Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1234

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Chapter 1234: Silver and Black

Even after being separated from the Black King, this black spine didn't lose its vitality. It trembled and contorted in the hands of the faceless god, resembling a creepy black centipede.

In the middle of the spine, there is a flesh-like tissue similar to a brain. This tissue has replaced the original cockpit of the Black King, covering the skeleton with massive black tendrils, transforming the scientific super weapon into its current twisted monster form.

Morris' true form is located inside this brain-like tissue, clearly visible to Yun Xi.

Did this guy sneak up on El’phyllis?

Yun Xi looked at the half-human, half-monster creature struggling inside the pool of poison. Its facial features were no longer human-like, and its opened mouth resembled a split flower petal.

Apart from the upper body, which still vaguely resembled a human shape, the lower half of this monster had completely transformed into tentacles resembling deep-sea acid-jelly squid. Yun Xi had forcefully torn off a large portion of them, but the severed parts were rapidly regenerating, indicating that it wouldn't take long to repair itself.

This strong life force doesn't look human at all, but it is very similar to some special abyssal races in the memories of the Seed of the Battle God.

Despite having its spine and core taken out, the tattered black tyrant is still full of vitality. Even when stepped on by Yun Xi, it continues to struggle with all its might, although this instinctive struggle is ineffective.




Inside the poison pool, Morris opens his mouth like a flower and emits a hysterical shout, calling out to the abyssal will he believes in.

"Ada... what is that?" Yun Xi lifts up the still struggling, contorted black spine and grabs onto the suspicious entity with a humanoid body.

"Smack!" "Smack!" "Smack!" The tail end of the spine keeps hitting the arm of the faceless god, still making its final desperate struggle.

"Let go of me!"

"You are looking for a way to die!"

Sensing something, Morris's voice became panicked.

Impossible! How could Morris, on the stage he prepared for himself, be defeated and concluded in such a completely overwhelming way!

He is the great Apostle of the Abyss, the creator of the Black God Order, destined to pull this world into the depths of the abyss!

For the first time, he regretted it, jumping to the forefront so quickly, facing this terrifying silver-white giant in front of him.

From the information he had collected about this silver-white giant, the abyssal-blackened Black Overlord should have a power that surpasses this suspected divine era weapon.

He only guessed half-right, the fully abyssal-blackened Black Overlord indeed had a power surpassing the silver-white giant. At least in terms of pure destructive force, even Yun Xi couldn't meet the Black Overlord's Super Overlord Fist.

The problem is, the gap in skill level between the two sides is too big.

As the ruler of the Black Overlord, Morris was just an elite who was a normal magic armored knight not long ago. In this world, his combat skill level is already top-notch, being praised as a super expert of the Leviathan Empire magic armor division.

In a one-on-one battle, even facing a knight with the title of "titled machine level hero-ranked," Morris, who has obtained the power of the abyss, still has overwhelming advantages.

However, his opponent is Yun Xi, who has experienced the nightmare difficulty Starchild trials.

In the Water God's World, he has directly faced Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword.

In the Dragon World, he has challenged four Zaka and the Primitive Dragon Hua Huo.

In the White Lotus Secret Treasure World, he even fought against the Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel possessed by the Supreme Dragon God Asha's will.

Having experienced battles at the legend-ranked level like this, Yun Xi's combat awareness has long reached a level that not even Casina the Battle God could estimate. Combining strength and flexibility is not a challenge for him. Even unarmed, he can defeat a dozen Morris-like abyss apostles.

Yun Xi, who has always regarded his genius childhood sweetheart as his goal, has long surpassed the limits of the human race by countless times. He has entered even the Endless God's Domain and is part of the highest level group among those monstrous races.

For these races, simply growing up naturally would make them hero-ranked creatures, and the strongest individuals among them would deliberately keep surpassing their racial limits before reaching hero-ranked, preparing for the future legend-ranked.

At this moment, Yun Xi is also walking on this path, the path of surpassing with Hua Huo as his goal.

Chasing after a monster-like childhood friend, Yun Xi also transformed into a monster, a presence that made people doubt their own eyes and trampled on common sense.

Morris, whose vision was limited to Sia's world, could not even imagine the level of the top monsters in Endless God's Domain.

"Let go of you?" Yun Xi's gaze became extremely cold and merciless.

Letting the one who attacked El’phyllis go, causing El’phyllis such pain?

The pain you made El’phyllis feel, I will return it a hundredfold, a thousandfold!

No matter who you are, where you come from, there is only one outcome.

Feel the agony!

The right hand of the faceless god gradually exerted force, compressing the brain-like flesh and blood tissue, giving a sensation similar to squeezing a plastic bubble.

This brain-like flesh and blood tissue is even tougher than it looks, if not for the power borrowed from the faceless god, perhaps Yun Xi's own physical strength alone would not be enough to kill it.

However, it's okay this way. Yun Xi wants to make sure that the monster who attacked El’phyllis feels what real fear is!

"Ah ah ah ah ah!"

"I curse you!"

"I curse you, monster! You will have a terrible fate!"

"The great Ada will avenge me!"

"One day, I will bring back Su from the depths!"

As if the end of the world had come, Morris unleashed a crazy curse, and his body turned a disgusting blackish-purple color.


Like a popped plastic bubble, the flesh that enveloped Morris's true form was brutally squeezed by the faceless god.

A lot of black poison dripped onto the silver-white hand of the faceless god, releasing a strong smell. Inside Morris, it turned into a pile of gooey liquid.

Morris, an ambitious apostle of the abyss, created the Black God Order, an organization that believed in the old gods in this world. But he was crushed like an ant by the faceless god.


"Weak and powerless..."

"Being small... really can't be changed..."

A disappointed whisper came from an unknown source, echoing through the decaying flesh and making Yun Xi feel a chill down his spine.