Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1235

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Chapter 1235: Silver and Black

Different, completely different!

Compared to the half-humanoid monster who called himself Morris just now, this voice didn't feel like it belonged to the same world as Yun Xi.

That deep voice spread out as though it came directly from the deepest part of the world, giving Yun Xi the illusion that the owner of the voice was speaking to him from millions of miles away.

No, perhaps even farther, Yun Xi couldn't hear which direction the voice came from at all.

"Do you want... power?" A certain ominous atmosphere began to envelop Yun Xi, and he felt a sense of familiarity with this feeling.

In Primitive DragonHua Huo's world, he had heard similar whispers more than once, tempting him into an indescribable realm.

"No need."

Yun Xi cleanly rejected the temptation from the abyss because he knew full well that his most fearsome enemies resided in that abyss, and there were more than one.

The two masters of the dark abyss, the chaotic deity Naiya and the God of Impossibility, void (Endynis), were both his ex-girlfriends who had cursed him without hesitation.

Regarding them, Yun Xi knew almost nothing except that they were the rulers of the seven towers and there was no more information available.

Compared to Supreme Dragon God Asha, the ruler of the Northern God's Domain, and Ionia, the ruler of the multicolored realms of the Western God's Domain, the creators of the two dark factions, they were undeniably the most dangerous beings in the entire Endless God's Domain.

So it's impossible to go to the abyss, not in this lifetime, even if you run away, you have to choose a remote God's Domain without your ex-girlfriend.

"Huh..." The language of the ancient gods started to tempt one of Yun Xi's wills into self-doubt.

Is it possible that this entry of the language of the ancient gods has become ineffective?

Clearly, for all living beings in the Endless God's Domain, this phrase "Do you want power?" is almost a universal key, the best and most useful keyword.

Ambitious like Morris, after coming into contact with knowledge and power beyond human capabilities, he instantly fell into corruption.

With great talent, like Ludwig XII, he only barely suppressed his impulses, preparing to exchange for even more powerful abilities.

For ordinary people, and even most hero-ranked individuals, it's almost impossible to resist the temptation of the abyss.

It is an extraordinary power that can't be refused, both physically and mentally. The old gods are well aware that if they don't play by the rules, their child won't be able to catch the wolf. The power they bring forth is all genuine and valuable.

Just like what Morris desires, he gained an incredibly powerful sense of spiritual influence, to the point where the power of the abyss even eroded his unforgettable Black King, giving birth to the Black God Order.

His body broke through the limits between mortals and hero-ranked with unstoppable force.

His mental powers were even more than ten times stronger than a normal hero-ranked, which is why he had such powerful speaking and guiding abilities.

It can be said that everything Morris desired was given to him by the abyss, which is why he was so devoted and fanatically believed in the will of the abyss.

"Do you want to... become a deity?" This time, Ada of the abyssal will changed a key phrase.

Even for the ancient gods in the abyss who occupy a position as ruler, this promise is rarely made.

Deities, the legend-ranked, are also very special beings, one of the most perfect beings known to humans, eternal and immortal, as long as someone believes, they will not perish.

They feed on faith, and by constantly spreading their own faith, they can infinitely increase their power. They are miracles with unlimited possibilities.

After the Twilight War of the Gods, most of the ancient innate deities fell, and the new generations of deities took over the legacy of the previous generation, raising their own divine thrones in the starry sky.

Ascend into divinity, this is the easiest method for humanity's wisdom to reach the legend-ranked.

Even if someone is unknown at first, as long as they obtain the inheritance of the gods, they can create their own legend. With a large number of followers, they can bridge the gap between the hero-ranked and the legend-ranked, like reaching the sky in one step.

However, the inheritance of the gods, which are the fragments left behind by the departed gods, is very limited. Only by collecting more than fifty percent of the fragments from the fallen gods can one inherit the god's name and plan their path to godhood.

In a way, these new generation gods have actually merged with the ancient gods.

The ancient gods, who have passed away, are once again present in the world in this way, while the sentient beings who cannot enter the legend-ranked achieve eternity through this kind of exchange-like method.

As for whether the deceased gods can truly return to the mortal realm again, that is something that will not be known until many ages later. At least for now, the new generation gods in the Endless God's Domain believe that this is their era.

The problem is that it is extremely difficult to find the fragments of the departed gods. These fragments, which scattered after the gods' downfall, could exist in any form within the starry sky.

Some fragments have turned into a single blade of grass on the green prairie.

Other fragments have integrated into God Weapons, which are already related to legends of the gods.

And some fragments have even become poems in the great library.

The gods themselves are legends at the top of miracles, immortal and indestructible. Even the fragments after their demise have incredible powers and can even develop their own consciousness over a long period of time.

The process of collecting over fifty percent of the lost god's fragments often accompanies bloody battles and wars that last for hundreds or even thousands of years. Many kings claim to be the rightful heirs of this god, the true successors.

Throughout history, wars have been waged over the fragments of the gods, destroying more than one God's Domain.

Providing fragments of the gods is also one of the biggest chips that the will of the abyss can offer. Even the Abyss Sovereign loves this treasure.

"No!" Yun Xi shook his head without hesitation.

He wished there were more involvement with gods and such.

Now he carries the curse (blessing) of the two most powerful Creator Gods of the Endless God's Domain on his back.

One of the curses comes from the Supreme Dragon God Asha, and he took the initiative to suppress three of his former girlfriends.

"Truly... amazing..." Deep within the abyss, appreciates Yun Xi's unwavering determination.

Being able to resist the temptation of becoming a deity, without any doubt or wavering, represents immense strength and unwavering self-will.

This kind of will would not choose a shortcut that requires the inheritance of a deity.

Because such a perfect soul can create miracles that go beyond that.

Not a deity, but possessing a higher legendary status than a deity, just like "BattleGod" in the Battle God's Grand Martial Arts Tournament.

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For the abyss, this is an incredibly rare talent.

"So... let me devour you."

Ada said.