Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1203

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Chapter 1203 Boundary

More than just Kalian's close comrades were scared and crouched down by Kaka's shout.

As one of the girls with the highest affinity with a certain silver dragon in the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, the slight aura of dragons released by Kaka directly paralyzed half of the Wild Ranger's saber-toothed tiger mounts.

If this were a battlefield where both sides fought to the death, this shout would have disabled half of the continent's strongest assassination force.

Before Kalian could react, Kaka had already swung her spear and launched a fierce attack towards her sister.

Defensive is not a concept in the dictionary of a berserker's bloodline.

None of the Wild Rangers wore steel armor; they loved armor made from the skins of various beasts.

In order to improve the maneuverability of their saber-toothed tigers, they didn't even wear underwear. It is said that the most primitive Wild Ranger force didn't even need clothes.

The pure bloodline of a berserker is its greatest weapon. It is a similar bloodline developed by humans after witnessing the ultimate land forces of the Leviathan faction troll clan.

The wild warrior's bloodline, unlike the popular communication-type sorcery bloodline, is a masterpiece created by the mages during the Divine Era.

The fearless wild warrior who unlocks their own bloodline is always at the peak of morale. Even if the opponent is a giant dragon, they will charge forward. Apart from the downside of going berserk, they are considered a perfect ace unit.

While the power of magic spells faded during the period of the declining magic tide, the wild warrior bloodline, which doesn't rely much on magic, persevered in the northern wilderness according to the law of survival of the fittest.

Even though awakening this bloodline requires food ten times more than a normal person, it is still a worthwhile trade for tribes in need of great strength.

Kalian and Kaka are girls who have fully awakened their wild warrior bloodline.

As the captain of the wilderness ranger unit, Kalian's combat experience and skills are overwhelmingly powerful compared to Kaka.

If they had grown up normally, the three Kakas would not be able to compete with Kalian as she is now.

The problem is, Kaka is anything but normal, or rather, all the girls who have become members of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order have long lost any connection to the word "normal."

Containing the Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel, carrying the blessing (curse) of the Supreme Dragon God Asha, and a super-sized magic pool specially prepared for hatching dragon eggs.

Every day, the girls of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order bathe in the magical pool with close encounters with mysterious creatures from beyond the stars. They have chosen a path that is different from all the wise beings in this world.

Kaka is one of the best in the wilderness bride group, the strongest among them. She is just one step away from transcending from being an ordinary person to becoming a hero.

For humans born during the period of magic tide decline, this step is like crossing a great divide. It requires a lot of resources, luck, and strong bloodline.

For Kaka, it is as easy as crossing a thin piece of paper. She had the confidence to take that step three days ago. She just patiently suppressed the boiling warrior blood within her, not rushing to take that step.

This is her intuition. If she follows the boiling bloodline and enters that world, she can naturally become a member of the hero-ranked, but that alone is not enough.

She needs to have a clearer understanding of her own path, which is the essence of being a "hero."

This is the advice given to her by Saramanda, who has walked that path before her. The warrior bloodline is the pinnacle of human research on the troll clan, and can be regarded as a degraded and incomplete giant bloodline.

When entering the warrior frenzy state, it intensifies the person's physical abilities and makes them lose the ability to feel pain. They display an incredibly wild fighting stance.

However, this condition also continuously consumes the warrior's life force. Essentially, this occupation burns life to exchange for combat power.

The problem is that humans are not like trolls. Even if their hearts are pierced, they won't die. But if a berserker bleeds too much or gets torn apart, they will die.

Humans don't have the gift of immortality.

"Based on what you have, you should be able to awaken this gift. So it's best to suppress your impulses, maybe that way you can do it," Saramanda made this judgment after thoroughly examining Kaka's body.

The berserker lineage is a degraded version of the troll clan, and the troll clan's gift of immortality comes from the ancient Earth Child giants.

In theory, humans with the berserker bloodline have a slight chance of regaining a similar gift as Su's immortality.

This opportunity only exists during the transformation from human to a hero-ranked being. It is a fundamental change in life, the most important step from being a mortal to a transcendent world.

No matter how powerful a berserker is, they will get injured if they haven't become hero-ranked. They will die if their heart is pierced, and they can't regenerate lost limbs.

However, once someone becomes hero-ranked, anything is possible.

A hero-ranked berserker can almost ignore any damage from ordinary weapons. Being impervious to blades and bullets is just the basic level. Being invincible on the battlefield is achievable.

In the era of ancient weapons, a powerful warrior known as a hero-ranked berserker could determine the outcome of a battle. This was before the existence of magic armor, making them the strongest known war hero among humans.

The path that appeared before Kaka was the path of these mighty heroes.

Instead of choosing this path, she pondered her true essence as a hero and made a decision.

Suppressing her own advancement, she controlled the power of her boiling blood.

Although the anger within her body was raging, Kaka's expression remained calm, and her grip on the spear didn't waver.

"Whoosh!" The sharp spear swung and created a circle of icy light, as if claiming its own territory and repelling anything that approached.

"Ding!" Kalian's dual blades experienced a powerful impact, causing intense deformation. Both the person and the blades were sent flying.

Astonished, Kalian looked at his deformed Moon Blade. This was the cold weapon king symbolizing the pinnacle of divine-era technology.

The difference in weapon quality between the two sides was unexpectedly significant?

And, what's the deal with this scary power?

Did she unleash all of the berserker blood in her body? But if she had, she would have already entered a state of uncontrollable bloodlust.

"Not enough..." Kaka took a deep breath again.

Not reached the limit yet, not seeing her own end.