Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1291

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Chapter 1291: Pretending to Be Real

"63 points?" Flora looked at the final score on the stage with surprise.

Unlike other newcomers who were participating in the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade for the first time, she was well aware of the value of this score.

The Red Heart Queen's ball was divided into three rounds, each with different topics and required different ways of performing.

In the previous editions that Flora participated in and won, all the highest scores were achieved by her, with an average score of only a little over sixty points. The highest total average score was also only sixty-nine points, which was the edition she felt she performed the best.

Because in that edition, there was a legendary food she really, really wanted - the "Legendary Multi-headed Dragon."

Hmm, don't get it wrong. It's not for her own use. She is very confident in her chest.

Even if it grows bigger, it's only a small increase in magical capacity, there won't be any fundamental changes. She wants to obtain the blood of the multi-headed dragon in that bottle to sell as a commodity.

There are countless legend-ranked beings who are concerned about their figures, ranging from deities to gods in the depths of the abyss.

Certainly, once you reach the legend-ranked, you can freely change your appearance and size. It's not difficult to make your body grow taller than a mountain when you're full.

The issue is, the size of your chest is not directly related to your strength. The essence of one's life is what the legend-ranked shapes. It's impossible to disguise yourself.

In other words, the size of your chest before the legend-ranked is the same as after becoming the legend-ranked. It won't change your essence just because you have achieved immortality.

The appearance you change into is like stuffing your clothes with padding, it's just deceiving oneself.

The fake chest that ordinary people stuff won't enhance the witch's talent, it's just self-deception.

The disguised large chest is just a joke, it's no different from a clown in the eyes of the same legend-ranked.

However, the special effect of the multi-headed dragon's blood is different. It's not a disguise, but a targeted enhancement of the essence of life - to be precise, it's breast augmentation!

Harmless, and even beneficial, this breast augmentation treasure has no negative effects. It's no wonder that the demon dragon, who used to be extremely powerful and famous among the dragon clan, eventually fell into a tragic fate of fleeing all over the world.

A bottle of multi-headed dragon's blood can make even the mighty God Slaying Sky Sword discard its prestige and openly fight for it!

If it weren't for the limited number of invitations to the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade and the fact that it took place in a crack between reality and nightmare, there would have been more than just the God Slaying Sky Sword trying to grab the goods.

Flora couldn't do anything about the God Slaying Sky Sword, so in the end, she could only take a consolation prize and leave. It is said that after escaping, the God Slaying Sky Sword proudly showed off for a while, fully proving the amazing power of the dragon's blood.

Thanks to her, the Dragon Blood Alliance continued to expand, with several legend-rankeds joining the alliance to hunt down this demon dragon.

Every time the demon dragon's trace was found, it was one of the most spectacular battlefields in the Endless God's Domain, often causing darkness and a lack of light.

Being able to survive among so many female legend-ranked goddesses and evil gods, and successfully escape every time, this demon dragon has become a legend in the Endless God's Domain.

"Senior... I won't lose!" Despite everything going according to plan, Flora still felt a bit uneasy. This uneasiness kept increasing since Lilibet appeared.

This time, she had confidence that she could achieve an unprecedented score and would definitely not lose to anyone.

At this point, the "Red Heart Queen's Blood Wine," which is the highest reward, is no longer the most important treasure for Flora.

She had something she wanted more, something more important.

Soon, the second participant was also chosen.

"Uh... burp... me?" Ouroboros, who was drunk, shook her head and looked at the beam of light that fell on her head.

"Go ahead... I believe in you," Casina the Battle God pushed Ouroboros seriously, indicating that she should show her true abilities at this time.

"Believe me, you have potential."

Well, the potential to nag and avoid paying debts.

"Wait, I'm not mentally prepared yet!" Ouroboros exclaimed and disappeared from the dining table.

Just like Shaya Longnis's appearance, the scenery that appeared next to Yun Xi was also very deep in Ouroboros's memory and related to "love."

"Wow... this is Hydera's wine cellar!" For Ouroboros, this was a dream paradise where she could stay forever.

Every day there was delicious wine, no worries about debt collectors coming, and she could drink with Casina the Battle God, a like-minded companion. There was no better place than this.

The useless snake can stay here in the wine cellar for a thousand years!

Also, this is where she fell in love. It's here that she met Casina the Battle God's youngest disciple, and then they stared at each other naked and made all sorts of mistakes.

"Hmm... hmm... let me have a little more, another glass." Ouroboros fell flat on the ground with rosy cheeks, her lower body naturally turning into a snake tail.

"Uh... this is also acceptable, I guess..." Yun Xi looked at Ouroboros, who almost shattered his impression of the legendary fantasy creature, with a feeling of mixed emotions.

"Hmm, why did I come here?" Ouroboros burped, feeling dizzy and looking at Yun Xi with a blurry gaze.

"Your scent... reminds me of someone..."

"This time, there won't be any big ding-dongs inside the skirt, right?"

"Come, come, big sister will shower you with love!"

Well, Ouroboros had another incurable fetish - whenever she saw a pretty and cute girl, she wanted to get intimate. Until one day, she met her destined nemesis - a boy who, in every aspect, looked and smelled and tasted amazing, without a doubt a peerless beauty in a boy's disguise.

If you walk on the night road too much, you will eventually meet a ghost. If you fall into the gutter, it means bad things happen when you're too happy, like a snake biting its own tail.

"Don't be afraid, this is a very comfortable thing." Dragging its own snake tail, the tipsy Ouroboros is having its old problem again.

"I know... but I think you will regret it." Yun Xi now only has the appearance of the legend-ranked, but lacks the power of the legend-ranked.

Even if Ouroboros is very weak, it is still a true ancient fantasy creature that can wrap around the stars. If it forces itself onto Yun Xi, he won't be able to resist.

The problem is, this is not the real Hydera wine cellar. Ouroboros is destined to fail here.