Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1229

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Chapter 1229: Spear for Spear

Killing intent!

In all the star trials he had undertaken, Yun Xi rarely truly wanted to kill anyone.

Even when the green-skinned hippo from the dark forest nearly drove him to the brink of a mental breakdown, his thoughts were more focused on "winning" rather than "killing".

Before awakening the memories of the star group, he was just an ordinary bread baker in a small town, with the biggest wish of marrying his childhood sweetheart and leading a simple life.

Even though he had started the star trials and constantly pushed himself to the limit to avoid being pursued by his terrifying ex-girlfriends, he rarely felt the urge to kill his enemies.

However, this time was an exception.

Witnessing El’phyllis, the gentle girl he had admired, being pierced and pinned to a tower by a black spear, an uncontrollable desire to kill began to surge within Yun Xi.

He would never kill someone without a reason, but now he wants to kill.

No, he will definitely kill.

"El’phyllis... I'm sorry..." the faceless god reached out its big hand and grabbed the black electric spear stuck in El’phyllis's heart.

The black electric spear, corrupted by the power of the abyss, released a massive current that could barbecue even a giant statue, but Yun Xi's hand, perfectly synchronized with the faceless god, didn't tremble at all.

Doesn't it hurt?

It does, the black current with the power of the abyss did indeed damage the Pafu System on the arm of the faceless god, causing Yun Xi to feel a sharp pain, as if his muscles were being torn apart.

But compared to the pain El’phyllis has experienced, it's insignificant.

The pain he is currently experiencing is not even one percent of what El’phyllis has endured.



The electrical attack didn't have the desired effect. The black electric spear began to heat up, and a terrifying wave of heat engulfed the right hand of the faceless god, causing one-tenth of Pafu's body to be in a state of near-death.

Yun Xi still didn't let go. He grabbed the tower with his other hand and pulled hard!

"Take that!" Countless fragments of ice flew around as the black spear tip that had pierced El’phyllis's heart was forcibly pulled out by the faceless god.

This is also related to the ability of the "refrigerator," which is the absolute zero temperature barrier. The black electric spear, with the curse of the abyss, was pulled out of the refrigerator by the power of the faceless god in its static state of absolute zero.

The cracks left by the black spear on the surface of the refrigerator were quickly filled with freezing air, and then closed.

El’phyllis, sleeping in the refrigerator, apart from the shocking wound on her chest, looked as if she was just sleeping.

"Have a good sleep."

"No matter what it takes, I will save you." Yun Xi reached out and grabbed the ice block, which was as tall as the two of them, and held it against his chest. Pafu voluntarily opened the chest armor of the faceless god and stored the frozen El’phyllis inside.

Originally, there was only a big block of ice in Yun Xi's core area.

The curious Pafu System connected to this big block of ice and seemed to make a huge discovery, transmitting excitement to Yun Xi.

Pafu told Yun Xi that this huge block of ice, which was at absolute zero, could be used as a cooling system for the faceless god.

Compared to the ice ball created by the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, which could only withstand attacks from the legend-ranked, this absolute zero freezer effect was several levels better.

The ice ball created by the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast was not long-lasting and required a continuous supply of magic power from the beast itself.

On the other hand, the freezer at absolute zero had a unique magic circulation system and could theoretically maintain this state for thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

This was not a hero-ranked ability, but a precious life-saving skill derived from the existence of the legend-ranked called [Field].

It could be said that in the entire world of Sia, there was no other treasure as powerful as this, almost like a half eternal freezing mechanism.

"Understood," Yun Xi looked at El’phyllis, who was sleeping behind him, with gentle eyes, but his pupils began to reveal endless killing intent.

"Hahaha, the Underground Cemetery and ancient weapons are all in the past!"

"Now, it's the era of the Black God Order, the ruler of darkness!"

"The brand-new Leviathan Empire is about to rise to the top of the world!"

Morris's wild laughter echoed in the sky above the Babylon Sky Tower, and he truly had the qualifications to laugh like that.

The most powerful four ancient weapons of the Underground Cemetery.

The black iron giant fell into a state of "fear" and "astonishment," abandoning the fight.

The Emerald Sea Dragon Beast fell into a state of "drowning" and "abyss," unable to continue fighting.

The Opera House Phantom escaped from the battle and disappeared.

The Rift Space Dragon could only rely on its speed and six dark fairy cannons to keep fighting, defeat was just a matter of time.

The most important thing is that the strongest hero of the divine era in the whole Underground Cemetery, recognized by the world rules as the King of Undead, was hit by a deadly blow.

Now, the only one who still has complete fighting power is the silver giant from the Sia Kingdom, also known as the faceless god.

This is not a coincidence, but Morris purposely left this opponent.

He wants to prove to the whole world that as a apostle of the abyss, he has the power to suppress the entire world.

The Guardian of the Sia Kingdom is the stepping stone he prepared for himself.

Even the mighty King of Undead from the Underground Cemetery, he was nailed to death with just one abyssal projection, without leaving behind a toy to play with. It would be a waste if he didn't take advantage of the Black King.

The collision of steel and steel.

The bloody battle between giants.

It's not about deciding the fate of the world with weak and powerless spellcasters like the King of Undead, but about the victory or defeat between two super weapons of war. This is the summit battle that determines the fate of the world.

The silver giant defeated the black iron giant, the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, and even the legendary Rift Space Dragon. Only opponents like these are worthy of his title as the strongest.

By shooting the King of Undead and defeating the silver mysterious giant head-on, Morris set the perfect stage for himself in a script called "The Day of Darkness."

Today, he is the protagonist of this world!

He has waited too long for this moment, a moment destined to be recorded in world history.

"I'll give you three moves..."

Morris proudly raised his black electric spear and aimed it at the faceless god who had turned around.

"Crack!" The sound of armor breaking suddenly rang in Morris's ears. Surprised, he lowered his head and saw a black spear piercing through his body.

Why does this spear look so familiar?