Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1212

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Chapter 1212: The Crown

"Leviathan... Ada..." A huge magic eye floated in the sky above the primeval sea, slowly releasing a large number of black particles.

The remains of Leviathan, which were originally in a state of natural breathing, were gradually contaminated by the black.

Around the ancient sea, the deep-sea creatures with octopus heads and bodies made up of tangled tentacles cheered one by one.







The dream that their whole family has been chasing for millions of years, even willing to betray and sell out their original allies, the dragon clan, is now right in front of them.

The enormous ancient sea began to churn unnaturally, releasing black bubbles one by one.

After millions of years of silence, the remains of Leviathan, which had been instinctively breathing, were slowly wriggling and the rhythm of its breath was changing noticeably.

A huge change is happening.

Like the restlessness before a storm, Sia's world has undergone some unknown changes.

The magic tide is stirring.


On the fourth day of the call from the Underground Cemetery.

Nestled among the mountains in the center of the continent, Babylon Sky Tower is continuing to rise at a visible speed, heading towards the unknown sky.

The forces and tribe representatives from West Continent, South Continent, and Sia Continent have all gathered below Babylon Sky Tower, waiting for the upcoming alliance.

Even the tribe on the edge of human influence arrived beneath the Sky Tower yesterday.

Right now, beneath the Tower of Babel in Babylon, there gathered a group of intelligent beings who represented the entire Sia's world.

Besides humans, other races have also arrived.

The Mermaid clan, rulers of the ocean.

The Lamia clan, rulers of the swamps.

The troll clan, once known for terrorizing people.

The cowardly and timid dwarf tribe.

Because of a certain event, the Leviathan faction reunited and became the largest force outside of the human camp.

However, all of this was insignificant to the owner of the Underground Cemetery.

Her plan had reached its final stage with no possibility of failure.

The Phantom of the Opera appeared and conquering the world was just a side task.

Collecting precious resources and minerals from all over the continent, almost emptying the collections of various countries and powers, is the most important mission of the army of the Undead.

Current progress of collection - sixty percent. The materials controlled by the countries and powers have all been moved to the warehouse of the Underground Cemetery.

The remaining forty percent is scattered in various corners of the continent. Even with the full excavation by the army of the Undead and using all the hero-ranked units as miners, it will take about a month to collect them all.

After all, the precious minerals born in the whole world from the end of the divine era to the present are resources that the first generation of The King of Undead couldn't sustain on its own. Being able to collect them in a month is already close to a cheat-like speed.

El’phyllis's arrival is not a coincidence, but because Sia's world has produced enough resources to build the star bridge, which made Ten Leaves Alliance decide to send its own envoy to complete this epic task.

Discovering a brand new form of civilization in God's Domain is enough to be remembered as a historic achievement, and it is also one of the shortcuts for hero-ranked individuals to shape a "legend". If El’phyllis were not a representative of the Four Leaves in the Ten Leaves Alliance, she would not have been chosen for this task.

According to the agreement with the countries of this world, today is the day when The King of Undead of the Underground Cemetery comes forward to sign a formal alliance with them.

It is also the time when the long-lost continental crown reappears.

Even though El’phyllis herself wasn't interested in the throne of this continent, once the star bridge is repaired, she will leave immediately, and the Ten Leaves Alliance and the forces of the Endless God's Domain will handle the things that come after.

But lack of interest is one thing, work still needs to be completed, and this is the dilemma of adults.

At this time, El’phyllis always reminisces about the carefree days in the small town.

Compared to building the star bridge, leaving one's own name in the history of the Endless God's Domain is an epic task that she prefers, along with having afternoon tea with Little Xi and chatting about the recent happenings in the Endless God's Domain.

In front of Little Xi, she doesn't need to carry any important missions, nor is she the heiress of the Ten Leaves Alliance or the representative of the Four Leaf.

"Today is a good weather."


El’phyllis puts down her helmet and enjoys the freshly delivered golden cream bread.

Really, she has told herself more than once, this is the last piece, she won't indulge in food anymore after eating this piece.

To control her appetite, she went as far as cutting a golden cream bread into twenty pieces with a small knife, and then locking each piece in a little box.

She, the young lady from the Ten Leaves Alliance, restricted herself to eating only one piece a day.

As for the result, you could tell just by looking at the neatly stacked pile of little boxes on the table. The quantity had already exceeded three digits.

"Yes, today is the day of the king's return." Kingdom's Shield held a magnificent crown adorned with seven gemstones, and both his hands trembled uncontrollably.

Ruby, sapphire, topaz, turquoise, diamond, emerald, jade. These seven pure and translucent gemstones were set on the crown, creating a dreamlike and magical radiance.

This crown had countless replicas. Almost every famous king in the divine era history had a crown with seven gemstones, claiming their right to the throne as the ruler of the continent.

However, there was only one true continental crown. After enduring the test of time and sedimentation in the world, it naturally formed the prototype of a God Weapon.

Only one more step remained for this crown to transform into the "Crown of the King," the object of inheritance.

For the King of the Underground Cemetery, the step was effortlessly easy. As long as he wished, he could complete it at any time.

No one expected that this legendary crown, which had long been surrounded by rumors, had not yet completed that step until now.

"Do you want to become the king?"

"Or, how about I give you this crown?" El’phyllis shrugged her shoulders, licked the white cream on her lips, and had a nonchalant expression on her face.

It's really embarrassing to wear this tacky crown and declare "I am the king" to the continent.

Whoever wants to be such a king can go ahead.

"No... that is your rightful position, no one can snatch it away, great king."

"Please remember, a king must understand the hearts of people."

With a devout expression, Kingdom's Shield kneeled down and offered their loyalty and vows to El’phyllis.