Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1255

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Chapter 1255: Meeting an Acquaintance

"Um..." Yun Xi was actually very nervous.

Fortunately, his true form was within the chest of the faceless god, and the world rules of this dance seemed to distort the concepts of mass and size, making everyone at the dance have similar body shapes.

The only thing Great Witch Flora saw was the forever expressionless faceless god, not Yun Xi, who was already sweating profusely on his forehead.

The situation had developed to a degree that far exceeded his expectations.

The person in front of him was a true legend, causing a huge ripple by traversing time and space, which made Yun Xi extremely nervous.

"I am Flora, Great Witch Flora, from the Witch God's Domain." Flora observed the faceless god, who had a calm expression similar to the legendary ancient gods, and smiled secretly.

This was a rare opponent. Since the Twilight of the Gods, most of the ancient natural gods had fallen, and the remaining few were in a long period of recovery. It was unknown how many thousands of years it would take for them to return from eternal silence.

The Red Heart Queen's dance was not a good place for these ancient gods who had been isolated for too long.

Witch God's Domain is where Rose comes from. Yun Xi naturally thought of his own team, the Starwings Knights, who are skilled in "knight and magic" and the little witch who is good at various magic projectiles.

Comparing them, this witch Flora, who came to attend the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade, truly lives up to being a Great Witch, in every sense of the word "great" and without any hint of concealment.

Under the gray raven cloak, there was a mysterious feeling as if even time and space could be distorted. Just standing there, the surrounding elements continuously converged towards her.

The nuclear explosion forbidden spell, she can definitely use it. Yun Xi is absolutely certain of this. It is a magical power that the people of Sia's world cannot reach, equivalent to a powerful existence like the Great Source.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, who will come this time?" Great Witch Flora counted the number of people already at the table. There are a total of seven seats on the long table.

Apart from the host of the ball, Red Heart Queen, there are six guest seats. She and the unfamiliar deity in front of her were the first to arrive, taking the seats closest to the host.


"No, please!"

"Let's go back!"

Amidst all the noise and commotion, the red maple door opened once again, emitting a tremendous pressure that even Great Witch Flora felt threatened by.

And not just one, but two!

One of them exuded a dignified aura, like a natural-born ruler, making Great Witch Flora feel like she was facing a formidable opponent even before they showed themselves.

She remembered clearly how she had lost the previous Red Heart Ball when she encountered a similar presence.

That fellow possessed a power that was deemed unfair, even the organizer of the ball couldn't control them and they were permanently banned from the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade.

In the Endless God's Domain, only a handful of people possess this unique kind of pressure, which is specific to a certain God's Domain.

"Who is the Sky Sword?"

The other presence, though lacking the distinct pressure of the Sky Sword, had a massive size that was beyond belief, surpassing anything a normal creature could possess.

If a life could be measured by a simple numerical value, the life force of the being emitting this presence could rival that of billions of humans, and even if measured in giant dragons, it would number in the thousands.

In Great Witch Flora's memory, only a very small number of exceptions could grow to this level.

Without exception, they are all called "fantasy creatures," loved by the rules of heaven and earth. Many of them have lifespans longer than the known history of Endless God's Domain. They are the only beings who can challenge or even defeat gods.

Among them, many will naturally transform into gods after a long period of time, accepted and worshipped by people.

"Together?" Looking at the pair who walked out of the red door, Great Witch Flora first stared in confusion, then quickly recognized the two.

"The Sky Sword, Casina the Battle God."

"Fake fortune teller, Ouroboros?"

Ouroboros, who was dragged over by Casina the Battle God, stuck out its head. When it saw Flora, its eyes narrowed and it instinctively wanted to take a step back and run away.

Well, this was the instinctive reaction of someone who had been in debt for a long time. After all, she owed Great Witch Flora a divination a long time ago. That time, the other party seemed to have paid with several hundred strands of magical green threads, which were extracted from rare celestial creatures called starworms.

At that time, the question that Great Witch Flora divined was something like "When will I meet my destined lover?"

Ahem, Ouroboros said, "Don't bother asking the greatest mysterious fortune teller in the Endless God's Domain for such an easy question."

When you have a lover is not something you decide yourself?

Just with your big chest, there must be plenty of people hungry for love anytime, so there's no need to waste time on her fortune-telling.

"Ouroboros, there's nowhere to run this time," Great Witch Flora said with fire in her eyes, staring at Ouroboros trembling in fear. The black silhouette of the Great Crow, distorting the space behind her, appeared and targeted Ouroboros' heart.

Ouroboros, who was at least wrapped in a nightgown by Casina the Battle God, held her head and surrendered skillfully:

"No, I've already fortune-told your love fortune!"

"Really?" Great Witch Flora hesitated for a moment, mainly because of Casina the Battle God's intentional or unintentional protection. It wasn't going smoothly for her to gather power for the fatal blow aimed at Ouroboros' heart.

In this case, she reluctantly gave Ouroboros a chance, in consideration of Casina the Battle God's face, even though Ouroboros always owed her debts.

"Yes, I've already fortune-told it. Flora, your love fortune is in this era! It will come soon, very soon!" Ouroboros lied with open eyes.

The skill of deceiving people is an ability that every fortune teller in the mysterious sect must master, because sometimes they themselves are not clear about what they have divined, whether that future will happen in ten years or a thousand years.

In times like this, you have to act mysterious, since no one knows what the future will be like. As long as you fool the present, you can get a reward.

Most of the people who put their hopes in the mysterious sect's divinations are not reliable. As long as you coax them a little and make the future sound vague, they will accept it.

"Soon, in this era, you said last time that I would meet my destined lover within a thousand years. Why haven't I met them?" Great Witch Flora glared at Ouroboros angrily.

"Last time... It's only the 999th year of this century. There is still one more year!"