Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1280

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Chapter 1280: Pafu's Rejection

Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword was the first legend-ranked opponent that Yun Xi had ever faced. She was the Child of God from the Slime tribe.

In the Sky Sword God's Domain, the newest generation of the Sky Sword.

Yun Xi would never forget the terrifying power she unleashed in the Water God's World, causing countless green spores to fall and nearly destroying the entire world.

It was also the first time Yun Xi faced a threat from a legend-ranked opponent, experiencing the power that surpassed even hero-ranked Fields and could easily destroy the world.

One could say that Shaya Longnis was Yun Xi's mentor at the legend-ranked, the one who introduced him to the concept at the highest level of the Endless God's Domain.

"Strange... why did the coordinates disappear again?" Shaya Longnis, who had hurriedly escaped to the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade, looked around with a puzzled expression.

She was supposed to arrive at this venue earlier. She received the invitation letter even earlier than Casina the Battle God and Ouroboros. Her turn to appear should be the third or fourth.

The problem was that the timing of her accepting the invitation was a bit unfortunate. She was on the way of being chased by someone, and the door to this venue that was already open couldn't be entered.

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Her opponent was extraordinary, having been chasing her since a certain incident. The battle had been going on for over a month, and it seemed like it would continue.

Just when she was about to give up, watching the door disappear, a turning point appeared.

In a fleeting moment, because of Great Witch Flora's three consecutive Space Blades, she smelled a hint of her own essence in the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade venue.

It was a split she voluntarily created, a splitting body used to invade Water God's World, a unique slime with powerful assimilation and mutation abilities.

In the final battle of Water God's World, she retrieved this special slime. However, due to Casina the Battle God's divine skill, the Magnificence of Sky Dance, this special slime was scattered and left in Water God's World.

After that, there was no news about this split body. She thought it was assimilated by Hydera the Water God. But unexpectedly, at a critical moment, she felt the presence of this split body that had been separated from her own body.

Using this split body as a reference, she captured the correct location of the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade, escaped from the enemy's pursuit, and entered smoothly.

However, the special slime that split from her body also disappeared, no longer responding to her command to return.

It seems that this special splitting body now has its own consciousness and soul, and no longer wants to return to become a part of her body, completely merging life with her.

"Who is it?" Shaya Longnis's eyes swept over each of the seven people here, all of whom seemed suspicious.

The organizer of Red Heart Queen's Masquerade - the queen from the Nightmare World.

In a sense, the two are part of the same camp, but the Evil God camp is known for not getting along, occasionally cooperating, but often acting recklessly and arbitrarily.

The faceless god - a strange and ancient spirit.

The legend-ranked that leaves no impression, possibly even older than the Twilight of the Gods. How could such an antique join the Red Heart Queen's party?

The little Golden Crow Princess - a fantasy creature I've never seen before.

Carrying a formidable power of creation, undoubtedly a living being protected by the Eastern God's Domain, the Queen Mother. Even she doesn't want to provoke this trouble.

The famous and powerful Dusk Witch, Great Witch Flora.

Endless God's Domain, the most skilled magic user, often smuggles terrifying forbidden items. They belong to a neutral faction in the midst of chaos and interact with both the good and evil factions.

Cyber Elf Alpha, a new and rising deity in the Mechanical God's Domain.

Cyber Elf emerged in the Starry Sky Chessboard, defeating almost all known legendary chess players. She is known as the "strongest new generation deity" in the Starry Sky Chess. If it wasn't for the presence of "A Cloud in the Sky," the Starry Sky Chess Master, she would already be the strongest legend in Starry Sky Chess.

Finally, we have the opposing faction.

Ouroboros, the close ally of Hydera the Water God, her archenemy.

In terms of combat ability, she is completely insignificant, except for being a gigantic waste. She is an incredibly weak fantasy creature who can be defeated by ten others. Even the Golden Crow Princess, who is still just a child, is much stronger than her.

Casina the Battle God, a truly terrifying enemy!

Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament is a legendary undefeated battle. Casina the Sky Sword is hailed as the strongest Sky Sword under the God Slaying Sky Sword, and she is known to be the strongest active Sky Sword.

In the world of the Water God, it was her actions that caused her plan to invade the Water God's World to fail. In the end, it allowed Hydera the Water God to successfully complete the final step of becoming a true god of the water world.

Overall, there was one person on the same team as Abyss Sovereign Ada.

Four individuals from neutral and unknown teams - a silver-white ancient god, a young princess of a fantasy species, Great Witch Flora, and Cyber Elf Alpha.

Two individuals from the opposing team - Ouroboros and Casina the Battle God.

Whose body did the slime, which evolved from her split body, end up on?

"Return and reunite," Shaya Longnis snapped her fingers, giving the order once again.

This command could not be disobeyed by any slime because Shaya Longnis, who gave the order, was the Child of God and the future sole deity of the entire slime clan.



Hiding inside the precious jade in Yun Xi's chest, Pafu let out an excited but proud voice.

Pafu, who originated from a part of the Sky Sword Shaya Longnis the Slime's torso, has now embarked on a completely different path from other slimes.

Becoming Yun Xi's pet, Pafu, who has fused with some of the flesh of the Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel, has become accustomed to being Yun Xi's assistant and is also evolving towards a higher form of life.

Pafu holds deep respect for its original form, Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, almost like a mother figure, and if Shaya Longnis is in danger, it will help.

However, the idea of returning to the body of Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword and merging as one will never happen.

Similar to a child leaving its mother's embrace and embarking on its own journey in life, Pafu will never return to its mother's body.

This goes against the nature of the slime race, but Pafu can no longer be considered a regular slime.

Having received the power of the stars and possessing the power of the dragon jewel, Pafu has transcended the limitations of the slime race, and its species value has risen to an unimaginable level.

The command for the return of Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword is destined to fail.

"Why, refuse my command?" Shaya Longnis puzzled, as Endless God's Domain had a disobedient slime, and not just any slime, but a slime that had separated from her own body?