Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1284

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Chapter 1284: Yun Xi's Dream Lover

Lilibet Elizabeth, even the name Yun Xi only learned recently, he always thought she was just a perfect outline in his dreams, representing his reflection of the perfect dream of a woman.

No matter when, steadfastly guarding something important.

Whether it's a thousand years or ten thousand years, it will never change.

Every time he sees her figure, he will blend into the group of shadows, rushing towards her like a moth to a flame, just wanting to say a word to her.

Unfortunately, this wish has never been fulfilled. In a similar shadowy state, he can't even get close to her or make his voice heard.

In his dreams, he can't do anything or say anything, only repeating the same cycle over and over again.

Appearing in a certain area in front of the golden beach, then involuntarily moving towards the golden beach, as if the gateway connecting heaven and earth behind the golden beach has some irresistible allure for him.

Then, she was slain by "her".

The icy blue divine sword will never let any shadow that tries to approach the golden beach escape. It completely cuts off the filthy things she calls "wandering souls".

Even the term "wandering souls" was learned by Yun Xi from her. It seems to specifically refer to those irrational, chaotic shadows that wander outside the golden beach with him.

Despite being killed over and over again, Yun Xi bears no grudge. His longing for the beautiful God's Domain only grows stronger.

Unconsciously, she becomes more and more special in his heart. Her majestic figure makes the young Yun Xi fall in love.

Even though he knows it's just a dream, a fantasy existence like a castle in the air or a moon in the water, Yun Xi becomes infatuated with her and subconsciously starts looking for similar girls.

Perhaps, it tastes like first love, youthful and captivating.

Every time he wakes up from the dream, Yun Xi forgets what she looks like. The pain of being killed in the golden beach also disappears, as if everything was just an illusionary dream.

It's only when he returns to the dream again that Yun Xi remembers seeing her here and the fact that she killed him.

If every time entering a dream is a new and brief life, then every encounter with Lilibet is a magical and thrilling first love that happens every time.

Starting from the first time Yun Xi dreamed about the golden beach and the doorway connecting heaven and earth, he has had countless dreamy first loves with Lilibet, each time he was killed.

This extraordinary dream gradually disappeared when the light of the stars fell and he inherited the fate of Starchild.

It wasn't until he obtained the title of Teacher Casina the Battle God in the real world, and truly went to the Sky Tower where the Guardian of the Sky Tower—Lilibet the Azure Excalibur—had been guarding for millions of years, that he truly realized that all of it was not a dream, but a past event.

Stepping on the golden beach that had witnessed countless deaths, seeing her continue to slay the approaching wandering spirits, Yun Xi felt like he had traveled through time.

It turns out that all of this actually happened.

Lilibet would not know that among the wandering spirits she had slain, there was once a peculiar one, someone who didn't know where they came from or why they were here, but their shadow would always draw closer to her.

Other wandering spirits instinctively wanted to cross the golden beach and invade the gateway of the Sky Tower.

But this shadow called "Yun Xi" was an exception.

His reason for moving forward was not the door, but the person in front of the door.

Every time he saw her figure, his heart would become warm, even if he didn't care about his own fate in the next moment.

For Yun Xi, this was the best date, the most wonderful dream.

As long as he could see her, it didn't matter if this place was hell. Just by gazing at her figure and occasionally hearing her whispered words, he would feel happy.

Unlike his childhood sweetheart Hua Huo, she was like an unreal dream lover, too perfect to be true.

The moment they met in his dreams was much, much earlier than when he first met Hua Huo. At that time, he was still just a naive child.

However, some things seem to transcend age.

When Yun Xi saw her for the first time, he thought she was very, very beautiful. Whether it was her three upturned hair tufts, the long braids swaying in the wind behind her, or the giant azure sword she carried, everything was so majestic.





Before meeting Hua Huo, Yun Xi believed that there was no such perfect woman in the world, she was just a character he imagined in his dreams.

After meeting Hua Huo, he discovered that there really is such a perfect genius in the world. So it was natural for him to fall in love with her, because Hua Huo and Lilibet were so similar.

And so, Yun Xi had two first loves.

Lilibet the Guarding Sky Sword, who only existed in the dream world and could only meet in dreams.

In the real world, his childhood friend, a super talented girl swordsman who was like the queen of summer.

In his dreams, he was always killed by Lilibet, but he remained unwaveringly loyal.

In the real world, he would forget everything in his dreams when he woke up, and his eyes would only see that charming figure.

There is no priority issue, Hua Huo is not just a substitute for Lilibet, they are just incredibly similar.

Like the two sides of the world, Hua Huo is the queen under the sun, while Lilibet is the guardian of the other side of the world.

Both of them are equally outstanding and have unwavering determination.

It is a trait that even time can't erase, and it is the reason why Yun Xi became infatuated with them.

Even as he grew up and realized it was just admiration for heroes, an unrealistic fantasy from his youth, Yun Xi never regretted liking them.

If possible, Yun Xi would definitely choose the fate of marrying his childhood friend, Hua Huo.

Similarly, if given another chance, he would want to tell Lilibet that she used to be the most beautiful girl in his eyes.

However, with the awakening of Starchild's identity, none of these futures that seemed impossible could happen.

Yun Xi never expected to unexpectedly meet his dream lover again on the faraway Red Heart Queen's Masquerade, even in the world that is completely different from Sky Sword God's Domain.

Today, she, just like every day in Yun Xi's dreams, was firm and unbeatable, even her gaze that could chase others made people's hearts flutter.

The name Lilibet Elizabeth, gently spoken by her tongue, captivated Yun Xi's soul and made his heart race.