Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1259

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Chapter 1259: The Nonexistent Connection

"It's like this..."

Perhaps sensing the goodwill emanating from Yun Xi, Great Witch Flora naturally felt a connection to the ancient gods in front of her. Since her conditions were not a secret, she directly spoke about them.

Just like any girl who is about to get married, her expectations for a potential partner were not very high according to her own standards.

Firstly, the person must be of the same legendary status as the Great Witch Flora, preferably with magical abilities.

This legendary status doesn't limit the race or even the faction, as the Great Witch Flora herself belongs to the chaotic neutral faction. It doesn't strictly require the person to be good or evil, or even an ancient god from the abyss.

Secondly, they must be handsome or beautiful, charming enough to awe any goddess they meet.

This is a given, as even being a legend-ranked but ugly is too repulsive. Even the evil gods from the abyss must be attractive according to the standards set by the Great Witch Flora.

Thirdly, they must possess a great deal of wealth, far surpassing mere earthly riches. At the very least, they should have a wealth equivalent to that of a World Tree, capable of harvesting leaves every year without much effort.

This is relevant to a future plan for Flora and the overall future of the Witch God's Domain. It is an absolutely essential requirement.

Even if the other three conditions can be slightly compromised, this condition cannot be lowered. If a high score can be achieved in this condition, Flora is willing to lower the standards for the first and second requirements.

Fourthly, they must treat Flora with tenderness and care.

If we were to use the standards of the mortal world, Great Witch Flora's position could be seen as a princess of a country or a queen who has inherited the throne. She seeks a partner who is strong and wealthy, and at the same time, loyal in love.

In the mortal world, although the number of people who meet all these conditions is rare, there are still many if we consider the entire Endless God's Domain.

However, Great Witch Flora is not a princess or queen of the mortal realm, but rather one of the few Great Witches of the Witch God's Domain, possessing the prestigious title of Dusk Witch, an unbeatable force.

With her own power, she ranks at the legendary level in the pyramid of the Endless God's Domain, and her wealth is also the highest in the Witch God's Domain. Her beauty is incomparable, even among most goddesses.

Even considering her own standards, there are very few legends in the entire Endless God's Domain who can meet her requirements. After hearing her demands, Yun Xi almost felt sorry for Ouroboros.

Yun Xi had never thought about such criteria for choosing a lover in his lifetime.

Well, compared to this, his ex-girlfriend's standards were a thousand times scarier.

"You won't be able to find someone like that." According to the book "Love for Monkeys: A Beginner's Guide," Great Witch Flora's criteria for a partner will surely leave her single for the rest of her life.

"Why? I just want to find a loving partner who meets these criteria. What am I doing wrong?"

"We witches, this is how we choose spouses." Great Witch Flora looked at Yun Xi with confusion.

Marrying someone who is more excellent than oneself is what she has been taught since childhood and is the marrying standard for most witches.

Because she is very excellent herself, it is only natural to choose someone more excellent for marriage. This is common in the Witch God's Domain, and no witch has ever questioned it.

"Um... let me draw a picture for you, then you will understand." Yun Xi recalled the knowledge he learned from "A Beginner's Guide to Love that Even Monkeys Can Learn" and drew two pyramids on the table.

"This corresponds to the witches in your Witch God's Domain."

Yun Xi marked four levels on the left pyramid.

Apprentice witch.

Regular witch.

Excellent witch.

And at the top of the pyramid, there was a Great Witch who was proud to be in the whole Witch God's Domain.

Then, following the same pattern, four levels were drawn on the right pyramid as well.

Trainee hero.

Regular hero.

Excellent hero.

A bald hero who symbolized the peak and unbeatable.

"Most witches like heroes who are stronger than themselves, and most heroes like witches who they can protect," Yun Xi used the simplest math lines to connect both pyramids.

So, on the love connection line recognized by the entire Endless God's Domain, including the Witch God's Domain, a connection diagram appeared that completely shook Great Witch Flora's worldview.

The heroes in the upper part of the right pyramid almost without exception chose regular witches, excellent witches, and even apprentice witches.

That means, none of the heroes on the right side of the pyramid would choose to be in the top level of the Great Witch on the left side of the pyramid.

"Um, that's probably how it is."

"According to the normal method, the Great Witches' connections are..." Yun Xi hesitated for a moment and reluctantly drew a line that led to the non-existent sky above the right side of the pyramid.

There, it represents an area that doesn't exist in the concept.

In other words, according to the Witch God's Domain's method of choosing a spouse, the perfect other half that the Great Witches desire doesn't exist within common knowledge.

This matter is actually very clear, it's just that Floras or other Great Witches who haven't been able to find suitable partners have been deceiving themselves and turning a blind eye to it.

With their powerful strength, no one dares to speak so directly to them, except for Yun Xi, who only has a vague understanding of the legend-ranked, can draw it so directly and boldly.

The logic is very simple, the problem is that no one dares to speak up.

"Can't find..."

Flora stared at the two pyramids with a blank expression. She had to admit that the connections between these pyramids were correct.

In the Witch God's Domain, the more talented the witch, the harder it was for her to find a husband. On the other hand, ordinary witches who didn't excel in their magical abilities and moderately accomplished witches were more likely to have a family and a partner.

Because they didn't have as much energy to devote to magic and lacked the extraordinary talent of a Great Witch, they gave up their dreams of reaching higher realms and chose the path of marriage and having children.

In contrast, the Great Witches who had surpassed countless challenges and reached the legend-ranked looked back on their journey only to find their families, and even their clans, lost in history.

Only the Great Witches who walked the path to immortality remained. They were the soul of the Witch God's Domain and the idols that everyone in the Witch God's Domain aspired to become.

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Even the Great Witches who leaned towards the evil camp were still acknowledged and willingly accepted exploitation and oppression from the people of the Witch God's Domain. That's the allure of being a Great Witch.