Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1223

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Chapter 1223: Jealousy and Madness

That was the most beautiful flower in the world.

That was a gem that shone forever.

In Yun Xi's eyes, it was an unforgettable beautiful memory.

Even if far away from his hometown and unable to return to that ordinary small town, El’phyllis's face would forever be etched in the young boy's heart.

In Sia's lonely world, the figure currently sitting on the throne was the person he was most familiar with in this world.

Congratulations, El’phyllis.

Feeling Yun Xi's gaze, El’phyllis looked at the silver giant that stood an impressive forty meters tall with some confusion.

Then, the entire Babylon Sky Tower began to emit a sword of light that seemed to pierce through the entire sky.

This is when Sia's world recognized The King of Undead's continental crown, and the sign of the immense power of the world began to gather.

"Hmm?" El’phyllis could feel that the completion progress of the Babylon Sky Tower, which was originally lacking a large amount of resources and only at around 70%, was continuously rising.

Seventy-one percent, seventy-two percent, seventy-five percent.

It kept soaring until eighty percent, and then this rapid growth slowed down. Even the architect who designed the Babylon Sky Tower - the previous The King of Undead - probably didn't expect such special treatment when officially becoming the king of the continent.

"It looks like it should be completed within a week." El’phyllis joyfully watched as the progress of the Babylon Sky Tower continued to slowly rise.

The blessing of the world's power has incredible effects. She could feel that the vague will of this world also wanted to connect to a broader starry sky, but it has always been hindered by something.

Now, it seems that the obstructing force has weakened quite a bit?

With the blessing of the world's power and the constant collection of resources by the army of the undead sent out for twenty-four hours, the construction progress of Babylon Sky Tower can be greatly advanced.

"In this way, conquering the world becomes meaningful," El’phyllis felt the power of the world filling the crown and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"This throne rightfully belongs to the greatest ruler," Kingdom's Shield looked pleased as El’phyllis finally ascended to become the King of the land, then glanced at the silver giant who blessed the birth of the new ruler.

It's no wonder she's the princess of the Ten Leaves Alliance, her gracefulness can easily inspire others. She could feel the silver giant, who was once a formidable enemy, sincerely offering their heartfelt blessings to El’phyllis.

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Maybe it's love? Kingdom's Shield, who dedicated everything to training, never quite understood this kind of feeling. Now, he had a somewhat uncertain guess.

No matter what, from this day on, the world will turn to a new page.

When Babylon Sky Tower is completed, it will be the moment when the long-held wishes of all the wise beings in the world come true.

Surely, everyone looks forward to such a future, right?


Ludwig XII stared blankly at The King of Undead sitting on the bone throne, his nails digging deep into his palm.

Especially that crown with seven precious jewels on top, which almost made him unable to see anything else.

That's mine, my belongings!

I am the rightful ruler who should wear that crown, the strongest Imperial Emperor of the continent!

The goal that even the rebellious royal family wanted to achieve, which the ancestors had been striving for generations - to conquer the world and eternally inscribe the name of the Leviathan Empire in history, he was just one step away from it.

Why did it turn out like this?

Damned nuclear explosion!

Damned silver giant!

Damned King of Undead!

He had had enough, it was as if fate was mocking him cruelly!

Will everything I've sacrificed, including my best friend, my first love whom I secretly adored, and marrying a noblewoman I don't love, all be in vain today?

Ludwig XII's heart was consumed by strong regret and unwillingness, much like a venomous snake.

He yearned for the power to destroy and crush everything, to completely reverse this unfair fate and set everything back on track.

He is the emperor of the Leviathan Empire, the most powerful military nation on the continent. He carries the mission to unify the continent and become a great ruler driving science as the mainstream of this era.

Why does everyone have a problem with him one by one?

You monsters should have died during the divine era!

Why are you all emerging from unknown places only now?

The greatest ruler in human history is not creatures like you, but someone who adapts to the trends of the era like me, who is about to ascend in this era!

It's all mine, no one can take it away!

Ludwig XII looked enviously at the crown symbolizing continental supremacy, which was the God Weapon imbued with the concept of a continental king. Only the person who wore that crown was qualified to truly call themselves the king of the continent.

This is mine!

No matter what the cost, I must snatch it away!

"Do you want it?" whispered from an unknown source, entwining within Ludwig XII's increasingly tainted soul.

This insane, unwilling, and desire-filled soul is Abyss's favorite.

Together with the cracks opened by Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel from the distant starry sky, one of the incarnations of the Abyss Will, which accidentally descended upon this world, finally began its erosion of this world.

It is the fragmented will of the evil god that chased after Naiya's imprint and came to this world. Its name is "Ada," an indescribable existence.

The name Ada symbolizes complete and chaotic evil, which is also a characteristic of Naiya's faction. Naiya is the most powerful evil among them, but there are also many other evils.

Old gods, that's how many people refer to these strange beings born from the depths of the abyss. They are one of the most terrifying existences in the Endless God's Domain.

"It's you..." Ludwig XII tightened his hands and a few dark particles appeared in his eyes.

He only found out about the news of an underground sect called "Ada" appearing in the army not long ago, and they were the ones who approached him first.

Unlike the previous insignificant organizations led by ambitious individuals with at most a half-hearted warlock bloodline, this underground sect that worships "Ada" displayed true extraordinary powers.

In less than a month, this underground sect, led by the younger generation in the army, developed thousands of followers, and the trend is growing stronger.

Ludwig XII, the Imperial Emperor, originally thought this would be just another trickster underground sect like before. However, the initiator of this sect, "Morris," provided him with a large number of elite-level magic armored knights, making Ludwig re-evaluate them.