Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1242

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Chapter 1242: Silver and Black (End)


The first punch, with the roaring sound of metal wings behind it, forcefully crashed onto the stacked nine layers of whip circles.

The soft whip circles absorbed the power of the faceless god's punch, causing the spine to deform, and then it voluntarily contracted back.

Yun Xi had just experienced this scene as well.

It seemed like the whip circles were scattered, but in reality, it was not like that at all.

Contracting back was to counterattack better; the force unleashed by the faceless god's punch determined the intensity of the counterattack that would be received later.

However, Yun Xi continued to charge forward and throw a punch!

The second punch!

The faceless god left a charred mark on the ground from its sprint, and the second layer of defense woven by its spine whip was forcefully broken. Two layers of the nine-layer whip circle lost their effectiveness.

The red giant continued to retreat methodically, while not forgetting to swing its spine whip.

Everything is within grasp.

No matter how fierce and powerful you charge, it only makes the counterattack of the whip circle more powerful.

Using your own strength to counterattack yourself is the advanced mastery of the whip's technique.

"Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!" Yun Xi knew he would face the strongest counterattack. The more strength he exerted now, the more powerful the whip circle's rebound would be later.

The Pafu clones let out cries of despair, losing their connections one after another, while new Pafu clones continued to be born, striving to fill the void left by the previous generation's passing.

Green powder sprayed out from the faceless god's nozzle along with white steam, which represented the radiant lives of the Pafu clones.



Punch again!

By exerting its power to the limit, the explosive sound phenomenon behind the Faceless God constantly bursts forth, and each punch heavily strikes the seemingly endless rotating whip circle.

The third level!

The fourth level!

The fifth level!

Just like a complete replay of the previous scene, the Faceless God in the assault revealed its terrifying power and easily shattered more than five layers of whip circles.

It's almost done, should the power have decreased somewhat?

Ada wielded a long spine whip, preparing to perform the skill of "Shock," returning all of Yun Xi's punch force in one breath.

The whip ring, absorbing enough impact, showed signs of slight heat, enough to return Yun Xi's attacks with double the power.

Just like a tightly compressed spring, the greater the pressure it receives, the greater the force it rebounds with.

"And, fourth layer!" Yun Xi clenched his teeth in the face of the faceless god, and the dragon's gem on his chest began to glow.

"Pafu, go all out!" This was a command rarely given by Yun Xi to Pafu, indicating that Pafu needed to make more sacrifices, even risking harm to its own body.

Even with Pafu's special slime constitution, once its life force was completely burned, it would not recover in just one or two days.

When defeating the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, only Pafu's sub-body was burning, and Yun Xi didn't use Pafu's original life force.

Now, he had to gamble everything.

"Pafu!" The green main body of Pafu emerged from Yun Xi's chest, and its body began to split and send more new sub-bodies into the body of the faceless god.

Pafu System entered the highest level of overload mode.

Behind the faceless god, the feathers of the metallic wings shimmered one by one. Those were the Pafu drones sacrificing their lives to generate greater propulsion.

Then, Yun Xi stepped forward.

With the tremendous momentum brought by the wings of the faceless god, Yun Xi struck the final four layers of defense on the Ada Barrier with a weapon more fearsome than a fist and at a faster speed.

Huh, do you still have more strength?

So, do you want to endure a rebound of four hundred percent?

The silver, heavy foot struck the fully charged Ada Barrier three times, effortlessly breaking through three layers of its final defense.

However, this was also the limit. Even with such an unexpected burst of power, the last layer of the Ada Barrier remained unyielding, protecting the red giant. Whether through punches or kicks, it was absolutely impossible to break through this final barrier.

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Furthermore, the red-hot whips along the spine had absorbed enough strength to launch a counterattack of four hundred percent. The next second waiting for the faceless god would be a shockwave strong enough to send him flying.

"And, the final layer!" The Pafu System in Yun Xi's limbs was almost completely destroyed due to overload, so he could only use the metal wings on his back to propel himself and let out a soul-shaking roar, fiercely biting towards the whip circle.

"Zing!" Ada's astonished eyes witnessed the breakthrough of the last layer of defense, as the faceless god rushed to a distance just one step away from the red giant—although it only had a head.

However, what does that matter?

Ada looked at the faceless god, who had seemingly exerted all its strength to charge forward, with confusion.

What can you do in one second?

The power accumulated in the whip circle didn't disappear, and in the next second, a four-hundred-percent counterattack would completely blast the opponent away. So, why would you charge through all defense circles with just a head?

Could it be that you want to bite me?

"Ah woo!" Yun Xi really did it, controlling the head of the faceless god, with all nerves connected to it.

Hands, feet, spine, and all other parts lost connection. Inside, 99% of the Pafu sub-bodies died, leaving only the intact Pafu System in the head.

Opportunity, only once.

The chance to attack the almost unbeatable enemy in front of him probably lasted less than a second.

For this less-than-a-second opportunity, over 90% of the Faceless God's Pafu clones inside died due to overheating, and there will definitely be no next chance.


The forehead of the Faceless God crashed into the forehead of the red giant, and then they bit—or you could say kissed—the lips of the red giant.

Use the designated special item—Hydera the Water God's sake cup!

The fragrant liquid from the lips passed through the lips of the Faceless God and into the lips of the red giant.

Huh, this is—by the time Ada realized that something seemed off, everything had already ended.

The red whip hoop, counterattack shock!

More than four hundred percent of Yun Xi's attack power was reflected onto the faceless god.

A massive shockwave erupted, causing the faceless god to feel as if it had collided with a giant spring, transforming its entire body into a silver line that crashed into the distant mountains.

Unnatural red flushes appeared on the cheeks of the red giant, followed by half-kneeling on the ground, its entire body swaying unsteadily.

The poison wine of the divine era began to take effect.

This was Yun Xi's ultimate strategy - the Hydera's Cup Assault.