Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1253

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Chapter 1253: Alpha Goes Into Battle

"Nightmare Sovereign's Ball."

"Red Heart Queen's invitation."

With the help of her own database, Cyber Elf Alpha quickly found the relevant information. It was a special report that was classified under the "the legend-ranked" category.

Despite being a newly born deity, Cyber Elf Alpha was very popular in the legend-ranked due to her unique nature and her unbeatable record on the Starry Sky Chessboard, where she had defeated almost all opponents.

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Mechanical God's Domain was able to open up smoothly because other the legend-ranked beings actively reached out to Cyber Elf Alpha.

Everyone was curious about Alpha, who was the only known electronic deity in the history of Endless God's Domain. What made her so special?

"Food from the legend-ranked... has extremely high value."

"Even with money, you cannot buy it. It is the highest quality resource in the entire Endless God's Domain."

"Value... a very big quantum computer consisting of numbers with at least two digits."

Cyber Elf Alpha was indifferent to the wealth, assets, and even the supreme ruler position of Mechanical God's Domain. After casually driving away the old starry aristocrats into the wilderness, she left it all to her group of planetary quantum computers to decide.

It can be said that Cyber Elf Alpha, who was born from the scientific fantasy of Mechanical God's Domain, has a very simple personality. She was born in response to the expectations of Mechanical God's Domain, and the Starry Sky Chessboard is her ultimate battleground. Her only requirement from humans is to build more planetary quantum computers for herself.

The super-sized planetary quantum computer is currently the highest level that can be built theoretically in Mechanical God's Domain.

In the entire Mechanical God's Domain, there is currently only one of this scale of planetary quantum computers, and it is still an experimental model. It was created specifically for the birth of Cyber Elf Alpha, called the experimental computer cluster 'Alpha'.

In order to build this super-sized planetary quantum computer, the old starry aristocrats of Mechanical God's Domain utilized everything available, including the Cyber Elf that only existed in theory. They even joined forces with the Fairy Clan and the alchemical warlock faction.

The birth of Cyber Elf Alpha was full of coincidences, but this miracle would not have happened without the super-sized planetary quantum computer cluster called 'Alpha' as its foundation.

Now, the entire Mechanical God's Domain cannot gather enough resources to build another super-sized planetary quantum computer, because the materials required for this scale of quantum computer are not even part of Mechanical God's Domain's possessions.

The study of Cyber Elf Alpha's birth process also signifies the rapid advancement of planetary quantum computer technology in the whole of Mechanical God's Domain.

In a way, the scientific technology of Mechanical God's Domain can be considered heavily focused. In the quantum computer realm, they have achieved an almost god-like level, creating Cyber Elf Alpha, while conventional weapons are still limited to nuclear bombs and mechs.

On Red Heart Queen's Masquerade, the food at the legend-ranked can be converted into purchasing power, allowing for the construction of a two-digit-sized mega quantum computer system. This is also a temptation for Cyber Elf Alpha.

At the legend-ranked, there are very few treasures that are attractive to beings at this level, and the food at the legend-ranked is one of those very special treasures.

With the abilities possessed at the legend-ranked, obtaining precious ingredients at the legend-ranked is not particularly difficult.

The problem is that it is extremely rare to find a life occupation that can turn these level ingredients into something with special effects for those at the legend-ranked. It is almost extinct.

The gourmet chefs under the Red Heart Queen are the rarest known creatures in Endless God's Domain who possess the ability to cook with legend-ranked ingredients.

On their own, they are very weak, with no combat power at all. But once summoned by the Red Heart Queen in the name of a ball, they gain some of Nightmare World's special abilities and can create exquisite cuisine at the legend-ranked using various precious ingredients.

"Let's postpone our scheduled chess game."

"I'm going to attend this ball."

Without caring about the warning in the information that said "Red Heart Queen's ball is extremely dangerous", Cyber Elf Alpha made a decision directly.

In order to build more super-sized quantum computers for planets, she would attend both the ball and the murder game.

The ultimate goal remains unchanged.

Defeating the unbeatable Starry Sky Chess Master would prove herself as the ultimate fantasy representing the highest computing power of Endless God's Domain.

All the information about the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade from the past began to flow in Cyber Elf Alpha's database.

Since its record, this ball has been held eleven times.

The number of participants lost in this ball is approximately thirteen.

About fifty-seven participants returned after attending the ball with twisted minds, collapsing and crying.

Five participants returned unharmed from the ball.

Only once, the ball was forcefully ended. One of the participants, a certain God Slaying Sky Sword, continuously killed the ball's host, Red Heart Queen, hundreds of times, forcing a hasty retreat from the unavoidable ball, carrying away their spoils.

There is no specific information known about how Red Heart Queen's Masquerade is conducted. The mentally unstable participants cannot reveal true information, and the five who escaped remain silent.

The only participant who managed to escape Red Heart Queen's Masquerade multiple times unscathed was the Great Witch Flora from Witch God's Domain.

It is speculated that the ball's format is highly uncertain. The ball's host cannot be killed by force, but if one possesses the power to slay gods, they can be forced to leave the ball.

Participants who leave the ball unharmed can bring out the legend-ranked food from the ball. There have been approximately ten recorded transactions, with half of them suspected to be sold by the Great Witch Flora from Witch God's Domain.

The most valuable food on the ball's menu this time is Red Heart Queen's blood wine, a divine food that can resurrect even the legend-ranked.

If we were to convert it to the resources needed for an equivalent super-sized quantum computing cluster, it would be approximately seven of them.

A massive data stream washed down from Cyber Elf Alpha's pupils. This is Cyber Elf Alpha's unique way of fighting.

Even though the battle has not yet begun, most of the information about Red Heart Queen's Masquerade is hidden in the mist. However, through the data left behind, Cyber Elf Alpha has glimpsed part of the ball's truth.

Beyond the normal legend-ranked, a thousand times more powerful than the Mechanical God's Domain quantum computer group's support, this is Cyber Elf Alpha's trump card.

"Alpha, let's go," saying goodbye to her quantum computer group on her home planet, Cyber Elf Alpha stepped through the red door.

At this moment, she had no idea who she would meet at this ball.