Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1220

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Chapter 1220: Altar of the Deceased

To become the ruler of the continent was something that The King of Undead from the previous reign could achieve anytime and anywhere.

The Dragon Clan used these seven precious gemstones, the most valuable in the world, to create the crown for the King. It symbolized the Dragon Clan's greatest masterpiece and served as proof of their alliance.

The existence of the Black Iron Giant, Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, Opera House Phantom, and Rift Space Dragon, four war weapons, completely overwhelmed the proud Dragon Clan. This made the Dragon Clan acknowledge that The King of Undead possessed the power and qualification to become the ruler of the continent.

Yes, the Dragon Clan didn't surrender to humans. Humans were deluded, thinking that they had defeated the superior Dragon Clan with their own strength. It was nothing but a big joke.

Throughout, the Dragon Clan recognized that the ruler of the continent, the one who demonstrated control over Netherworld's power and revived the golden bloodline of Su, was not a human.

Whether "he" was a human or not was highly doubtful. Looking at the level of manipulation of Netherworld's power exhibited, "he" was the only one in the whole Sia's world.

It is acceptable to lose to such a formidable opponent, rather than losing to insignificant humans.

The continental crown represents the rules recognized by the entire world, crafted by the united power of the Dragon Clan. It symbolizes the peace treaty that brought an end to this war.

The King of Undead proved that he had the ability to sit on equal footing with the entire dragon race, so the dragons voluntarily withdrew from the struggle for dominance over the continent and returned to their place of origin.

The Leviathan faction no longer sought the kingdom's power on the continent. Even if the dragon race disappeared millions of years later, the pillars of the Mermaid clan and Lamia clan of the Leviathan faction still honored this ancient alliance.

Compared to humans who deliberately erased The King of Undead's contributions from history, the monsters of the Leviathan faction were truly honest.

At that time, the Kingdom's Shield had already envisioned a glorious future for the Underground Cemetery. The bone altar and the ceremony from the Tower to the Underground were prepared at that time.

However, The King of Undead eventually gave up everything.

Because his friends, his lovers, and his benefactors all perished in that war.

It was the final elegy for the golden ancient people, who symbolized the origin of humanity. They perhaps sensed the arrival of their own demise and led the humans in a war against the dragon race.

In order to create a future for humanity, they fearlessly charged forward, bravely sacrificing their lives on the battlefield. The golden ancient people became an eternal legend from that moment on.

With the war concluded, The King of Undead, who should have naturally become the king of the continent, ultimately didn't hold the crowning ceremony that was supposed to take place.

Because he wanted to wait for someone, he wanted the person who would witness this ceremony.

The person he loved, he wanted to walk hand in hand with, the person who would become the princess.

Tell him what it means to be human, the person who is alive.

Everything is gone.

Without all of you on this throne, what use is it to me?

You deceivers, who said the future was mine, yet each of you left one by one. I don't want such a future.

I am willing to accompany all of you to rest in the Underground Cemetery, and dedicate my last power to the person who will continue my mission in the future.

Offer everything I have as a sacrifice to this tower that will lead to the stars.

That is everyone's wish, the reason why I strive.

I want to change the world, save the world.

I don't need to be a king, my mission is already complete.

"The previous king... was so hopeful..."

"So...please carry on his will...become our king."

Kingdom's Shield whispered, telling the undying persistence of the previous King of Undead before he vanished.

Perhaps, he wasn't a qualified king, never possessing the grace and magnanimity of a king.

He had originally longed to walk together with the person he loved, even if they weren't very wealthy, without any desire to conquer the world.

He came to this world because of a mission, but from the very beginning, things went wrong, and he had to become a part of this world.

And it was exactly like this, he gained friends, benefactors, and even a lover, something he had never experienced during his researcher days, and he began to genuinely like this world.

He loves this world and wants to change it. His original task has now become a heartfelt mission, prepared to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of years to complete this mission.

He built a tower that reaches the stars for this world, freeing it from the curse of Leviathan. He never wanted to become a ruler, but merely a dedicated and focused scholar.

The fact that he comes from the stars is not a secret to the other golden humans. It is because of this that the last golden ancient people value him so much and entrust the future of the world to him.

Kingdom's Shield is the only person in the Underground Cemetery who knows the truth about the previous King of Undead.

She is the best assistant prepared by the previous King of Undead for his successor, and the highest military commander of the Underground Cemetery.

"I know... he has already done very well... even better than I imagined." El’phyllis looked at the half-completed Babylon Sky Tower beside her. It is a miracle that only a few geniuses in the Endless God's Domain can build.

Every builder of a Star Tower will be recorded in history, the highest honor for an architect.

When El’phyllis arrived in this world, she originally thought she would inherit a mess. But she didn't expect the previous King of Undead, who was a former researcher of the Ten Leaves Alliance, had already pushed the construction progress of Babylon Sky Tower to over fifty percent.

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The entire military power of the Underground Cemetery, even the crown on her head, are his legacy.

If it wasn't for the world's limited resources, El’phyllis might not have been needed. He could have built the Star Tower by himself and created a bridge to the stars.

Right now, El’phyllis not only inherited his father's will, but also his mission in this world.

"So... I will become the king of this world." Walking down the stairs of bones, El’phyllis took step by step towards the already built Bone Altar, stepping onto the center of the altar once again.




The Bone Altar, dormant for millions of years and waiting for the same amount of time, released a chilling aura.

On the altar, an endless and eerie deathly energy began to emerge. It was the crystallization of the power of the Netherworld and a treasure intentionally brought into Sia's world by the former King of Undead.

The sky in Sia's world was imprisoned, rejecting any external life from entering. Only these crystals of deathly energy, devoid of any living essence, were eventually brought into this world by the researchers.

"I declare..." a slightly deep voice began to echo amid the mountains.