Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1276

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Chapter 1276: Their Lovers' Appearance (Part One)


Incredibly enormous pressure!

Yun Xi had never thought in his whole life that he would say his standards for an ideal lover in front of five legends of rank.

Moreover, does this kind of thing really have any reference value?

Clearly, everyone has different standards for an ideal lover.

Some people like girls who are busty and innocent.

Some people like girls with long legs, perfect figures, who can sing and dance.

Some people who have a special liking only focus their gaze on small girls who are as tall as their own chest.

Even women who are completely washed-up and love to drink alcohol all day are not without admirers.

In short, it can be summed up as "different strokes for different folks."

But why does he always feel like his answer will cause a major accident?

"I... I need to carefully consider every word and sentence when talking about my ideal lover..." Yun Xi thought countless times, so as not to cause any misunderstandings:

"You don't need to be exceptionally pretty."

The Golden Crow Princess nodded as if she understood, Flora revealed a confident smile, Ouroboros was dead drunk, Casina the Battle God perked up his ears, and Cyber Elf Alpha seemed lost in thought.

Why are you all so engrossed in listening? It's just a trivial love lecture, on the same level as "Love for Dummies." Why are you, the legend-ranked, listening with such relish?

Yun Xi was on the verge of collapse. He should have kept his mouth shut and not tried to comfort the seemingly dejected Great Witch Flora.

If he knew it would turn into this situation, he wouldn't even open his mouth!

"You don't need a special identity or status," Yun Xi still didn't know Hua Huo's true identity, his childhood sweetheart, but that didn't stop him from liking her.

He liked her so much that he couldn't restrain himself, even if he knew they might separate in the future. Every time he gave her the bread he made with his own hands, her happy expression made him feel like he wouldn't regret it for the rest of his life.

"Yes, that's right, race and identity are not a problem!"

"Big sister is amazing!" Children have the purest thoughts, and their way of love is different from adults, it's so innocent and adorable.

"Do race and identity not matter?" For Great Witch Flora, understanding such concepts used to be a bit difficult, but now she understands.

The one who broke the wall she had built around herself was either someone else or a divine predecessor in front of her, different in race and identity.

"The topic of love?" Cyber Elf Alpha seemed to understand the reason for this gathering only now. For her, it was also an unfamiliar field.

Is love necessary for Cyber Elf?

In the data stored by the Quantum Computer Group on the star planet, there are countless literary works about love. But for Cyber Elf Alpha, they are just groups of simple data.

Cyber Elf Alpha's impression of love is largely influenced by the natural behavior controlled by hormone secretion and the desire to reproduce offspring.

However, now she has doubts.

The great witch of Witch God's Domain, Dusk Witch Flora.

The princess from Kunlun God's Domain, protected by the power of creation, and a divine bird.

Do they, like humans, also engage in acts of love driven by uncontrolled hormone secretion for the sole purpose of reproducing offspring?

No, it's not possible. Beings of the legend-ranked have entered the concept of eternal immortality [Field], and are not controlled by simple physiological desires.

Especially the Golden Crow Princess, who doesn't even have a true form now, but is only an incarnation formed by the pure power of the sun.

The physiological impulses that humans cannot resist simply don't exist in beings of the legend-ranked.

Even the heavily drunk Ouroboros over there was not captured by the desires of the body but willingly immersed themselves in the pleasure brought by the wine.

It goes without saying that Casina the Battle God is definitely not someone who gets distracted by alcohol. They are just simply enjoying themselves.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the concept of love in the legend-ranked is not based on physical desires, but on a higher level of understanding.

In this case, even as a Cyber Elf, she is not incapable of falling in love.

So, who among all the people here has the most experience in love?

The answer pointed to the faceless god, which is Yun Xi.

Necessary courses and studies are rare challenges for Cyber Elf Alpha, who possesses immense computational power. The world of love in the legend-ranked is one such problem that cannot be analyzed in this world.

After all, all the problems related to the concept of the legend-ranked are difficult to solve and are a field that Cyber Elf Alpha pays great attention to.

"The person I like... is full of vitality..." Yun Xi racked his brain, trying to depict an ideal image that is both intimate and gentle yet resilient.

The person who is closest to this image is his true first love since childhood, Hua Huo, but mixed with the image of another dream lover, Lilibet the Guarding Sky Sword.

"Someone who makes me feel a strong attraction when they have confidence."

Let's try to think about a vague goal and give a possible solution based on the topic of an "ideal lover" and our own experiences.

For Yun Xi, who hasn't finished studying "Calculus for Monkeys," putting together this answer really killed a bunch of brain cells.

"Full of energy... confident..." Flora straightened her chest proudly, representing her extraordinary magical talent, which flickered with each movement.

So energetic and confident!

Even if the opponent is Casina the Battle God, Flora has confidence in standing undefeated, transforming into the Great Crow that can travel through dimensions, except for a few places, there's nowhere she can't go in Endless God's Domain.

She is the free and unrestrained Great Witch, the dusk Flora!

"Hmm... yes, that's it!" The Golden Crow Princess raised her little hand and loudly stated the characteristics of the person she likes:

"My favorite person can fly with me on the thirty-third day. He and I are a perfect match. One day, we will plant a sun together!"

"When we are together, we will grow so many, many suns!"

"One for the Antarctic, one for the Arctic Ocean, making the ends of the world all sunlit."

"One hanging in the winter, one hanging at night, filling the earth with warmth."

No, little princess! Yun Xi, sweating profusely, watched the outspoken little princess of the golden crow.

Other girls only chant this as a cute nursery rhyme.

This person can truly grow suns!