Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1227

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Chapter 1227: The Princess's Painting

Clearly something that had already been forgotten.

Absolutely would not think about it, even thought it didn't exist at all.

The most disliked, most unwanted thing that she wanted to disappear just like that.

That is Passed Princess's biggest flaw and weakness - illness.

Until she fell ill, she grew up healthy and imagined herself becoming the cutest and most beautiful princess in the whole world.

With a respected father, a beautiful sister who can dance, and many friendly maids, as a princess, she had no unhappy places.

Every day, there were delicious candies, bread, never-ending cute dresses, and shoes.

She worked hard to study, preparing herself for becoming the queen of this country in the future. Her life was like a perfectly planned chart, everything went smoothly.

Until she fell "ill".

At first, the symptoms were just a slight cough, similar to a cold, a small illness that no one would pay much attention to.

As long as she drank warm honey water and rested in bed for a few days, she would get better. That's what she thought, and that's what her maids and palace doctors thought too.

The cold quickly got better, she regained her energy and could bounce around again.

Unfortunately, less than half a month later, she caught a cold again. She pouted, drank warm honey water, and lay back in bed.

It was a spring with frequent temperature changes. Countless nobles and commoners were attacked by the flu, and the princess was naturally one of them.

With the careful care of her maids, the princess recovered her health after a few days.

Everything seemed fine, just a little cold. Whether it was magic or traditional medicine, there were ways to cure it. Moreover, she was a princess of a country, she could afford any precious medicine.

At that time, no one could predict what would happen next.

The number of colds increased, and they became more frequent. The doctors' eyes started to show panic.

They couldn't diagnose what illness the little princess had. Even when she took precious magic medicine, it only temporarily relieved her cough symptoms.

Gradually, the little princess herself realized that she might not have a cold, but some other illness.

Her body was always running a fever, and her throat was extremely dry. Drinking a lot of water couldn't suppress these symptoms.

Study time gradually decreased bit by bit.

Dancing and playing time were replaced by moments of lying in bed to rest.

In just a few months, the healthy and energetic little princess became so weak that she couldn't get out of bed on her own.

Every day, she cried, not understanding what she did wrong to have such a strange illness.

Every day, she prayed that she would get better and be able to ride on her father's shoulders again, wearing her red dancing shoes and twirling under the sun.

However, everything became just a hope.

Just like leaves falling from the branches when autumn arrives, the little princess's strength weakened day by day. But the doctors and the wizards were powerless against this unheard-of illness.

Even though they kept it a secret from the little princess, telling her that it was just a more serious cold, possibly with an infection, and that it could be cured with time.

The little princess believed it, imagining herself getting better and running carefree again.

Yes, she believed it, truly believing the words of the adults.

She would swallow even the most bitter medicine and endure the most complicated magic investigations.

However, withered leaves ultimately fall from the tree, following the pattern of the seasons.

The little princess, targeted by the Grim Reaper, finally understood that there was no cure for her and that she could never go back to the way things were.

She didn't understand about treating diseases, inflammations, or complications, but her instinct told her that she was going to die.

At the age of twelve, before fully blossoming with the brilliance of life, she reached the end of her own journey at such a young age.

After realizing that she was going to die, the little princess didn't cry or make a fuss. Instead, she diligently painted.

It was a painting of a small tree that had gradually turned yellow after a storm.

The branches of the small tree had many leaves, each one not looking very healthy, as if they could fall off at any moment.

On the first night, half of the leaves in the painting fell off.

The little princess stared at the painting, seeming not to understand why a drawing made with crayons could change.

On the second night, half of the leaves in the painting fell off.

The little princess felt like she was struggling to breathe, as if something important was slowly and uncontrollably leaking out of her body.

On the third night, the little princess couldn't fall asleep. She kept looking at the wax crayon drawing she had made under the lamp.

The few remaining leaves were falling slowly in front of the little princess. Each time a leaf fell, her heart beat faster. Until finally, only three leaves were left on the tree in the painting.

Don't, don't look any further!

You didn't draw that painting!

If you keep looking, if you keep looking... The little princess wept as she looked at her memories. They were the deepest nightmares in her soul, the memories she had willingly forgotten.

The last night had arrived.

During the day, the doctors examined the little princess's body and were sweating profusely. They started a heated debate.

"This is going to be a disaster."

"We're going to die... killed by the king..."

"The problem is... we can't find the cause of the illness. Is this a genetic disease?"

"Only this explanation makes sense, it's a curse from birth, the princess might..."

"What should we do? We can't do anything!"

The little princess could hear their argument clearly, even though they were in different rooms. She just couldn't speak.

Late at night, like a last glimmer of light, the little princess put on her most beautiful and adorable clothes and sat in front of her own crayon drawing.

In the drawing, the last three leaves were about to fall. The once slightly withered leaves had turned into a dull yellow color of decay. Anyone could see the fate of these leaves.

"Cough... cough... cough..." The coughing princess stared blankly at her drawing.

As the first leaf fell, her gaze became empty, losing the emotions that humans should have.

With the second leaf falling, her heartbeat slowed down, and the circulation of her blood gradually stagnated.

The third leaf fell, and she saw a person, someone she loved and admired the most.

You, are you here to pick me up?