Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1283

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Chapter 1283: The Opening of the Dance Party

The last participant arrives and there is an extra chair at the dinner table, which originally had only seven seats.

The eight guests attending the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade clearly divide into two sides.

On the left side is the group of the Love Lesson.

Faceless god(Yun Xi),Great Witch Flora,the Golden Crow Princess,Cyber Elf Alpha.

On the right side, there are two drinking buddies and two groups chasing each other.

Ouroboros,Casina the Battle God,Shaya Longnis,Lilibet.

The organizer of the dance, the queen from Nightmare World, sat on the main seat and shook a snow-white little hand, ringing a bell.




More magical fireworks soared into the sky, blooming with endless brilliance.

"The dance, the dance has begun!"

"The princes and princesses take their places, and the great queen is about to unveil the veil of destiny."

"Praise the great nightmare, the 12th Red Heart Queen's Masquerade is now open!"

"Who will laugh in the end, who will become the winner?"

"Stay tuned!"

The soldiers of the teacups were getting more and more excited, the procession held their heads high, and the bands played exciting music.

"theme of this dance is matchmaking!"

"To please the great queen, show off your charm, princes and princesses!"

"Prince?" Flora looked around with some confusion, wondering where the prince could be found here.

The Red Heart Queen's ball has never sent invitations to the opposite sex. Throughout the history of attending the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade, all guests have been female deities, fantasy creatures, and even dark gods.

Yun Xi nervously glanced at the sacred unicorn kneeling behind him. He was not a prince charming at all, just like this sacred unicorn was not a white horse.

"What is a blind date?" Yun Xi quickly changed the topic and asked the only person who had attended the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade multiple times, the Great Witch Flora.

"Well, each edition of the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade has a corresponding theme."

"The ones I have attended had themes like love, forbidden, and betrayal..." Great Witch Flora reminisced about themes of the dances she had won, still full of confidence in herself.

After all, no matter theme of the dance, there is always a central element.

What the Red Heart Queen desires and expects—the wonderful thing called "love."

Yes, the Red Heart Queen's dance is essentially a stage to showcase "love," and Great Witch Flora has an outstanding talent for this theme.

Having a large bosom can truly make one feel unrestricted.

"Now, it's time for the performance!" Amidst cheers from the soldiers of the tea cup, Red Heart Queen drank from her cup of wine and, satisfied, snapped her fingers.

"Senior, get ready, it's time for the battle!" Flora took a deep breath and fixed her appearance.

Next, there was a battlefield, even the God Slaying Sky Sword had once retreated, helpless on the stage.

"The Queen's most favorite little game, begin!"

"The 12th challenge, a stage of utmost charm for elegant ladies!"

"Guests from different worlds, show off your style to your heart's content. Nightmares are watching, and only the most outstanding performers can earn the favor of delicious food and the light of destiny."

Yun Xi's face turned dark, what kind of rule was this?

Is the will of Nightmare World so boring?

"Yes, this is an important condition to win at the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade, to showcase your feminine charm."

"Senior, we are now being watched by more than one Nightmare Sovereign. The scores they ultimately give will determine the final rewards of the ball," Flora reminded Yun Xi, emphasizing not to underestimate this seemingly simple game rule.

"Showcasing the charm of a lady..." Yun Xi was on the verge of collapse. Where would he find the charm of a lady to showcase? He was a genuine gentleman, for goodness sake!

"What? Is this kind of rule, not the intense battle like the Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament?" Ouroboros was also shocked, this rule was really disadvantageous for their team!

"Hmm... so that's the rule, no wonder those guys lost miserably." Casina the Battle God pondered, she knew several high-ranking legends who participated in the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade and became weak afterwards.

They originally participated in the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade for the rare legend-ranked delicacies, but when they returned, they were all disoriented and none of them participated in their beloved Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament again. It seemed like they had suffered a serious blow.

"No problem... even if it's a competition of women's charm, I won't lose." Unlike the completely useless Ouroboros beside her, Casina the Battle God had confidence in both her feminine charm and personal strength.

As a part-time dancer all year round, she was truly a popular person, and had captivated countless innocent young men.

"Wow... the elder sisters are really impressive on the dance floor!" The Golden Crow Princess held hands with the faceless god, curiously watching the rapidly forming stage.

"Senior, you need to pay attention, this performance that showcases charm is very important. Generally, scoring above sixty points ensures a victory," Flora continued to explain the rules of this challenge to Yun Xi.

Although they couldn't see or feel it, there were indeed more than one Nightmare Sovereigns gazing at this place, responsible for giving scores to the performers.

Since these monarchs didn't directly participate in the ball, Flora didn't know who judged their scores every time. Based on her experience in past Red Heart Queen's Masquerades, there were approximately ten monarchs watching here.

And she was the participant with the highest score in all the past Red Heart Queen's Masquerades.

By the way, there was once a God Slaying Sky Sword who received a score of zero, not just once but three times in a row. Finally, unable to bear it any longer, he flipped the table, grabbed the gift, and ran away.

"Hmph... You're in for some bad luck, Lilibet." As soon as Shaya Longnis heard this rule, she knew her chance had come.

Someone like Lilibet the Guarding Sky Sword, who was never easygoing and always hunting down and annihilating enemies, had no idea what charm a woman could possess in this lifetime.

Compared to her, Shaya Longnis had an advantage because she was someone who had a daughter. She was the Slime Sky Sword who had completely enchanted that whatever prince's soul.

"..." Lilibet absentmindedly drank the red tea in front of him and continued to stare at Shaya Longnis. His gaze was one that would never give up.

However, she didn't notice that someone on the other side of the dining table was secretly watching her, with an expression filled with nostalgia and excitement.

We meet again, Lilibet.

Today, you are as majestic and unapproachable as you were in my dreams.

Those three clusters of ice-blue hair are still so firm, just like your eyes.