Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1247

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Chapter 1247: Invitation

Yun Xi had no idea that the horns on the forehead of the sacred unicorn he rode were becoming silvery and excited. His attention was now completely focused on Ada- the Red Heart Queen dancing.

During the continuous spinning dance, the deep red queen's gown began to appear on Ada. It was a gorgeous and sacred enchanting dress.

A large "V" shaped cleavage exposed the entire upper sphere in the air. The snow-white and soft peaks became more captivating with Ada's graceful dance steps.

The location where the foot armor was supposed to be was replaced by white stockings. In the transparent high heels, the slender arch and gentle arch of the foot became even more perfect.

The biggest change was in the facial features. The forehead, which once embodied the will of the Abyss Sovereign, opened its magic eye, the iconic symbol of the Abyss Sovereign. But at this moment, that magic eye has closed, and in its place is a red heart mark.

The evil eye lord of the abyss.

The Red Heart Queen of nightmares.

After drinking the poisonous wine forcefully given by Yun Xi, everything started developing in an uncontrollable direction.

"Oh prince, don't make the queen wait."

"Ride on a handsome white horse and bravely kiss the queen's hand."

"Faced with the most beautiful queen in the world, no one can resist falling in love."

"A prince who doesn't want to be the queen's lover is not a good prince."

The tea cup soldiers encouraged Yun Xi, surrounding the sacred unicorn. It was clear that Yun Xi couldn't say no.

"Well then, let's give it a try." Just as the sacred unicorn said, Yun Xi noticed the strangeness of the ball before him.

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Ever since the dance started from the Red Heart Queen, there was no way to escape, and now it's even doubtful if this place is Sia's world.

This is definitely not Yun Xi's imagination, because Yun Xi noticed that the gravity, air, and even the amount of magic in this world are very different from what he knows in Sia's world.

Even the concept of the size of objects and the distance between them becomes blurred.

The most obvious sign is that even from hundreds of kilometers away, the Babylon Sky Tower, standing on the ground like a sword piercing the sky, has now disappeared without a trace.

Such a huge building cannot simply disappear, and the gaze that Yun Xi always vaguely felt from tens of thousands of meters above the sky has also vanished.

The ancient weapons of the Rift Space Dragon and Underground Cemetery, which are the only ones with high maneuverability and counterattack capabilities in the face of this invasion, didn't qualify to participate in this dance.

Similar to the White Lotus Secret Treasure trial back then, only those who are qualified can enter the dance of the Red Heart Queen.

Yun Xi was invited as a "prince" and the sacred unicorn was invited as a "white horse." It is said that this legendary dance, where even deities can fall, doesn't send invitations to those below the legend-ranked.

Riding on the excited sacred unicorn, Yun Xi took step by step towards the spinning Red Heart Queen.



Yun Xi was extremely nervous and prepared for the worst.

Faced with the terrifying presence of the legend-ranked, no matter how cautious, it was not enough. This was not the red giant that was suppressed below the legend-ranked by Sia's world. This was the nightmare of the Red Heart Queen, who held the ball.

"Welcome to my ball, lucky you," Ada blushed, undoubtedly still intoxicated, proving that Hydera's poison wine had a much greater effect than Yun Xi had imagined.

Even the Nightmare Sovereign of the legend-ranked could be drunk, but he only drank a glass or two every day. This was more extravagant than using a fourth-order golden cream bread to please the girls of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

A fourth-order golden bread could buy a garden villa in the bustling city center of Endless God's Domain. How much was a glass of divine era wine personally brewed by Hydera the Water God, unique in the entire Endless God's Domain?

Because he was used to it and drank regularly, Yun Xi felt it was better not to know the answer to this question for his whole life.

"Today is a good day."

"Perfect for holding a matchmaking dance, come kiss my hand to prove your sincerity, lucky you." Ada with the posture of Red Heart Queen has a completely different vibe from Ada with the posture of Abyss Sovereign.

Abyss Sovereign's Ada possesses a magic eye that instinctively instills fear in people, indifferent and merciless, always making accurate judgments, but its existence carries a terrifying spiritual contamination.

Morris, the elite knight renowned for his iron will on the battlefield, simply gave up everything when being observed by the Ada and surrendered himself to the embrace of the abyss.

Red Heart Queen's Ada possesses a kind of aura that makes one's soul trembling, it seems both enticing and suffocating to be close to.

High and untouchable, that enchanting yet dangerous posture instead gives off a completely different deadly allure.

Cannot win!

Yun Xi affirmed this once again.

Ada with the posture of Abyss Sovereign still has the power to fight due to the suppression from Sia's world and the faceless god.

Ada with the posture of Red Heart Queen, on the other hand, managed to bypass the limitations of Sia's world using a certain method, allowing the phenomenon of "Red Heart Queen's masquerade" to appear in Sia's world.

Once the ball begins, there is no way to escape.

Unfortunately, when Yun Xi realized this, it was already too late.

Because in this ball, he was the invited "prince."

Riding a white horse, the prince chosen by the Red Heart Queen, the host of the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade.

Dismounting from the white horse, Yun Xi lowered his head and kissed the Red Heart Queen's snow-white hand.

Things changed!

The Red Heart Queen's ball, opening night!

"The ball is starting, it's starting!"

"The queen is delighted, today is the best day."

"The twelfth Red Heart Queen's blind date dance is starting now."

"Offer cannons for the Queen's will."

More fireworks shot up into the sky, forming colorful light curtains, and opening doors to other worlds.

With invitation cards marked with red hearts, they spread through the opened doors to Nightmare World, heading towards Endless God's Domain.

This is a grand event that only exists in the legends among the most intelligent beings at the top levels of Endless God's Domain's pyramid.

The invitation from one of the Nightmare World kings, "Red Heart Queen's Masquerade," is both terrifying and opportunistic, as well as challenging.

Throughout history, there have been only five legendary experts who could emerge unscathed from the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade, and there were more than ten legendary experts who disappeared within it.

Those lucky enough to return from the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade without exception suffered great mental pollution, some even experiencing a complete mental breakdown, and they remained silent about everything that happened at the dance.