Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1214

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Chapter 1214: The Non-Existent Nuclear Explosion Forbidden Spell

In the past, within the divided Red Robe Mage Corps, he chose to take the path of the Underground Cemetery, but forcefully made his son take a different path.

This is a wisdom that humans learned during tribal times - not to put all their eggs in one basket.

He himself entered the Underground Cemetery while leaving his descendants on the surface, having grand plans.

Regardless of which side fails, the other side can still survive, no matter what kind of existence it may be, as long as there is hope in staying alive.

Back then, no one could have imagined that The King of Undead from the Underground Cemetery was still alive and held absolute dominion over everything in the Underground Cemetery.

The most powerful Red Robe Mage Corps on the continent didn't even have the ability to release a decent spell against the owner of the Underground Cemetery, ending everything.

"We... we lost." It's difficult to admit this, but in the face of The King of Undead's absolute power, all strategies and plans became jokes.

Even though Duke had the magical God Weapon, he could only support for a short time, somewhere between three to ten seconds.

The power possessed by the King of Undead is beyond what any number of God Weapons can change. It is a power that surpasses imagination, making even the mighty dragon feel fear.

"After we entered the Underground Cemetery... what happened to the realm of the mages?" Despite already knowing the answer, Duke still wanted to hear from his descendants, to understand where he had made a mistake in preparing the path for them.

Even without the power of magic, the mages still possessed the highest wisdom on the continent. They are the legitimate inheritors of the divine era civilization.

Furthermore, there are also special beings called "warlocks" who can cast spells without relying on studying or the magic particles in the air. It is strange that there is not even a trace left of the realm of magic until now.

"About a hundred years later, all mage realms disappeared, and the era of the knights began." Poincaré shook his head.

Who could have imagined that the knights, originally considered as mere cannon fodder on the battlefield of the divine era, easily created by the mages during their glorious period, would eventually become the new rulers of the continent.

The warlock lineage didn't become the inheritors of the mages as expected. The arrival of the period of magic tide decline led to the decline of all supernatural powers, causing a significant decrease in the birth rate of warlocks and the gradual weakening of their strong bloodline power.

In the end, it was the various low-level bloodlines that the mages initially studied that stubbornly survived, even becoming more valued than the mages themselves.

"Almost all the pure divine era bloodlines, except in the Sia Kingdom, have disappeared."

"The power of warlocks has also been affected by the decline of the magic tide period."

"Now, it is the era of mortals, the era of science... It was supposed to be like this..." Poincaré looked puzzled at the Babylon Sky Tower rising from the ground in front of him and the undying magicians emerging from the Underground Cemetery.

Why have these ancient beings of the divine era reappeared, one by one, when the research clearly showed that there was still a long time until the end of the magic tide period?

It would take at least several generations, thousands of years later, for a new surge in magical power. This is the conclusion unanimously recognized by the scholars of the empire.

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"Indeed, the magical elements in the air are still so scarce." Duke nodded, agreeing with the assessment of his descendants.

If he hadn't transformed into a lich form upon his death, he probably wouldn't be able to cast spells in this environment, let alone control a huge undead army.

This world hardly possesses the elements necessary to give birth to powerful supernatural abilities. When he led the undead army to conquer those countries, he couldn't even find a handful of hero-ranked individuals.

In comparison, the Underground Cemetery is clearly too extraordinary.

The problem... seems to have started from when the queen used a forbidden spell called 'nuclear explosion'... For the immense changes that have occurred on the continent in the past month, Poincaré calculated many times, incorporating all the known information, and finally focused on one event.

Before that event, the Leviathan Empire was only one step away from conquering the continent. The powerful first magic armor corps had already defeated the last royal knight group in possession of divine era bloodline, celebrating their victory.

Then, a forbidden spell appeared that should never have appeared in this era.

A nuclear explosion instantly destroyed the entire first magic armored legion, reducing the empire's strongest three titled machines to ashes, not even leaving a single fragment.

Based on later measurements, the temperature at the center of the nuclear explosion may have exceeded tens of millions of degrees, reaching a level that even calculations find terrifying.

And the energy released by the nuclear explosion was hundreds of times greater than the accident inadvertently caused by the divine era mages as recorded in history. When Poincaré reached this conclusion, he doubted his formula for the first time in his life.

The 'nuclear explosion' phenomenon discovered by the divine era mages was actually not a forbidden spell at all, but the result of a failed experiment.

That failed experiment killed more than three mages in red robes, and everything related to the experiment was sealed. The impact of the experiment didn't disappear even after the end of the divine era, creating a large number of deformed creatures.

The 'nuclear explosion' phenomenon is the most terrifying and powerful material annihilation observed by humans in all records of the divine era, resembling the eruption of a small sun on the ground.

It is much stronger than the previous "nuclear explosion," with a core temperature that may exceed ten million, close to the astronomical unit of "billion." How could this be magic that humans can use during the period of magic tide decline?

"Nuclear explosion... forbidden spell?" Duke's soul fire shook violently. If he still had a jaw, it would probably be dislocated from the shock.

"Yes, didn't the records mention that the council had studied the release of the nuclear explosion forbidden spell?" As a descendant of the Red Robe Council, Poincaré knew about that research. That's also why he considered the nuclear explosion the strongest forbidden spell of the divine era.

However, all the records regarding the nuclear explosion were very confusing, and he didn't grasp the fundamental aspects of it. He still couldn't calculate a reasonable formula.

"There has never been any nuclear explosion forbidden spell." Duke firmly told his descendants. It was just a pipe dream.

"To cast the nuclear explosion forbidden spell, it would require the Magic Star to provide limitless magical support and increase the human hero-ranked magic pool by a hundred times. It's just wishful thinking."

"Only a god can cast the nuclear explosion forbidden spell with a human body!"

"That is a magic only gods can use, if that magic truly exists!"

Poincaré stood up; he had long had this question. Duke's provided data only matched his calculations.

The human body cannot possibly generate the magical power required to cast a spell as powerful as a nuclear explosion!