Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1245

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Chapter 1245: The Invitation to the Ball

The power of the legend-ranked!

This time, Yun Xi was certain that Ada, wearing a red dress after getting drunk, had surpassed some limit and unleashed a terrifying power beyond the hero-ranked Field.

The army of thousands of tea cup soldiers, along with the card chef and the ceremonial squad, appeared in this world because of their power that surpassed even the hero rank.

Defying logic and even distorting the rules of the world, these strange creatures appeared, not even hindered by the usual rejection that the Leviathan remains have towards legendary creatures.

It's as if they passed through the doors of all worlds and suddenly came here from some unknown world.

Compared to the Abyssal Will just now, Ada at this moment may not be attacking anymore, but it gave Yun Xi an even more dangerous feeling.

When Ada is drunk, she becomes even more powerful than in her normal state, which was completely unexpected for Yun Xi.

However, this version of Ada doesn't seem to have any intention of attacking. Since a while ago, she's been dancing and changing her posture with each dance move.

"Prince on a white horse, feel honored."

"You will be the potential suitor for Her Majesty the Queen. If you can pass Her Majesty's test, you will receive a gift of nightmares."

"Now, ride on your white horse and go to the side of the Queen, kiss her hand."

The teacup soldiers brought the sacred unicorn with a saddle and signaled Yun Xi to ride it.

This incredibly large sacred unicorn seemed to be custom-made for the height of the faceless god, and it was just the right size for a stable ride.

"You've been caught... how unfortunate... we're in big trouble now." Compared to Yun Xi, who knew nothing about the Red Heart Queen, the unicorn from the holy forest alliance of the Western God's Domain had a nearly lifeless expression.

In this life, it had never crossed its mind that it would let a man ride on its back. The sacred unicorn tribe was loved by the gods and a natural ally to all virgins.

Being ridden by a male was the most terrifying torture for the sacred unicorn tribe in this world. It instinctively created a distorted physiological resistance, making life unbearable.

The problem was, this was the "Red Heart Queen's" ball, and even dying was not an option.

The terrifying thing about Nightmare World was that no one knew where it was or how it existed. It was not like a visible or tangible abyss with accurate coordinates to enter.

If the abyss represented the physical manifestation of the starry world's corruption, then nightmares were the dark embodiment of the spiritual side, corresponding to the inner world.

Any creature below the legend-ranked, once they entered Nightmare World, was basically doomed to death.

Even the eternal and immortal gods have the possibility of falling once they get lost in Nightmare World.

The special talent of the sacred unicorn is actually very good at resisting dark magic. They are born as holy creatures and are known as friends of light and purity.

The problem is, the one here is the Red Heart Queen, a powerful ruler known for her nightmares and abyssal titles!

Once you get caught in her nightmare ball, there's no going back in this lifetime. Even death becomes a luxury.

Thinking about its upcoming tragic fate, the sacred unicorn couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with sadness, tears streaming down.

At least, before it dies, let it taste the legendary pure maiden's flavor. It has just come of age and its ability to transform is still new. It hasn't truly experienced the feeling of being with a virgin!

Sob, sob, sob, it's too tragic!

For a male to ride on a sacred unicorn like itself is the greatest shame for the sacred unicorn clan. It can cause various mental illnesses!

In history, all the sacred unicorns who have been made to do this have lived a melancholic life and haven't been able to accept this fact until death.

They, from their minds to their bodies, absolutely cannot accept a male riding on top of them.

"Do you know what's going on?" Yun Xi looked at the sacred unicorn next to him, who was tapping its hooves and had a disappointed expression on its face.

It seemed like this unicorn, who suddenly appeared, knew what was happening more than him, who knew nothing about Ada.

"The Red Heart Queen's ball, an invitation from the Nightmare Sovereign," the sacred unicorn glanced at the red giant who was dancing gracefully while holding its skirt in one hand.

"Those who are invited either die or suffer from twisted minds and breakdowns. Throughout history, fewer than five people have safely walked out of the ball."

"This is Nightmare Sovereign's death ball!"

"We will die, it's just a matter of time."

"Unless you have the strength of the God Slaying Sky Sword, it is impossible to escape from this ball!"

The sacred unicorn let out a mournful cry. Why did it know so clearly? Because in the history of the sacred unicorn clan, the seventh and ninth balls were recorded.

In those two parties, several gods from Western God's Domain were sucked in. Three of them died on the spot, one went crazy after escaping, and the unfortunate unicorns that were caught were turned into a feast called "Blood Feast of the Unicorns."

It didn't want to die. It was still young and hadn't met the pure virgin it liked yet. Even if there was only a little hope, it wanted to stay alive.

"The strength of the God Slaying Sky Sword is needed to escape?" Yun Xi was startled, only then realizing how powerful his opponent in front of him was.

If it wasn't for the rules of this world, and if it wasn't for the effect of Hydera's wine, even the legend-ranked might have been devoured by this Abyssal ruler long ago.

"Yes, the Red Heart Queen's masquerade, a famous phenomenon in Nightmare World," said the sacred unicorn with a mournful face.

How unlucky do you have to be to be chosen by this phenomenon?

It has just reached adulthood, and in the past, the ones captured by the Red Heart Queen's Masquerade were all experienced sacred unicorns who had fought countless battles. It is said that there was even one that was an angel's mount.

It's still so young, why was it suddenly chosen?

"Prince, ride your white horse and invite the queen."

"Only the true prince charming will earn the Queen's approval."

"Quick, ride the white horse."

The teacup soldiers crowded around the sacred unicorn, urging the hesitant pair to hurry and set off.

"Waaaah... I'm going to be stained..." The sacred unicorn sobbed while reluctantly half-kneeling, ready for Yun Xi to mount.

Faced with the unstoppable Nightmare Sovereign, it really had no choice!

"I'm not really a prince charming." Yun Xi shook his head but still climbed on.

"Oh?" The sacred unicorn wore an expression of disbelief as Yun Xi mounted.