Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1230

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Chapter 1230: Mutation

The long black spear is ten meters long and made up of two parts. The spear body, about six meters long, has a dark shimmer.

The front part of the spear is in a conical shape, resembling a penetration structure.

Among them, the tip of the spear exceeds two meters and becomes smaller as it gets closer to the front. When it reaches the last half meter, it becomes so tiny that it can almost instantaneously pierce through any known material defense in the world, too small to be seen with the naked eye.

This is also why, although El’phyllis was pierced by this black long gun, the wound on her chest was not very large.

The black armor she wore was made of bone, infused with the power of the Netherworld. It also had multiple shields attached to it, but it still couldn't withstand the penetration of this black electrified long spear with abyssal power.

From locking onto her heart to piercing through all defenses, pinning El’phyllis to the Babylon Sky Tower, it took less than two seconds.

In this amount of time, a normal mage wouldn't even be able to cast a decent spell, but El’phyllis had already activated a defensive sequence of over five layers.

If her opponent wasn't an incarnation of the will from the abyss, and hadn't drawn upon the power of the primeval sea in this world, it would probably have been possible for El’phyllis to defend against Morris' deadly ambush.

It was only when Morris himself was pierced by the black long spear that he personally experienced the terrifying lethality of this abyssal black gun, which had been modified by Ada.

The black king's armor, which had turned into an abyss-like material, was unable to escape the fate of being pierced and torn apart. In an instant, it was shattered, bringing Morris, who was inside the cockpit at the heart position, with it, reduced to ashes.

The extremely sharp armor-piercing tip, like a nail, penetrated into the black king's body. Unlike the petite El’phyllis, the black king didn't have multiple shields, natural protection, and the ultimate defense of a refrigerator.

This single strike blew off half of Morris' body, mainly the lower half.

"What is this...?" Morris looked at his completely evaporated lower body, now only holding a gigantic spear that had pierced through.

His legs, waist, and a certain important part were instantly evaporated by this strike, and the high temperature and electrical charge lingering on the black electric spear easily destroyed everything.



Massive electrical currents raced within the black king, although most of the power was absorbed by the black king, the remaining part allowed Morris to truly experience the sensation of a million volts.

"No... no!" Morris let out a miserable shout, unable to believe that he had been defeated like this.

The battle hadn't even started yet, when he proudly shouted out his well-prepared slogan to challenge the silver-white giant. But in a blink of an eye, he was struck down by a black electric spear thrown by the opponent, losing his lower body.

"Are you kidding me?!"

"How could I lose? I am a disciple of the Abyss, Morris!" Looking at his only half of a body left, Morris went mad.

A large amount of black mist leaked out from his body, then began to shape his lower half.

Such an injury would have been fatal for a human, but Morris, as a disciple of the Abyss, believed he still had hope.

As long as he believed in the great Ada, even if he died and came back to life, it wouldn't be impossible. Losing his lower body was nothing to fear.

As Morris hoped, his lost lower body gradually grew back, but it didn't look the way he imagined.

Instead of his original legs, he now had four tentacle-like limbs covered in black suckers, resembling the skin of deep-sea eels.

This wasn't a human's lower body, but the lower body of a disciple of the Abyss, or rather, how Morris originally looked after being completely eroded by the power of the Abyss.

" it like this?"

"I...can't be a person anymore..."

Seeing his lower body grow back, Morris' eyes became even more crazy, and he almost lost his sanity.

Strangely, there wasn't much sense of loss, just a feeling that it was always this way, this is actually his true appearance.

The black tentacles extended, skillfully replacing Morris' original legs, and began to connect to the black tyrant for self-repair.

Not only that, Morris' upper body, which he had maintained in a human posture, also began to gradually deform, smoothly growing small flesh tendrils, the muscles' texture became even tougher, and even the blood changed color to ink.

Yun Xi's shot pierced through the last remaining human semblance of Morris.

From the day he accepted Ada's power, abandoning his human position, and willing to get the power of the abyss at any cost, this was the destined outcome.

The whispers of the abyss constantly entangled his ears, step by step pulling this elite knight of the empire into another dimension.

At this moment, this posture is the most common posture of the lower abyss apostles. In the past, the deep-sea race believed in the old gods because their appearance completely matched their aesthetic views.

A divine being with tentacles is the most perfect divine being.




The steel armor on the outside of the Black King began to detach, revealing its inner body entangled with countless black flesh.

Leviathan's strongest scientific single soldier weapon is completely abandoning its "scientific" part and evolving towards a darker and scarier direction.

"This is not the Black King... The mechanical model is too terrible..." Poincaré shook his head witnessing the mutation of the Black King.

The ideal Black King is a powerful titled machine with high defense and explosive power, and the most important characteristic is its ability to match various scientific side weapons.

Including the small spiral electromagnetic cannon being researched, the Type III Fairy Dragon Light Cannon, and the codename weapons in the developmental stage, these are the weapons that are being prepared to be equipped on the Black Overlord in the future, symbolizing the pinnacle of scientific wisdom in this world.

The current Black Overlord has obviously been occupied by something, completely losing its original form, even twisting its basic framework and increasing in size several times.

This kind of Black Overlord may possess more powerful strength, but it has completely lost its balance and become an uncontrollable monster.

"Um... Ahhhhh!"

"It hurts, it hurts!" Morris shook his head. The cockpit of the original Black Overlord had been completely dissolved by the black venom, and now he was immersed in this black poison pool, which was like a deep-sea high-pressure environment.

As for his lower body, who knows where it went a long time ago. Huge tentacles grew out from under him and behind him, then they became a part of the Black Overlord and connected to the twisted and deformed Black Overlord.

The two black electric long guns were also entangled by countless black tentacles and forcefully spliced together in the middle, forming an ultra-heavy long spear with piercing tips on both ends.