Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1267

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Chapter 1267: The Golden Glow

Yes! There will probably never be another chance to meet her again in the future, or even if we do meet, she would never recognize who we are.

The disguise of this faceless god is the best camouflage.

Thinking this way, Yun Xi finally breathed a sigh of relief and started to thank the unknown and mysterious puppet maker. Without this divine vessel he created, Yun Xi would have been in big trouble by now.

As it turns out, even the legendary being in the rank of "the legend" is just as driven by curiosity as humans and completely immersed in it.

"Senior, how does it feel to be truly in love with four devoted lovers?" After accepting her role, Great Witch Flora earnestly asked her great senior in her heart.

"Um..." This time it was Yun Xi who couldn't find the words to say.

Having four lovers sounds wonderful, but if they are all at the creator level and also have their eyes on you, it would truly be a nightmare within a nightmare.

"If... just if... could I also be as happy as the senior if I fall in love with someone?" Great Witch Flora didn't delve into it, she simply enjoyed this magical feeling with great innocence.

In the past, she had never imagined what it feels like to truly be in love.

But now, she seems to understand it somewhat.

The sound of her heartbeat was like a little deer bouncing around.

Her ears were turning red from the warmth.

Her chest was feeling a bit breathless, but it wasn't an illness. In the legend-ranked, there is no possibility of getting sick.

Perhaps, this is a curse?

Perhaps, this is an incurable disease?

The curse of being light-headed and uncontrollably in love, named "Love."

"If you truly love each other, then you can overcome all difficulties." Yun Xi couldn't answer anything about his four ex-girlfriends, it's best not to even mention their names.

The power of the creation level is so strong that it can distort even the laws of the universe.

The Asha we saw last time only displayed a small part of their power through the medium of the incarnation. That is definitely not their entire power, just the tip of the iceberg.

"Yes, I also feel it!" Flora completely believes in Yun Xi's teachings, almost to a devout level.

"That way, it's true love."

"In the past, I didn't understand this, which is why I kept making mistakes."

"Senior, please teach me more about love!"

You finally understand, ah, Yun Xi felt a sense of relief, looking as if a young lady who knew nothing about the world finally learned common sense.

At least, the current Flora is even more lovely and charming than before.

Well, it's okay, if it's you there's definitely no problem. You're the amazing Great Witch Flora, born with incredible talents that make many people jealous.

As long as you don't chase after unrealistic fantasies, and instead stay grounded while searching for your true love, you will definitely achieve the sweet rewards of victory.

Look, at this very moment, you shine brightly and are more beautiful than before. Your feminine charm is captivating, even the gods would be enchanted by you!

At least Yun Xi himself thinks that Flora is extremely cute.

"That Flora has been fooled completely!" Ouroboros, who loves to watch drama, commented on the couple nearby, laughing like a child.

"Love is just a biological impulse caused by physiology, it's not so sacred!"

"When you see someone you like... just approach them happily and openly, that's the best way to mate."

Well, we can't expect humans to conform to the love standards of fantasy species.

"You're really foolish... do you have someone special you want to mate with?" Casina the Battle God was a little envious of this naive snake at that moment.

He drinks until he's drunk, then he sleeps, and when he wakes up, he continues drinking. He'll never experience the troubles of love or any worries with Ouroboros. The problems that Flora worries about simply don't exist with Ouroboros.

"Oh... isn't it just..." Ouroboros gulped down a large glass of wine and shook his head.

"That adorable disciple of yours... After I licked him, I found the taste to be quite good. I was planning to tempt him, but that darn little guy interrupted."

Muttering, muttering... It seemed that Ouroboros still held a grudge over that failed temptation. It was a shame that lasted a lifetime for the great and mysterious fortune teller.

"Hahaha... So you're a silly snake that likes to go after young grass!" Casina the Battle God finally understood. This foolish snake had no morals, he probably didn't even know what "morality" meant.

"If you like someone, just go and confess. Why make it so complicated?"

"Having a physical relationship with someone you like, it's a really comfortable and enjoyable thing."

"Our tail skills are really impressive." Ouroboros had a flushed face from drinking, but he didn't seem embarrassed at all.

Well, in every sense, Ouroboros was indeed far superior to the novice in love, the Great Witch Flora. It was a state of greatness, like returning to simplicity.

Even though she was still a virgin, Casina the Battle God effortlessly exposed Ouroboros' boastfulness.

"Some things, you know, are innate abilities. Just like the Great Witch's, uh, chest, I also have innate abilities." Ouroboros proudly manipulated the tail behind her.

Suddenly rolled up into an "O."

Suddenly rolled up into a "delta" (a triangle shape).

Suddenly rolled up into an infinity symbol.

See, this is what innate ability looks like, something visible to the naked eye." Ouroboros confidently displayed her versatile tail in various poses with a expression that said, "You don't understand, do you?

"Wow, that's some innate ability you have there. Are you planning to use it to enchant my disciple's soul?" Casina the Battle God suppressed a laugh and continued to watch Ouroboros boast about herself.

"Yes, last time I was so close, just a little closer and I would have succeeded." In Ouroboros' memories, everything that happened back then had turned into beautiful recollections.

She and Yun Xi had passionate and lovey-dovey moments, full of cuddles and affection. If only that annoying little guy hadn't interfered, she would have definitely succeeded.

Hmm, let's forgive this big Ouroboros who exaggerated his memories too much.

Compared to the innocent relationship of the newbie group in Parato's disciples, this side is undoubtedly a very mature and forbidden adult group.

Just as Ouroboros was proudly bragging about how he enchanted Yun Xi with his tail, the deep red maple leaf door opened again.

Countless golden rays of light, like a rising sun from the horizon, pierced through this strange gathering.