Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1216

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Chapter 1216: Igniter

When this power was discovered, the Council of Red Robes split into three factions.

The emerging faction that supported the research of nuclear explosions and controlled this powerful force.

This faction, led by the second ranked member of the Council at that time, mostly consisted of young elite Red Robe mages. They were also a group of talented mages who emerged after the period of magic decline.

Stay neutral and be cautious towards this new phenomenon's neutral faction.

This group occupies the majority of the parliament and they are curious about the innovative ideas of these newcomers. However, they are also worried if this new power can truly benefit humanity. The leader of this group is Duke, the highest chairman.

Lastly, there is a completely opposing faction to this experiment. They believe that this kind of power destroys the tradition of wizards and will bring immense disaster. This traditional faction is mainly composed of warlocks and some ancient magical families.

At the beginning of the experiment, the emerging faction had the upper hand. The main researchers studying this new power, nuclear explosion, disregarded the opposition from the traditional faction.

They had confident reasons since they were known as the "last miracle" generation.

Like a flicker of light, after the period of magic tide decline began, a group of exceptionally talented young boys and girls emerged in the human society, rivaling the brightest times of the divine era.

They had grand visions and the courage to go all out, daring to break free from all restraints and questioning all authorities.

After the period of magic tide decline officially began, they were the most unwilling to accept the status quo and were willing to pay any price to seek a path for the future.

During that era, they illuminated the entire period and were hailed as the "last miracle."

If Duke wasn't the oldest and didn't possess the magical crown called the God Weapon for over a hundred years, he wouldn't dare claim to be better than the second-ranking mage, let alone hold the position of the president of the Red Robe Mage Council for consecutive terms.

Even so, he knew that his position as the president would eventually be taken over by the energetic second-ranking mage, a young man named Homer.

It took Homer only thirty-five years to go from being a normal person to a hero-ranked mage, and then almost reaching the pinnacle of hero-ranked as the sixth-ranked strongest mage. Duke, on the other hand, took a whole century to reach the same position.

This was all thanks to Duke inheriting the God Weapon, the magical crown representing Sia's world, at the age of fifty. He then spent fifty years practicing his magical healing ability with the God Weapon's super-speed magic restoration power.

When Homer proposed the nuclear research project and gathered a large group of young geniuses to start the project, Duke was already a hundred and fifty years old.

For a peak Red Robe Mage, this age was still considered relatively young. Among the previous Red Robe Mages, the longest-living president after reaching the sixth rank passed away at the age of five hundred.

However, looking at Homer and the group of young people around him, Duke felt old.

The future belonged to these young people. With an appreciative gaze, Duke remained neutral, but secretly supported their bold experiments.

Soon, the research made groundbreaking progress. Homer displayed talents that were completely unmatched for his age. From the initial discovery of the essence of matter all the way to creating the first prototype, it took him less than seven years.

Duke had also imagined what kind of future would appear if this power could really be used by wizards.

That night, young Homer burst into the Speaker's room with his drawings, excitedly depicting that shining future moment that Duke never forgot, even after he died.

Homer told him that this power was not solely his own idea, but a reconstruction based on certain incomplete records that he acquired.

The principles and operation of supporting a nuclear chain reaction are likely not creations of Sia's world civilization, but rather the crystallization of wisdom from a more advanced civilization.

In other words, that civilization had already mastered the use of nuclear explosion power and had acquired the ability to travel among the stars, which accidentally led to these records falling onto the earth of Sia's world.

Since this power was not a mere fantasy, as long as one traces and studies these records in reverse, it is possible to find a method of using this power.

From the incomplete records obtained from Homer, once the power of nuclear explosion can be utilized by humans, it could potentially create a brilliant civilization called "science".

In that era, even if the wizards lost their magical abilities, they would still become the ultimate masters. For Sia's world, which has entered a period of declining magical tides, this is the best choice.

Duke agreed to support Homer's research and secretly provided funds and resources to accelerate Homer's progress.

In the seventh year of obtaining those incomplete records, Homer happily told his teacher Duke that the original product of studying this power using those records had been created.

That is the necessary key to open this big door, called the "igniter," a wonderful thing.

From those incomplete records, it can be known that in order to control this huge power that can change the material world, the "igniter" is necessary.

Homer and his team created three of these "igniters" in one go, and couldn't wait to witness the arrival of this new era.

It was a great experiment destined to be recorded in human history, but no one expected the outcome of the experiment.

The elites of the new era, the generation of the "last miracle," gathered in the magic laboratory hundreds of meters deep underground, in a state of heightened vigilance, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the miracle.

Duke, who secretly assisted his student as a neutral party, was also waiting for the glorious moment of his disciple's creation through a magic mirror in the wizard tower ten kilometers away.

If this experiment succeeds, he can rightfully pass on the position of the speaker and the inheritance of the God Weapon, the Magic Star, to Homer.

He has the spirit of innovation and creativity that he lacks, daring to say "no" to all traditions.

The traditional knowledge of wizards could not change the future when the period of magic decline arrived and wizards were destined to decline.

Even if his experiment failed this time, and the lighter couldn't ignite as expected, it's okay, he still has plenty of time.

Being young is their greatest advantage for the "final miracle", everyone can forgive their failures and look forward to seeing more results after learning from their mistakes.

At that time, even the traditionalists who opposed this experiment couldn't anticipate what would happen next.

The wizards of Sia's world had no idea about the concept of the "lighter" mentioned in the incomplete records of that civilization.

Almost the entire generation of the "final miracle" in Sia's world gathered in the experimental field that day, excitedly watching the countdown on the "lighter" covered by a powerful magic array.