Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1228

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Chapter 1228: Desperation and Anger

Dad, did you come to pick me up?

The person in the painting is her dad, the king of this country, and one of the most powerful wizards on the continent.

"Come over here."

"Your life has been prepared for this day, my child."

The king, wearing a magical robe, smiled and showed a gentle gaze to his daughter.

"You were created by me, the most suitable sacrifice."

"My best masterpiece."

"All the preparations are for the end."

"All the long-awaited reunions are destined."

"I have been waiting for this day for too long."

"I'm sorry, but now I have to use your body and soul as payment in a trade with the Netherworld."

Behind him, a huge magical formation with mysterious patterns emerged. In the center of that formation were all the fallen leaves from the princess's crayon drawing.

Those leaves represent the princess's life and soul.

Without saying more, the princess understood why she got sick and why her drawings had changed like that.

"Daddy, I love you the most."

The little princess closed her eyes, tears trickling down her face.

Father, have I completed my mission?

As the chosen sacrifice.


No, it's not like that, it's a lie, a lie!

My dear father, the most perfect and remarkable king in the world, the best dad ever!

Princess Passed refused to accept this reality, to believe in this ending. Even though she was created and sacrificed by the king of Netherworld himself, she refused to believe it.

So, she sealed away this memory, hiding the truth deep inside her heart, creating an illusion.

She regarded the King of Undead, who had been defeated, as her own father and believed that she hadn't died, but had become a powerful weapon to fight alongside her father.

She is a princess who is no longer with us, the soul core of the black iron giant.

She is fearless, even tearing apart dragons as her opponents!

Attack, black iron giant.

As the Passed Princess, she sweeps away all opponents!

Why does it have to remind her?

Why is this considered the so-called truth?

No, she doesn't want this kind of truth, she doesn't want this kind of answer.

Instead of accepting this fate, acknowledging being betrayed by the person she values the most, and facing the ending of being killed, she would rather have the illusion she created for herself.

The King of Undead in the Underground Cemetery is her esteemed father, and she has never left the side of her beloved father.

She died from an illness, but it was just a small incident in her transformation into a powerful weapon for her father's war. In reality, she gained the immense power of the black iron giant and fought for her father.

"Don't... don't look inside me..."

"I... I'm not like that... I don't want it..."

"Leave... leave that place... don't look at my drawings..." The Princess wept loudly, while the massive body of the black iron giant curled up like a baby, unable to even open its eyes, let alone fight.

"Weak and powerless... just an appearance..."

Morris looked at the collapsed black iron giant with disdain, it fell to its knees with just a bit of mental contamination, this giant is useless.

The Emerald Sea Dragon Beast on the other side didn't fare any better. Despite hearing the voice of the Rift Space Dragon and promptly opening the Water Curtain Heavenly Splendor, a contaminated fairy mayfly cannon still invaded the body of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast.

The Princess' biggest weakness in her heart was the memory of her illness and being sacrificed by her own father.

Similarly, the War Dancer also has similar weaknesses.

Her death, caused by people who were once inspired and protected by her, using random objects to kill her.

The water is very deep.

A feeling of familiarity that struggles helplessly, falling towards an endless abyss.

Gurgle, wanting to stay alive, wanting to escape.

There are still people waiting for her. She can't die here. If she dies, the Songstress will never be able to survive.



The Water Curtain Heavenly Splendor that envelops the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast gradually turns black, a sign of the War Dancer's mind field being corrupted and polluted.

Helpless, unable to win, no way out. Faced with the power from the abyss, the War Dancer resists with great effort.

Compared to the younger Passed Princess, her resistance was undoubtedly stronger, but facing the erosion from the abyss was still a great challenge, only a difference of fifty or a hundred steps.

All the soul cores are treasures created by The King of Undead by collecting souls with special traits.

In this process, the power of the secret treasures from the Ten Leaves Alliance was utilized, precious resources previously used by the former King of Undead to win the war against the dragon clan.

The problem is, the "Ada" from the abyss is particularly skilled at corrupting souls and willpower, even Leviathan the Sky Beast in the current state of Su couldn't escape its grip, let alone the mortal Passed Princess and War Dancer.

"Oh no!"

"Songstress, disappear!"

The Rift Space Dragon, observing the battlefield, rolled at full speed, evading the pursuit of up to six fairy dragon cannons, attracting the most firepower among several ancient weapons.

The fairy dragon cannons that pounced on the Opera House Phantom successfully invaded the interior of this ancient weapon, but it turned out to be empty.

The Opera House Phantom's existence is completely different from other ancient weapons. As soon as it heard the sound of the Rift Space Dragon, it escaped back to the depths of the Underground Cemetery, fortunate amidst the misfortune.

The black iron giant and Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, who were contaminated, were now beyond the Kingdom's Shield's power.

"No... No..." The black iron giant hugged its body with its limbs, shaking like a baby about to regress.

"Gurgle..." Countless black bubbles appeared in the Water Curtain Heavenly Splendor of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, a sign of drowning.


"Unbearable... It's unbearable!"

"What's this Underground Cemetery, The King of Undead? In front of the great Ada, they're all just small fry!"

Morris's voice echoed in front of the Babylon Sky Tower, and the electric spear in his hand began to emit a dazzling electric light, locking onto the despairing silver figure.

"It shouldn't be like this..."

Yun Xi reached out his hand and grabbed the black spear piercing through El’phyllis's body, slowly pulling the cursed spear out of her.

Endless anger burned in those silver eyes, a fury that could incinerate the world.