Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1226

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Chapter 1226: The Deadly Shot

As soon as El’phyllis saw the huge magic eye, she exerted all her strength and unleashed all the life-saving cards she could use in a short time.

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Produced by the Leviathan Empire, the electric spear enhanced by the power of the abyss shot towards her almost immediately, just as she had imagined.

If she hadn't been highly focused, she might not have noticed the fleeting black trace in the sky.

Time seemed to slow down in that instant.


The first layer to shatter was the outermost shield, which was like a transparent eggshell. There were a total of ten layers, theoretically capable of defending against more than ten consecutive attacks from God Weapons, specifically developed to resist sharp attacks such as spears, guns, and arrows. It was a hero-ranked defensive spell.

These ten layers of shield only bought El’phyllis less than a tenth of a second.

Following the order, the defense of the second sequence is activated. This is one of the most important spells that El’phyllis's pitch-black armor urgently triggers - defense against instant-death attacks.

The power of the dark abyss spreads, piercing through all of El’phyllis's shields, while also contaminating her body and soul.

Unidentified whispers from the abyss entwine around El’phyllis's ears, and the scent of death follows closely behind.

Locking her own soul and life, even when tempted by the power of the abyss, El’phyllis's gaze remains clear. That is the effect of this defense against instant-death attack spell.

Protecting the most important concept of her existence, even if her body shatters, she can maintain the minimum possibility of revival. That is the importance of this spell, which requires more preparation in advance than shielding spells, except it takes time to unleash.

Next is the "False Life." Unnatural crimson flushes El’phyllis's cheeks. It is a spell that unleashes the maximum potential and is used to save herself when facing unbeatable enemies.

The electrical spear that tears apart all shields releases a terrifying shockwave, preventing any possibility of El’phyllis escaping. In the intense distortion, all teleportation and instant movement spells are prohibited.

The fourth sequence spell is activated, known as the - sanctuary of nature, a spell from the legend-ranked Great Druid.

Four green leaves flutter around El’phyllis, enveloping her body in a natural aura, dispersing the abyssal power that had begun to invade her.


The black electric spear spun and pierced through El’phyllis's body, spreading the curse from the ancient gods.

If it wasn't for the natural shelter's protection, in that instant, El’phyllis would have lost her humanity and become something twisted.

In the moment the black electric spear pierced El’phyllis's heart, the final and most powerful protective spell was triggered.

"Icebox!", formally known as the Absolute Zero Frost Barrier, a forbidden technique that instantly resets all negative conditions and permanently freezes the user.

It is called a forbidden technique because once this spell is used, it freezes everything at the molecular level, achieving an almost invincible effect.

The external manifestation is that the user is surrounded by giant blocks of ice and may remain in this state for a thousand or even ten thousand years—unless a miracle happens, there is no way to break free.

As the last life-saving ace prepared by the Ten Leaves Alliance for their young mistress, this is the only spell that can withstand attacks even from the legend-ranked.

After transforming into the icebox state, El’phyllis will lose all ability to move and become completely frozen, having to wait for the Ten Leaves Alliance's rescue.

The question is, nobody would have expected El’phyllis to encounter a situation in Sia's world, a remote and isolated place, where she needed to activate an extremely cold refrigerator.

In other words, nobody would come to rescue her. In this world, apart from her, there are no other members of the Ten Leaves Alliance.

In just a short two seconds, a large black eye appeared, followed by a cursed black spear piercing through El’phyllis's body, nailing her to the Babylon Sky Tower.

The black spear penetrated El’phyllis's body, pinning her entirely to the Babylon Tower. Just as the voice declared, she lost all signs of life.

The moment was so brief that Yun Xi only noticed something was wrong when he turned towards the massive body of the faceless god and saw El’phyllis. She had already turned into a huge block of ice, completely impaled on the Babylon Sky Tower by the black spear with electrical patterns.

"El’phyllis!" Yun Xi's mind went blank, and he could hardly comprehend what had happened.

What happened? Did he see it wrong?

Why did El’phyllis lose all signs of life in just a blink of an eye, being impaled by that terrible weapon on the tower?

"This world... doesn't need a king... nor a savior..."

"Because this world... is being watched by the abyss..."

A slow and deathly voice spread out from the swirling black clouds.


The black tyrant rose from the underground with a destructive aura. Twelve demonic dragonfly cannons danced around it, announcing its arrival.

"Yes... this world belongs to the great Ada!"

"You have only one path, and it leads to death!"

Corrupted and polluted by the power of the abyss, the fairy-like weapons, imbued with a fraction of the abyss's will, instantly teleported in front of the four ancient weapons in the Underground Cemetery, launching a frenzy of attacks.


"How dare you harm my father! This is unforgivable!" The black iron giant went mad, viciously grabbing the fairy dragonfly cannon that flew in front of it, preparing to crush this unwelcome intruder.

"No, we can't let these things get close, hide away, giant!" Using their instinct for war, Kingdom's Shield, flying in the sky, first sensed that something was wrong.

These black, dragonfly-shaped weapons gave her a very bad feeling. They absolutely cannot get close to her.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

The fairy-shaped dragonfly light cannon, held in the palm of the black iron giant, was no longer the autonomous scientific weapon originally developed by the Leviathan Empire.

This is a mysterious weapon contaminated by the abyss, possessing the curse of erosion and contamination power.

Before the black iron giant could exert force and crush the fairy-shaped weapons in its palm, these weapons turned into black crystallized substances, releasing a contamination substance that this world could hardly resist.

"Ah, what is this!"

"Don't... don't make me remember!"

"I am not... I am not... I am the princess that Daddy loves the most, the happiest child in the world."

"I... I am not sick!"