Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1272

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Chapter 1272: Order Form

The first to undergo a change is the fantasy bird that looks like a child, but is actually the Golden Crow Princess.

"Big sister... is it really gone? I can exchange it for many feathers. My feathers are loved by many people in Kunlun." The Golden Crow Princess's expression of wanting bread was clearly written on her face.

Even though she has not yet been hatched from the Queen Mother of the West's egg and can only occasionally appear in Kunlun God's Domain in the form of an incarnation, the little Golden Crow Princess is still the idol of all fantasy species in Kunlun God's Domain.

Her feathers are the favorite mascot of the fantasy species in Kunlun God's Domain, worth much more than Yun Xi's fourth-grade golden pineapple~package.

However, sometimes the value of an item cannot be calculated so easily.

In this crowded ball of legends, the golden pineapple~package that Yun Xi brought out is truly one of a kind, a treasure with no substitutes.

"I know...but it's really gone, that loaf of bread was the only one." Looking at the tearful and expectant little Golden Crow Princess, Yun Xi expressed his helplessness.

There is really only one fourth-grade golden pineapple~package like that, even if you kill him, you can't make another one.

If she were to eat any other fourth-grade golden cream bread, the Golden Crow Princess, who has tasted the Golden Crow's essence, would immediately uncover his true identity, and that would be disastrous.

"No...can't eat it..." The Golden Crow Princess stared blankly at the faceless god with his unchanging steel face, and her tiny heart suffered the biggest blow of her life.

The things she wants, even the moon in the sky can be picked for her by someone else, and she herself is a great being capable of becoming the sun. She has had a smooth sailing life since she was little, almost free of worries.

Until now, she couldn't eat what she wanted, and couldn't get the treasure she desired. She was overwhelmed by a feeling called "frustration".

Why, why is there nothing?

I want bread! The Golden Crow Princess pouted and looked at Yun Xi with a hopeful expression.

"I also want one, do you still have them? How much?" After eating several gourmet pineapple buns made by the nightmare chef, Ouroboros shamelessly approached.

What's with this mysterious code that sells addictive drugs? I'm not a drug dealer! Yun Xi looked helplessly at Ouroboros licking his lips as he approached.

"Oh, I know... You don't want money... So, should I give it to you? Flora can prove that my love fortune-telling is super accurate." Ouroboros boasted, not long after being chased by the Dusk Witch and nearly getting marked.

This time, Great Witch Flora didn't argue when Ouroboros used her as a trademark, because after meeting the senior witch, her love luck really changed!

This useless snake itself may be useless, but her reputation as the top mysterious fortune-teller is not just empty hype.

If her mysterious fortune-telling didn't have substance, given her habit of running away from debts, she would have been turned into snake skewers countless times by now.

If you can't make your fortune telling more clear, then it's not very helpful to say that you will meet your destined lover every thousand years. It's really frustrating to wait for 999 years just to have a little hope, only to find out that it's already a thousand years! How disappointing!

"We don't have any goods left, they have all been sold," Yun Xi said angrily as he looked at the sneaky Ouroboros.

The reputation of the majestic and mysterious fantasy species had already been ruined ever since Hua Huo chased her to the point where she had nowhere to run and no doors to escape.

Out of all the legendary beings that Yun Xi had encountered, none of them had weaker fighting abilities than Ouroboros.

Despite having a huge body that could easily wrap around the stars, its fighting power was not even on par with Casina the Battle God, let alone Hydera the Water God who only needed the strength of one of its snake heads to defeat this fantasy species giant snake, according to Yun Xi's thoughts.

How could Ouroboros, who belongs to the legend-ranked of mysterious snakes, be so useless? This was something that Yun Xi couldn't understand at all.

"Let me know when you have more goods, I'll give you my contact information. If there are any goods available, inform me and I'll offer a high price for them," Ouroboros said determinedly, showing no signs of giving up.

Some kind of intuition told her that the golden pineapple bun she just had was different from all the bread she had eaten before, with a special kind of magical power.

This intuition was not unique to Ouroboros.

"I want it too. If you're willing to sell, I can help with the purchasing channel."

Casina the Battle God also joined the group of people ordering goods. Seeing delicious things but not being able to eat them is a lifelong regret for food lovers.

"I want it too, I want it too!" The Golden Crow Princess quickly joined the crowd competing for it, offering even more tempting privileges:

"I can have Kunlun God's Domain open a door for you in exchange for specialties!"

"Senior, I know you must still have one!" Finally, even the Great Witch Flora looked at Yun Xi with soft, irresistible eyes.

That kind of delicious bread, once you've tasted it, you'll never forget it in your lifetime!

Moreover, it was a gift given to her by the senior, with special commemorative significance.

After tasting such a delicious pineapple bun, how can she still eat other inferior bread?

Senior, you're really mean. You must know that I'll never forget the taste of this bread in my whole life, so you brought out such precious food!

Do you all really have to be so enthusiastic?! Yun Xi wiped away his tears, watching as the legend-ranked experts placed their orders with him.

Ouroboros has a secret channel, a smuggling route. Don't be fooled by Ouroboros' appearance, she has managed to escape the many debt collectors in God's Domain time and time again.

As the saying goes, there's always a way. This smuggling channel belongs to Ouroboros exclusively, and it is also well-known in the black market of Endless God's Domain.

Casina the Battle God has a channel provided by the official authority of Sky Sword God's Domain. It is the specialized route of the 6th Sky Sword, where everything goes tax-free with no inspections. It's even more profitable than smuggling, a privilege of the Sky Sword.

Great Witch Flora's channel is even more extensive, perhaps larger than the previous two combined.

This is one of the very few channels in Endless God's Domain that doesn't require the use of a star bridge. It is an unrestricted channel possessed by the Dusk Witch who excels in dimensional teleportation magic.

While it may not be as effective as a star bridge for long-distance transportation, it surpasses the star bridge in delivering goods to specific locations and transporting certain forbidden items that cannot be seen by anyone. This is an exclusive means of transportation that even the star bridge cannot achieve.

For traders in Endless God's Domain, any of these three channels is enough to make them bankrupt in order to acquire the opportunity.

The privileges of the legend-ranked are indeed beyond reasoning.