Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1250

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Chapter 1250: Protests Ineffective

The invitation from the Red Heart Queen is something famous in the whole highest level of Endless God's Domain.

Whether you want to attend this legendary dance or not, you will know about the existence of this special dance and the many legend-ranked foods that only appear at this dance.

In one invitation to the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade, there was the appearance of the "Legendary Multi-headed Dragon," which caused a fierce battle among many female deities in Endless God's Domain.

You can choose not to attend this dance, but you will definitely hear about its reputation.

Ouroboros didn't receive an invitation to this dance and is not interested in the legend-ranked food there.

The best way to relax after divination is to sleep, and this time, it's a special treat to be able to sleep in the wine cellar of good friend Hydera, whom he hasn't seen in a long time. It's very comfortable.

Even if the wine in this cellar is not of the highest quality, probably just the leftovers from brewing divine era wine, it's enough to satisfy Ouroboros.

"I won't go!"

"Snake will die!"

"This dance is terrible, so terrible!" Ouroboros desperately tries to hide her head in her own snake coil, like an ostrich putting its head in the sand thinking it can hide from enemies.

"This apple pie, and this meat puppet, are both good." Casina the Battle God commented on the menu for the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade. She wasn't very picky about these legend-rankeded foods, except for the Red Heart Queen's Blood Wine, everything else wasn't really necessary.

The Battle God Genre's divine skill, itself has the ability to dispel curses and resist deadly attacks. The fact that no one can defeat her in the Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament is the best proof.

However, recently she wanted Ouroboros to help divine the whereabouts of her disciple, so these legend-rankeded foods will be very useful.

"I won't go, won't go!"

"I want to hibernate, yes, it's time to hibernate!" Ouroboros is still struggling. This infamous Red Heart Queen's Masquerade, only five people in history have managed to walk out unscathed.

Ouroboros doesn't believe she has the strength and luck of those five people. Going inside will definitely be like being tortured. She is very confident about this, after all, she has long acknowledged her own weakness.

"Hibernate?" The Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament taps Ouroboros' huge head that she's trying to hide, revealing a smirk:

"Didn't you say just a while ago that you would work hard, train diligently, and seek revenge against that girl?"

Ouroboros opened its big mouth, oh no, it forgot the revenge oath it made not long ago.

Chased and scattered by the little girl named Hua Huo, the great master of the mysterious prophecy sect, Ouroboros, experienced one of the biggest humiliations in its life.

"This is different from hibernation, I need to have energy for my hellish training after a good sleep!"

"After sleeping for twenty years, and then practicing for another ten years, I will be able to exact revenge!" Ouroboros declared with determination that it would definitely win.

Sleeping for twenty years is just a normal operation for Ouroboros, whose lifespan is almost infinite. A hundred years of hibernation and shedding skin at once is also common.

"You guys, always so lazy. Humans won't wait for you for so long." As beings of the same legend-ranked, humans and fantasy species have different perceptions of time, especially Casina the Battle God.

Instead of sleeping for dozens of years, she prefers traveling in the Endless God's Domain, experiencing more scenery and meeting more intelligent beings.

Only fantasy species, favored by the heavens and earth, have absolutely no care for time. They are all chronic procrastinators with no hope of being cured.

"Let me hibernate... Sob sob sob... Casina, you're bullying me!" Seemingly sensing a dreadful future, Ouroboros cried and lay on the ground, sticking out its tongue and licking Casina the Battle God.

"No, I won't."

"Let's go to the dance together, and then come back and have a fortune-telling session." Casina the Battle God earnestly rejected Ouroboros' pleading.

"No, please don't!"

"Snakes won't die there, and I can still save them."

"Fortune-telling can wait for a dozen years, I'll definitely do it." Ouroboros' mournful cry was heart-wrenching to hear, bringing tears to those who heard it, containing her sincere emotions.

"Wait for you for a dozen years? By then, my disciple might have even sent his children to school. I was even planning on letting him represent the Battle God Genre in the Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament a few years later." Casina the Battle God couldn't help but be speechless about the fantasy species' concept of time.

These miracle creatures, born to be loved by the laws of the world, reaching the legend-ranked as easily as eating, do they really think humans won't grow up, fall in love, get married, and have children?

Considering the promiscuity of my disciple and his knack for attracting women, in a dozen years, who knows... Ahem, let's not talk about that, let's save him some face.

"I'm absolutely not going, I wouldn't go even if I died!" Ouroboros put on an expression as if a dead snake isn't afraid of boiling water, and took another sip of the delicious wine from the Hydera wine cellar.

It's safe and cool here, protected by the Water God and Hydera. The troublesome debt collectors can't find us here, and we can drink Hydera's delicious wine every day.

They drink until they're drunk, then sleep, and continue drinking when they wake up. Ouroboros is willing to live this way for their whole life.

Let them say what they want about being a useless snake. She doesn't care what others think, otherwise, she wouldn't be happily wandering around in the Endless God's Domain, pretending to be a god, despite owing a lot of debts.

Ten Leaves Alliance.

Dragon Church.

Golden Family.

Virtual God Clan.

Heaven’s Tao Palace.

Kunlun Hall.

She owed debts all over Endless God’s Domain, and long ago reached a point where she wasn't worried about the amount of debt anymore. She had no intention of ever repaying it in this lifetime.

In the coming decades, maybe even hundreds of years, she would never leave this place.

Hydera, you are truly my lifelong best friend!

Ouroboros didn't bother to think about how she had secretly snuck in here to drink. She didn't understand why Hydera turned a blind eye to her behavior and even accepted it.

Anyway, for her, Hydera's underground wine cellar was like heaven on Earth. She would absolutely not leave until she had finished all the fine wines here.

"Too bad... but that doesn't mean you have the final say," Casina the Battle God smiled and slapped Ouroboros on the snake head.

In an instant, Ouroboros transformed into a human form from the blow of Casina the Battle God. She became a peerless beauty, with snow-white skin that still carried the scent of fine wine.