Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1260

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Chapter 1260: Flora's Despair

"Is there no more path ahead?" Great Witch Flora looked at the simple and understandable pyramid symbols with eyes as lifeless as death, hoping to find something on top of the pyramids.

Unfortunately, there was nothing.

Like the top of the Witch God's Domain symbolized by the Great Witch, when it comes to this level, Yun Xi seems to only be able to list the names of his ex-girlfriends.

Um, it's better not to go down a dead-end path.

"Yes... there's nothing above..." Yun Xi honestly told the far-traveled Great Witch Flora that the perfect lover she expected, who meets all the criteria, basically doesn't exist.

This problem is clearly pointed out in the book "Love 101: Even Monkeys Can Learn."

The more exceptional a woman is, the less likely she is to find someone who meets her psychological expectations on the other side.

At the legendary level like the Great Witch Flora, finding a completely satisfying lover is "a faint hope" in four words.

Anyway, Yun Xi can't imagine just how exceptional a person would have to be to satisfy all of Great Witch Flora's requirements.

Those four criteria correspond to strength, appearance, wealth, and character, and they also have to meet the "feeling" of a Flora.

Going through these layers of screening is like finding a needle in a haystack.

"So... it turns out... it wasn't there from the beginning..." Great Witch Flora stared blankly at the pyramid-shaped model with numbers.

Some things are like a blind spot.

Some truths are clear to those who watch from the sidelines.

However, nobody dares to speak out the truth to Great Witch Flora or the other Great Witches who are in the same predicament because it's not worth the trouble.

Only someone like Yun Xi, a naive and foolish young boy, would blurt out without any concern and reveal this cruel truth.

"So... will I never find a lover in my lifetime, senior?" Great Witch Flora asked the ancient gods she revered in her heart, her eyes filled with confusion.

"No, that's not true." Yun Xi shook his head.

"Love doesn't have anything to do with social status, position, or wealth."

"All the conditions you have are only for finding a lover, but true love often comes unexpectedly, with no signs at all."

"In time, you might understand that no matter the differences in identity, status, or race, love is just love."

"Even if there is no way to get married, even if there will be separation, the feeling of love will never disappear, that is what we call romance."

When Yun Xi was still an ordinary bread baker, he experienced such a romance.

Like the queen of summer.

Like the sparkling stars.

She always shines so brightly, so outstanding, the closer you get, the more you can feel the radiance she releases.

But even so, even knowing there may not be a result, we can't help but fall in love.

That was truly the best, the most regret-free feeling in Yun Xi's short sixteen years of life, a forever first love.

"But, I can't possibly like someone of the opposite sex who can't even meet these requirements!" Great Witch Flora has her own persistence, a common affliction shared with the other Great Witches.

Stepping into the Field of eternal immortality, they lost their loved ones, their families, and everything they once knew vanished in the long passage of time.

What they longed for was a sweet, dreamlike love, just like a fairy tale.

To have their hearts beat wildly, to feel the excitement, to blush uncontrollably like a shy girl, to be unable to restrain themselves—this was the love that the witches yearned for.

Flora had imagined countless times the scene of meeting her ideal lover.

It was a chance encounter in a sky filled with shooting stars, under the same starry sky.

It was a casual encounter in a vast art gallery.

Or perhaps it was a romance shared in a battlefield soaked in blood and slaughter.

No matter which kind, it would definitely be unforgettable, and in an instant, they would understand—ah, that person is my daring!

Or perhaps—you are my other half?

Only such a meeting fits Flora's fantasy, but the other person must also fulfill all the conditions she has listed.

"This... is what love is!" Great Witch Flora blushed as she expressed her fantasy. For some reason, in front of this ancient gods' senior, she felt a natural sense of relaxation and unknowingly revealed all her secret thoughts.

"This... What kind of era's romance novel is this?" Yun Xi stared in astonishment at the innocent face of Great Witch Flora.

"Based on your requirements, the other person must be of the legend-ranked, right?"

"Hmm, that's obvious. You can't have a relationship with a life that is too short."

"Uh..." Yun Xi didn't know what to say. After hesitating for a while, he decided to wake up the daydreaming Great Witch Flora in front of him.

"Since it's the legend-ranked, what kind of situation would lead to an unexpected chance encounter without any signs?"

"Would a typical legend-ranked get bored enough to stroll through an art gallery?"

"If even you perceive it as a dangerous battlefield, would he still have the time and inclination to talk about love with you, instead of being your enemy?"

Great Witch Flora opened her small mouth, and her little face turned red little by little. Her fiery bosom swayed violently.

This... This... it seems... really impossible to happen!

It's easy for noble girls like those in stories to have encounters like this!

"Ah... indeed..." Yun Xi finally understood that the Great Witch Flora in front of him had terrifying power, but she was completely clueless when it came to love.

Not only that, but also greatly misled by certain irresponsible novels.

The love stories in those novels are all artistically processed and targeted towards noble girls in the mortal world or girls in the merchant guild. There wouldn't be any novels specifically written for the legend-ranked Great Witch!

There is no doubt that the Great Witch Flora has a severely distorted view of love. With zero experience in relationships, if she were to choose a lover based on those criteria, she would be destined to be single her whole life.

Why didn't anyone tell her such a simple mistake? The stories in novels have no relevance for a legend-ranked Great Witch.

The legend-ranked beings who have gained immortality have behaviors and ways of thinking that are completely different from humans. Why would she believe those artificially embellished romantic stories in love novels?

You can create things like a meteor shower all by yourself!

"I...I was just thinking, nothing more, absolutely not taking it seriously!" Great Witch Flora exclaimed with a sorrowful face, wearing an expression as if it was the end of the world.

"Um... it's okay, it's never too late for anything."

In the legend-ranked, it's okay to make mistakes, no matter how bad things have been in the past, as long as you can correct them... Yun Xi looked at Ouroboros, who was sneaking a bite next to him.

This exception is beyond saving.