Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1244

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Chapter 1244: The White Horse

Originally, it was thought that victory in battle was determined by pouring Hydera's poison wine into the enemy's body, but now it seems that was too naive.

The method derived from Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword is just the key to victory, it doesn't mean that pouring divine era's fine wine guarantees a win.

As for why it is poured with the lips, Yun Xi also wanted to use his hands, but in the end, the only thing that could break through the defense of the Ada's nine-fold whip ring was the head of the faceless god, what could he do?

"Um... gulp..." After spinning many times, the giant in red lifted up their skirt, and their armor transformed into a decoration that resembled a ballroom gown.

"The Queen is hosting a ball!"

"The ball, the ball is about to begin!"

"Where is the prince? Quickly, find the prince!"

"A white horse, a white horse!"

The tea cup soldiers, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, hastily set up the long tables and chairs needed for the ball while continuously summoning new servants.

Soon enough, chefs wearing tall, white hats, with round figures and beards, arrived. They brought in a large quantity of ingredients and started making desserts and fruit platters.

"Present the Queen with a salute of cannons!"

A procession carrying giant cannons over ten meters tall appeared. To the giant in red, these cannons seemed like small toys. But from a human's perspective, they were undeniably large-scale weapons of destruction.




More numerous and complex magical fireworks appeared in the sky than the Underground Cemetery collection. The unidentified procession displayed their firing skills to the fullest, and each cannonball hit with incredible precision.

Five rings.

Six-pointed star.

Twelve zodiac signs.

The unimaginable art of fireworks, performed to perfection by these non-human procession soldiers. It felt as if they had practiced millions of times.

"The white horse, the white horse is here!"

"Huff... drip, drip..." A huge unicorn cried out, its face full of tears and blood as it was pulled out from a door by thousands of tea cup soldiers.

"No, I'm not a horse, I'm a bright unicorn that can only be ridden by pure and beautiful maidens!"

"I'm not a white horse, I will never let any prince ride me!"

"Oh my, you bunch of cursed lackeys, listen when someone speaks!"

The tear-stained complaint was so heart-wrenching, but unfortunately, the tea cup soldiers would not listen to the protests of the white unicorn.

"Who is your master? I am a member of the Western God's Domain Holy Forest Alliance, and I protest..." The white unicorn struggled desperately, trying to break free from the chains that bound it, until it saw the dancing red giant.

In an instant, the sacred unicorn was frozen, as if it had seen the coming of doomsday.

"It is Queen Ada's command that cannot be disobeyed."

"Disobey... death!"

"Praise the great Queen, she is the forever ruler of hearts."

"If you don't listen, I will roast you and eat you."

Many teacup soldiers skillfully put saddles on the frozen white unicorn.

"Oh my... What kind of place is this?"

"Am I in a nightmare? How can I encounter the Queen of Hearts, the ruler of nightmares!" The sacred unicorn cried, even among the old gods, she was one of the most terrifying.

Ada, one of the most fearsome rulers under the chaos lord Naiya, also the ruler of Nightmare World, has the innate power to travel through multiple worlds, symbolized by a heart and an evil eye.

The Queen of Hearts is her title in Nightmare World.

The Lord of the Evil Eye is her title in the Abyss.

She is the only ruler to hold the highest titles in both the "Abyss" and "Nightmare" worlds.

These two worlds are extremely dangerous and frightening worlds.

The Abyss, it contains many evil gods and indescribable creatures, often giving birth to monsters that even the gods fear.

Nightmares are the hidden aspects of countless sentient beings' consciousness, as well as the graves of gods and many great beings, which don't exist in the real world.

Whether it's the "Abyss" or the "Nightmare," there is one common point: once living creatures enter, they are basically unable to return, and even if they do come back, they are usually not the same as before.

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The connection point between the Abyss and the Endless God's Domain is mainly in the southern God's Domain.

Nightmares, on the other hand, are everywhere, an unknowable and unobservable world, with very few living beings appearing in the real world.

Ada is an extremely rare king who holds both the titles of "Abyss" and "Nightmare" rulers.

Legend has it that she possesses two completely different aspects because of this.

In Ada's Abyss form, she takes the form of a giant evil eye.

The Ada with a horrifying appearance transformed into a queen wearing a red queen's dress.

If encountering a Ada in an abyssal state, without the legend-ranked, it is undoubtedly doomed, as the evil-eyed sovereign is one of the most terrifying killers and destroyers in the abyss.

The Ada with a horrifying appearance is just a legend. It is said that everyone who sees this appearance goes mad and becomes a part of the Nightmare World.

"I don't want it! I am still so young and haven't met the pure flower-crowned girl I love!"

"I am not a white horse, you have mistaken me!"

The teacup soldiers suddenly became quiet and stared at the struggling unicorn with cold eyes.

"If you're not a white horse, then you can only be eaten."

"A horse that is not a white horse has no value in attending the banquet."

"What the queen loves is a prince riding a white horse."

The fairy-tale chefs who were making desserts also showed scary smiles.

"We can also make the feast with sacred unicorn's blood."

"The taste... is really good!"

The sacred unicorn shed tears of blood, and lowered his head sadly, raising his hooves.

"I am a white horse... the prince's good partner, a white horse."

Hmm, he seemed to have accepted his fate.

"So, is the prince ready?" After solving the white horse's problem, the teacup soldiers all looked at Yun Xi.

Strange, what exactly happened?

Without understanding that Ada had another side, Yun Xi had a feeling that things had been developing in a completely unfamiliar direction.

"No one can refuse the invitation from Her Majesty the Queen."

"Only the most handsome prince can receive an invitation to the Queen's ball."

"This is the twelfth masquerade ball of the Red Heart Queen, and you are the first white horse prince to be invited."

The teacup soldiers politely arranged the dining table, waiting for the white horse prince to take his seat.

Yun Xi knew he should refuse, but he felt a strange force pulling him towards the enormous table, step by step.

"Let the matchmaking ball of Her Majesty the Queen begin!"