Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1231

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Chapter 1231: Opening

The Black Overlord at this moment almost lost its outline of magic armor, transforming into a real black monster.

This is the essence of the abyss, where things like science are nonexistent for even the most mysterious and indescribable creatures.

With the support of the ancient powers of the old gods, thousands of kilometers away, the Black Overlord, strengthened by the primeval sea power of this world, has already transformed into a war weapon of the abyss.

In a sense, this is also a rematch between Sia and Leviathan.

The Black Overlord, infused with the power of the Leviathan's remains, as the container of the faceless god, Sia.

A giant in silver.

The Overlord in black.

Before Babylon Sky Tower, two massive creatures of similar size were destined to engage in a battle of life and death.

"Oh oh oh oh oh oh!"

"I feel it, this is power, the great Ada has bestowed upon me the power!"

"The human body is simply not worthy of possessing such power." Morris, who gradually merged with the Black Overlord, felt an unprecedented satisfaction.

The ambition as a human knight, the domination of the Black Overlord, compared to the current satisfaction, is simply not worth mentioning.

This is the true pleasure of glimpsing the world's truth, the path of corrupting the world's rules with the power of the abyss.

"I, Morris, will kill all the disobedient today."

"Everyone, kneel before me!" Morris, holding an eighteen-meter-long, connected abyss spear after the mutation, exudes a murderous aura and seems to be ready to launch a massive slaughter at any moment.

All the pain, the madness of losing what represents dignity, now turns into combat power.

This is also one of the characteristics of the ancient gods of the abyss. The more insane they become, the more powerful they are, even causing all the sentient beings around them to lose their sanity.

"Retreat!" The representatives of different countries who were gathered in front of Babylon Sky Tower, led by Meross, Heidi, and Saramanda from the Leviathan faction, started to quickly retreat from the battlefield.

On the other hand, from several tens of kilometers away, the followers of the Black God Order drove out of the underground caves in black magic armor that was not even recorded in the Leviathan Empire's records.

Their only command, given by Morris, was to defeat all the representatives of the continents and make the new Leviathan Empire the ruler of the land.

Ludwig XII looked at the crazed Morris, particles of darkness swirling in his eyes, and finally left the battlefield together with Imperial Sage Poincaré.

This stage was prepared for two monsters.

In Ludwig XII's eyes, whether it was the guardian deity of the Sia Kingdom or the Abyss Apostle of the Black God Order, they were all the same kind of beings.

They had no understanding of the bigger picture, blindly acting without thought due to their powerful force. How foolish they were!

However, as he looked at the black overlord under Morris' control, a subtle desire arose in Ludwig XII's heart.

Can he fully harness such power?

"Want power?" whispered the abyss in Ludwig XII's ear.

Ludwig XII hesitated for a moment, then firmly shook his head.

"This power that makes you lose control... I don't want it."

What he needed was a power he could control, not like Morris, who seemed to have become a complete monster, lost in power.

This was the difference in education and perspective. Both were hosts of the abyss power, but Morris had given up everything early on, becoming obsessed with the immense power of the abyss.

On the other hand, Ludwig XII had witnessed the terrifying aspects of the abyss power, acknowledging its strength, yet still able to keep his sanity.

They both felt jealousy and dissatisfaction in many ways, but their choices were completely different.

Morris completely embraced the side of the abyss, willingly becoming its disciple, fulfilling his mission at any cost.

Ludwig XII, on the other hand, cautiously collaborated with the Black God Order, allowing them to spread while observing the effects caused by the power of the abyss.

This is the difference between Morris, the second son of a noble family, and the Imperial Emperor. Even though Ludwig XII has seen the terrifying power of the abyss, he still won't bet everything on the Black God Order.

The power of the Black God Order must be used and the scientific path cannot be abandoned. We must do both, and not put all our eggs in one basket.

Looking at it from a different perspective, when there is no choice but to use the power of the abyss, Ludwig XII will be able to gain more than Morris.

"Oh... so what you want is more?"

"Yes, this kind of power is not suitable for me. I am not a berserker," Ludwig XII disdainfully looked at the black monster standing over 40 meters tall.

To become like this and still feel good about himself, Morris is too young.

"Then... your wish will be granted..." The whisper of the abyss temporarily disappeared from Ludwig XII's ears, as the stage where the fate of the world is decided has already begun.

"It seems that the Black God Order is not living up to its potential..." Allowing the Black God Order to grow is a risky move, and Ludwig XII is the one playing the chess game.

Now, the game has reached a critical point of intense battle. If we consider the Leviathan Empire as the black side, the Underground Cemetery, representing the white side, has already been dealt a fatal blow by the Black God Order and is on the brink of collapse.

"Kill you to worship the great Ada!"

"In this world... no one can stop Ada's will." Morris raised his black electric spear and targeted the heart of the faceless god.

"Once this spear strikes, you will die!" Compared to the previous strike, Morris felt more confident this time, because this was vengeance from the abyss.

The immense aura of the abyss covered the heavily assembled spear, and a black magic eye symbol appeared on the head of the faceless god.

Previously, this symbol appeared on El’phyllis's head, declaring her death.

Now, the same thing was about to happen again, and this time, the power behind the charged attack was ten times stronger than before!

On the ground, Yun Xi's heart was pounding fiercely.

"Pafu, are you ready?"

Merely returning a spear would not quell the burning desire to kill in Yun Xi's heart at this moment.

Crush, tear apart, and even "eat up", since the beginning of the Star Trial, Yun Xi has never had such a clear desire to destroy and kill such a target.


Just now, Pafu's body was burned and shocked by the black electric spear and was expelled from the body of the faceless god.

All the newly added Pafu bodies have finished replenishing and have developed a higher resistance to high temperatures and electric currents due to their extremely cruel treatment.