Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1232

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Chapter 1232: Silver and Black


The Pafu System, which expelled the damaged bodies, quickly entered an explosive state. A large amount of white steam emerged behind the faceless god, symbolizing that the Pafu System had activated the highest level of overload state.

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The black tyrant began to charge.

On the eighteen-meter-long black electric spear, the twisted lump of flesh kept wriggling, releasing an ominous aura like a nightmare.

Morris felt better than ever before after abandoning his human form and realizing how useful and convenient his tentacles were.

All the neural connections inside the Black King were replaced by the split tentacles, allowing him to truly control and manipulate the Black King as he pleased.




Running at high speed, the sprint caused a series of sonic booms. Several seven-meter-tall magic armors from the Leviathan World Group were crushed by the shockwaves created by the Black King's running, scattering steel fragments like pieces of paper in a storm.

Weak, too weak.

He used to think that magic armors were the strongest power in the world, but now he finds it laughable.

Now, with a single shot, he can shatter three titled machines, and this power continues to grow endlessly.

At this moment, he wasn't alone in battle. He had the great Ada's will supporting him from behind.

Look, the powerful figure, the black king who rules over all!

The front end of the black electric spear, shaped like an armor-piercing cone, touched something that was blocking it, and then pierced through like popping a balloon.

"Bang!" A massive explosion caused Morris to momentarily stop his charge.

In that instant, the faceless god invaded the black king's embrace.

Yun Xi held onto the black king's shoulder with one hand, while the other hand grasped the black electric spear, which was releasing electric currents and high temperatures.

Empty-handed combat was a lesson that the empire's knights would never learn in their lifetime. The magic armored knights who were invincible on the battlefield would learn tactics of tearing apart their enemies with steam spears like a torrential rain from a distance, or the art of killing opponents up close with heavy weapons.

Fighting empty-handed at close range was meaningless for magic armor; the key was to make good use of the powerful armament system of the magic armor.

However, Yun Xi was not a knight of magic armor, and the faceless god was not a weapon of scientific nature.

The Pafu System connects Yun Xi's fighting awareness with the body of the faceless god.

For Yun Xi, the faceless god is a part of himself. Whatever the faceless god can do, Yun Xi can naturally do.

As the divine vessel, the faceless god exists and will not break no matter how Yun Xi uses it. In fact, Yun Xi cannot unleash the true power of the faceless god.

However, even if Yun Xi cannot fully unleash the true form of the divine vessel and only uses basic punches and kicks, it is enough for him.

Because he is a disciple of the Battle God Genre, personally taught by Casina the Battle God and bestowed with the true teachings of the Seed of the Battle God.

Yun Xi doesn't know how to use a long spear or aim for headshots from a distance.

But in one-on-one close combat, even against opponents several times his size, Yun Xi is undoubtedly the king of kings.

Faced with the head-on charge of the Black Overlord, Yun Xi simply throws a punch with explosive force, grasps the momentary pause of the opponent, and charges into their embrace.

Then, he performs the crushing technique of the Soft Body.

"Crack!" The Black Tyrant's joints made a sound as they couldn't bear the weight anymore. Morris screamed in agony as he saw his arm bend at a ninety-degree angle. Before he could react, the Black Tyrant was tripped by Yun Xi and fell to the ground.

Even the sharpest weapon is useless if it can't hit its target.

The Black Electric Lance, fueled by the power of the abyss, hadn't had a chance to unleash its true strength before Yun Xi disarmed Morris.

Morris had never seen this unarmed blade technique in his entire life. As an imperial knight, he had never been taught the skill of disarming opponents with heavy weapons. It simply didn't exist in his education in Sia's world.

"Snap!" Yun Xi continued exerting force, breaking the Black Tyrant's joints. In one fluid motion, he tore off the connected portion of the arm.

Just like that, one of the Black Tyrant's hands was seemingly effortlessly torn off by Yun Xi. It didn't appear any more challenging than ripping off a doll's arm.

The severed part revealed a thick, corrosive black blood that instantly turned the ground beneath it into a pool of poison. It was proof of Morris's dark transformation.

Morris, who had lost a significant amount of blood, felt dizzy for a moment but quickly reacted.

"Grant me strength, Ada!"

He easily took off one of his hands with a single movement, showing the incredible resilience possessed by the abyss monsters. His remaining hand suddenly swelled to three times its original size and unleashed a devastating punch against Yun Xi.

This punch lacked any technique, and even the angle of the strike was incorrect. It can be said that it defies all scientific principles.

Just as Yun Xi was about to disrupt the balance of the Black Overlord, he suddenly leaped back and gave up on the pursuit.

The dark heavy blow grazed the side of the faceless god, causing a shockwave that completely shattered the mountains several kilometers away, leaving a deep crevice on the ground.

In a state of extreme madness, Morris, who knew no pain, zealously charged towards Yun Xi once again, shouting, "Long live Ada!"

On his right hand, which had swollen three times its size, black patterns started spreading, giving the unreleased punch a deeply suppressed aura.

In terms of combat skills, Morris was clearly not a match for Yun Xi. However, with the power of the abyss coursing through him, he felt no fear and disregarded his own injuries.

The hand that Yun Xi dislodged was left untouched, and the terrifyingly powerful black electric lance lay abandoned on the ground, completely forgotten by its owner.




With the great power of Ada, any opponent is insignificant. Just crush them all!

In the face of absolute power, all techniques are a joke. This is Morris's confidence.

"Pafu, get ready!"

Yun Xi struck a pose, with his left hand forward, slightly crouched legs, and his right hand parallel to his shoulder.

"Die! Die! Die!"

With an inhuman roar, Morris released his strongest attack ever since he was born.