Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1239

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Chapter 1239: Silver and Black

"Smack!" "Smack!" "Smack!" "Smack!"

Invisible whip shadows appeared one after another around Yun Xi, occasionally lashing at the body of the faceless god. The red giant wearing high heels elegantly walked and launched a massive attack on Yun Xi.

Unlike Morris, who wasted energy, every step and whip strike of the red giant was filled with beauty, while never wasting even a tiny bit of strength.

The expanding whip circles, not only pleasing to the eye, also restrained and suppressed Yun Xi's [Field].

Within this [Field] constructed by spine whips, the red giant had complete control and despite faceless god having the advantage in power, it was completely suppressed and unable to lift its head.

The continuous whipping didn't have any real power. It was Ada's bad habit, which showed that the fight was completely controlled by the old gods.

The seemingly useless strikes were actually an accumulation process, a complete psychological and physical suppression.

No hero-ranked person could withstand such mental torture. Their willpower would be completely destroyed, it was only a matter of time.

When the time comes, it will be Ada's opportunity to completely defeat Yun Xi, leaving nothing behind.

"No way..." Yun Xi shook his head.

For the first time, in a state of full explosion, he was hit so hard that he became dizzy, even his sense of direction was about to be distorted.

After awakening the essence of the Battle God Genre - the fusion of strength and gentleness, Yun Xi was confident that he had made a qualitative leap in his combat skills.

Although he couldn't compare to his invincible childhood friend, in real battles, he could still hold his own against formidable opponents like Desert Dragon Zaka in its dragon form.

His battles against the black iron giant, Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, and Rift Space Dragon also proved this point, giving him some confidence in himself.

Now his confidence is about to disappear, at least this time his opponent, named "Ada," the red giant, is far superior in skill than him.

After being whipped three times in a row, Yun Xi had to admit that the technique of his opponent wielding the whip was beyond his imagination.

Whether it was the initial "entanglement," the following "strikes," or the just now "flings," they were all superb techniques that Yun Xi had never encountered before, and he couldn't defeat them whether it was a solid or soft body.

Completely controlled, unable to think of a way to break through, thoroughly at a significant disadvantage!

Moreover, this is probably not even the full strength of the opponent, as the spear that almost killed El’phyllis has not been used yet.

Yun Xi doesn't believe that this red giant will be like Morris just now, unable to unleash even the basic power of this terrifying spear.

Desperate, perhaps it is the description of the current situation.

However, Yun Xi will not give up.

"El’phyllis... for you... I will win."

"Regardless of the cost..." the faceless god rose again, even though whipped until his skin was covered in scars, Yun Xi never gave up.

It had nothing to do with the trial of the stars, it was Yun Xi's own will.

Those who hurt El’phyllis will pay in blood.

Morris was crushed, but the true mastermind was still there, right in front of him.




Pafu, located in the gemstone on Yun Xi's chest, nervously informed him that the entire Pafu System had lost one-third of its power.

Ada's three lashes were not ineffective. Whether it was when she tied him with the turtle shell or when she directly whipped him, or even the recent attack, they all had a terrifying force that penetrated the faceless god's defense and injured Yun Xi.

Yun Xi's own willpower can resist the temptation of all abyss whispers, but his body hasn't reached that level yet.

The consecutive lashings indeed hurt Yun Xi and caused him injuries.

On his snowy white skin quietly appeared black whip marks - one on his chest, one on his back, and one on his shoulder. These were Ada's achievements in battle.

One-third of the Pafu System died, even though they sent out the remains of the deceased Pafu entity. The actions of the faceless god were still affected.

Since the appearance of the red giant, Yun Xi hadn't even touched its edges.

The difference in combat power between the two sides was so vast that it couldn't be called a battle anymore, but rather a completely one-sided interrogation.

The spine that was almost completely snapped in Yun Xi's hand had now become his nightmare.

"It's okay... This slight pain... compared to the terror of death, is not worth mentioning at all." Yun Xi comforted the restless Pafu inside the dragon jewel.

In the dark forest, he had faced the extreme cruelty multiplied several times when confronting the almost invincible green-skinned hippo.

Was squashed to death.

Was sat on and crushed by a big bottom.

Was smashed by the huge paw of a hippopotamus.

Was directly eaten by the big mouth of the hippopotamus.

There were too many ways to die, which made Yun Xi feel a certain kind of fate-like, irresistible urge to kill the green-skinned hippo. At the same time, it granted him an extraordinary strong and resilient will that no other disciple of the Battle God Genre had ever possessed.

Only by facing the terrifying aspects of death could he overcome his own fear.

Never give up until the very end!

Will never sacrifice easily before the last moment!

The difference in fighting ability between him and the red giant is far from the difficulty he faced when he was just a second-rate ordinary man using a novice iron sword to challenge the green-skinned hippo.

Even in terms of strength alone, he, the faceless god, may surpass the other.

Is the difference in battle experience and skills?

In terms of battle experience, there may be no solution for now, but as for skills... Yun Xi felt a deep breath as the Pafu sub-bodies inside the faceless god multiplied again.


Even though he cannot temporarily use the unique seed system of the Starchild and the Starwings, the permanent God Weapon, because of the incorporation of about one-fifth of the Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel's flesh, he still has his own trump card.

Divine Sword Skill, this is Yun Xi's strongest power apart from the Starwings, which may bring great disaster.

Even though he currently doesn't have a sword in his hand, he cannot display the flying Sky Flying Sword.

However, another Divine Sword Skill doesn't require a sword in hand and can be used. This Divine Sword Skill doesn't require a God Weapon, but instead uses one's own wisdom and imagination to create a sword that opens the door to victory.

It exists and yet doesn't exist.

It feels close, yet seems far away.

It is there, but not there.

It has driven countless scholars and even gods crazy, suspecting it as the mastermind behind this world.

Graceful and mysterious.

It brings luck to oneself and misfortune to opponents.

This is the cute and mysterious little creature that Yun Xi wants to summon.


Come here, cat.

Open for me, the door to infinite dimensions.

Yun Hai’s Quadrant Sword!