Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1277

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Chapter 1277: Their Lover's Look (Part 1)

"By then, I will make the world full of suns!"

There was an explosive speech!

This world is such a nightmare, with a bunch of suns in the sky, it's impossible to find a way to survive!

The speech of the Golden Crow Princess acted like an uncontrollable switch, triggering a resonance among the others.

Even though Yun Xi didn't ask a single question about what their ideal lover looked like, the performance or, let's say, the confessional gathering started right away.

The second one to appear was Dusk Witch Flora, Yun Xi's good student from the Witch God's Domain.

"My lover... should be calm and composed just like senior."

No, it's not true. I'm not calm and composed at all. In fact, I'm so overwhelmed that I feel like I'm about to explode!

If it wasn't for the disguise of the faceless god, you would see beads of sweat all over my forehead right now, Flora!

Don't let the impassive expression of the faceless god mislead you!

Actually, you don't need a lot of wealth. It's enough to have a way into Kunlun God's Domain.

That channel, isn't it used for delivering golden pineapples? Yun Xi, who knows nothing about the Endless God's Domain business system, is completely confused.

The school in compulsory education doesn't teach students about this level of interstellar trade. It's the most top-notch course in the highest-level educational institution in the Endless God's Domain.

It's really hard to make a baker who has only sold bread understand the value of the exclusive trading rights and special channels in the Star Bridge Era. It's a topic that could fill hundreds of books.

"The most important thing is to care about people, just like the Golden Crow Princess. I want to feel that he is special." Flora, like the Golden Crow Princess, also dreams of a future with her lover.

In spring, I will take him to see the blooming flowers in Eastern God's Domain and drink tea under the pink petal-filled trees.

"In summer, I will wear a cute swimsuit and swim with him in the oceanic God's Domain, diving to catch octopuses."

"In autumn, I will take him to a God's Domain filled with lots and lots of delicious food, so we can taste culinary delights from all over the Endless God's Domain."

"In winter, I will go with him to see the aurora, have a picnic in the snowy wilderness, and enjoy our time alone together."

"No matter the season, I want to create beautiful memories with him. Every day is a brand new day."

"Endless God's Domain is so big. We spend each season in a different part of God's Domain, exploring different sceneries and making a little money selling local specialties!"

Such a romantic and girly statement!- If only there wasn't that little hint at smuggling, Flora, you seem quite skilled at it.

Having dimensional teleportation magic for smuggling is enough to make all the managers of God's Domain furious.

"Senior, what do you think? I have written down all the flower and food styles you like in my diary. I guarantee it will satisfy you, senior!" Flora's eyes sparkled as she imagined traveling together with Yun Xi, happily exploring different places.

Mmm, mmm, this kind of future is nice, very nice indeed!

Why were we so bound by complicated conditions in the past that we couldn't even imagine what to do after getting a lover?

It was only after meeting the senior that various thoughts suddenly surged out of nowhere.

After breaking through her own barriers, she realized that there were so many things she could do after falling in love, so many fun things waiting for her.

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She has been to all those places, and the delicious food is also recorded in her diary.

However, traveling alone and tasting those foods is completely different from enjoying them with two people.

Traveling alone is called a lonely food journey.

Two people are the passionate and sweet moments of love.

Why are you asking me about this? I'm just a temporary teacher for the love course. I won't really go eat with you.

Yun Xi is on the verge of collapse, but the situation is not over yet.

The third-ranked legend, Cyber Elf Alpha from Mechanical God’s Domain, also spoke up.

"I think... if I were to have someone I like, someone who makes my heart beat, they must be stronger than me."

With a thud, Yun Xi had an ominous premonition.

"There aren't many people stronger than Alpha, even if you're not in Mechanical God's Domain, you are a very special deity."

"Your strength is extraordinary," Flora looked at Cyber Elf Alpha, who had a calm expression, and was somewhat curious.

"What kind of person is stronger than you?"

"A player in Starry Sky Chess is more skilled than me, their calculation power is higher." Cyber Elf Alpha's response was simple and direct. If we search for this condition in the legends of Endless God's Domain, there is only one answer.

"To be better in chess than you... that means only one person qualifies." Flora had been to the Starry Sky Chessboard, but only at a beginner level.

Unfortunately, dimensional space magic requires more perception rather than calculation power. She is not renowned in the legend-rankeds for her calculation power.

Most of the Great Witches in Witch God's Domain are like this; their strength is known for being "mysterious" and cannot be compared to Cyber Elf Alpha, who excels in the field of science.

On the Starry Sky Chessboard, only one person has defeated Cyber Elf Alpha, and that is the legendary Starry Sky Chess Master—A Cloud in the Sky.

"Yes, only that person meets the qualifications, and whenever I play against him, I always feel strange."

"Heart beats faster, thinking process breaks, collapse, chaotic."

"Hmm, that should be the feeling of love," Cyber Elf Alpha replied seriously.

No, that's just you causing a circuit break in the chess game, it's not some feeling of love!

Yun Xi, who had some knowledge about the Star Planet Quantum Computer Group, looked at Cyber Elf Alpha with a helpless smile.

It's just being obsessed with playing chess, what does that have to do with love? And you still have a serious expression on your face!

The Cyber Elf Alpha in his memory wasn't like this, or rather, she was the most intelligent, transcendent being within his understanding.

As for why Cyber Elf Alpha couldn't beat him in Starry Sky Chess, it probably wasn't because he was stronger than her, but due to their different chess styles.

"It feels really good, now I seem to understand, that feeling of restlessness, unease, and nervousness because of love." Flora looked at the faceless god who was so close, her eyes focused.

Only by truly experiencing love did she realize that it is not just about beautiful things, but also includes other mixed emotions.

For example, at this moment, an emotion called "jealousy" surged in her heart.