Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1274

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Chapter 1274: Cyber Elf Alpha's Gaze

In his entire life, Yun Xi had only sold bread in the small town. The largest trade he had ever made was recently when he sold bread to his childhood friend, El’phyllis. He couldn't even imagine what those four channels, especially the one revealed to him by the Golden Crow Princess, represented.

Ouroboros' channel is a black market channel that specializes in selling illicit goods, spread throughout the entire Endless God's Domain.

The sixth channel, the Sky Sword, is Casina the Battle God's official special channel for the Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament. It is a channel where even illicit goods can pass through without scrutiny.

Great Witch Flora's channel is the fastest and most accurate private channel in the entire Endless God's Domain. It has the highest success rate in one-on-one deliveries and is not monitored.

The Golden Crow Princess' Kunlun special channel is the only one of its kind in the entire Endless God's Domain. It is an exclusive channel that has never existed before—an unprecedented private channel. Kunlun God's Domain never had any need for merchants.

This channel hasn't been built yet, but the Golden Crow Princess dared to suggest it to Yun Xi.

In the Kunlun God's Domain, whatever the Golden Crow Princess says, is considered the truth, the law. After all, she is the beloved daughter of the Lord of Kunlun, the Queen of the Western Palace, and the sun of the Kunlun God's Domain.

If she says it exists, then this special channel that doesn't exist yet will definitely exist!

In other words, even before the end of Yun Xi's ball, they've already negotiated four channels that are worth enough to drive the large merchant associations of the Endless God's Domain crazy.

This includes the Kunlun God's Domain channel, which theoretically cannot be reached by any merchant association and doesn't actually exist.

In the era of Endless God's Domain, where channels are everything, Yun Xi now has four channels that can bring in unlimited money, even making those at the legend-ranked tempted.

Though his main intention was just to handle the orders for the four legend-ranked golden pineapple packages, without any other thoughts.

Well, let's forgive Yun Xi, who has never studied business.

"Goo... goo..." After placing the order for the golden pineapple packages, Ouroboros returned to the other side of the table, satisfied, and continued to eat and drink.

"I never thought you liked bread so much..." Casina the Battle God seemed curious about Ouroboros' preference for bread.

"I used to not like bread at all... but this one is different, completely different." Ouroboros was drunk, with a hazy yet changing gaze.

Uh, commonly known as being drunk.

"You feel it too... seems like it's not just an illusion." Casina the Battle God also found it strange.

She hadn't eaten many legend-rankeded delicacies in Endless God's Domain, since that kind of lifestyle profession didn't really exist.

She had tried many delicacies within the hero-ranked [Field], like the current appetizer, shredded squid, which was one of her favorites. The ingredients were supposedly prepared from the tentacles of some Inferior Evil God from the Abyss.

Due to the strong vitality of those evil gods, even if their tentacles were cut off, they would quickly regenerate. Hunting the tentacles of Inferior Evil Gods was a popular side job for newcomers aiming to advance to the legend-ranked.

This was probably the easiest-to-obtain material for the legend-ranked in Endless God's Domain. After detoxification and curse degradation, these evil god's tentacles could be baked into delicious shredded squid, the pinnacle of hero-ranked appetizers.

However, ease of acquisition for the legend-ranked was relative. In reality, these shredded squids were quite valuable. In the past, when Casina the Battle God was short on money, she would sell some of these tentacles from the Abyss.

Today she ate a lot of squid fillet, which is worth more than a whole city.

Only a party like Red Heart Queen's Masquerade would generously provide so many high-quality hero-ranked foods for the guests to enjoy.

If it weren't for the smell of Yun Xi's bread, both Ouroboros and Casina the Battle God would have been very satisfied with the food at the dance.

Oh, why was there that bread? Casina the Battle God looked sadly at her empty wine glass. Not being able to have something makes one crave it even more.

If she had known that there was only one bread, she might have tried her hand at being a bread-stealing expert. She had more than seventy percent confidence in snatching it, even if her opponent was Great Witch Flora.




Dim starlight spread from the maple leaf gate in the sky, announcing that another guest had accepted the invitation from Red Heart Queen and would be crossing billions of galaxies to reach the venue.

"This... is a divine smell that I've never smelled before, and it's very new too." Ouroboros looked at the door that was about to open, guessing the identity of the one coming.

"It really is new... a completely unfamiliar smell..." Casina the Battle God glanced at the faceless god. Unlike this god with an ancient divine aura, the divine aura coming through time and space this time is very, very new.

Becoming a god is not easily achieved. Without enough legends, it often takes tens of millions of years for a new generation of gods to become gods. Every new god is a big event in the whole Endless God's Domain.

However, the god who is coming has no trace of the long years of sedimentation like the faceless god. They are a genuine new era god.

Moreover, they possess completely different divine characteristics from all the gods that Casina the Battle God knows, carrying some kind of new rules of divinity.

"I know... it's her... the youngest successor god!" Flora lifted her head.

As the Great Witch who can travel through dimensions, she knows the features of all the gods in Endless God's Domain, including this special newly born god.

"Alpha, the newest generation god born from the God Crystal, the ultimate fantasy of the scientific God's Domain."

Yun Xi's body shook, and shook again.

Can it be? Is that Alpha, the Cyber Elf Alpha from the Starry Sky Chessboard?

What's going on with this Red Heart Queen's ball? Why are all these people attending?

Aside from Great Witch Flora, the others are all very dangerous! It would be disastrous if their identities were exposed!

Countless codes fell like symbols, then converged into the shape of a silver Cyber Elf.

Cyber Elf Alpha, has arrived!

Silver hair, bare feet, with endless data flashing in her eyes, the moment Cyber Elf Alpha arrived at the ball, she fixated on someone who resembled herself.

With silver features, wings adorned with golden-red ornaments, and a certain non-human texture, she looked just like the perfect puppet imagined by humans.

"Who... are you?"

"Where are you from?"

"Why... is it like this?"

Cyber Elf Alpha stared at the silhouette closest to her at the ball and asked.