking a pose for the performance.

She performed the action with great skill, as it was one of Casina the Battle God's specialties.

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Before becoming the Battle God, she was the top dancer in a traveling troupe.

Her long legs were different from Shaya Longnis's delicate and slender beauty, instead, they were strong and muscular, with powerful lines and a pair of long legs full of soft elasticity.

Along with her muscular legs, Casina the Battle God had a beautifully curved buttocks that were firm and raised to the extent that it captivated people's attention, resembling the curves of a stunningly slender necked bottle.

From her thighs to her calves, her whole body exuded a sense of strong and healthy beauty, without any excess fat.

Her sandy brown skin emitted a sun-like glow, with every pore and inch of skin silently radiating the vitality of sunlight.

"Shh! Shh! Shh!" The entire desert seemed to respond to Casina the Battle God's aura, producing a rhythmic and exhilarating sound.

Keeping up with the rhythm, Casina the Battle God kicked her right foot, swaying her well-proportioned and beautiful legs in the air, leaving behind graceful curves that extended all the way to her tiny toes, as if her foot was the most beautiful masterpiece in the world.

The foot bracelet carved with golden sand dune patterns produced a crisp and pleasing sound as Casina the Battle God moved. This special accessory was a musical instrument that only top dancers could control.

Casina the Battle God, dancing with confidence and captivating charm, exuded an irresistible allure from head to toe.

Every gesture, every step, every glance, every look back, was perfect and captivating, without a flaw.

Her hands moved with a mesmerizing rhythm, her waist was unbelievably slender, firm yet flexible, every twist she made carried an unparalleled allure. And her long and perfectly shaped legs, lifted and extended gracefully, traced out elegant and enchanting curves with each dance move.

The most alluring aspect was when she twirled, her bare feet tiptoed, forming enchanting and seductive arcs along with the foot bracelet. It was alluring and indescribably delightful, making people instinctively want to grab those bare feet and engage in all sorts of shameful acts.

Gradually, the sound of the desert became more urgent, accompanied by distant thunderous echoes, like the prelude to a sandstorm approaching.

In contrast, Casina the Battle God's dance became faster, with spinning movements completely different from the Queen's dance of the Red Heart. It was a style of greater speed and explosive power.

If the Queen's dance of the Red Heart represents the elegant and romantic charm of high society, like a dance of the princess, then Casina the Battle God's dance at this moment was like a wild wind and lightning, carrying the essence of untamed nature.

This dance is not performed to seduce or please the opposite sex, but to show respect to nature and to triumph over the opponent's dance. It is a dance of worship.

At the same time, it is an extremely advanced martial arts training method that goes beyond the limits of the human body. Only practitioners with the talent of a Soft Body can bend their bodies to that extent, displaying unimaginable postures.

Dance originally emerged as a technique for humans to celebrate the joy of harvest and to worship nature. The dance performed by Casina the Battle God at this moment is the most primitive and sacred part of human dance.

After dozens of consecutive spins, Casina the Battle God clasped her hands together, legs close together, and closed her eyes, relaxing her whole body.