Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1198

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Chapter 1198: Representatives of the New Continent

With the arrival of Ludwig XII, the most powerful military nation on the continent, as the turning point, representatives of the other countries on the Sia Continent gradually arrived at the central mountains of the continent with their elite armies.

"Hey ha!"

Riding a large number of black sabertooth tigers, carrying rare weapons resembling boomerangs, with handsome and powerful men or women, they are the Wilderness Rangers of the Northern Alliance.

They excel at taming the sabertooth tigers roaming in the wilderness forest, growing up and running in the wild with their own sabertooth tigers. They are one of the few super elite forces of the Northern Alliance.

In terms of mobility, they even surpass the magic armor of the Leviathan Empire. A guerrilla unit composed of a large number of wilderness rangers was once one of the top three special forces on the entire continent.

"Boom rumble!"

The massive war elephant stomped around, representing the forces from the southern continent. They had a different battle system compared to the old continent, as representatives of the new continent.

The heavily armored elephant soldiers were a unique type of troops from the southern continent. Their strength was comparable to that of ogres. The war elephants charged fearlessly into battle, believing in sacrifice for their cause. They were a special type of soldiers exclusive to the southern continent.

The various long-range weapons mounted on the war elephants were war tools specially developed by the southern continent. Before the magic armor unit of the Leviathan Empire appeared, they were recognized as the world's first land force.

Besides the difficult training of armored war elephants, the heavy armored war elephant corps surpassed the knight orders of the old continent in all aspects. However, due to the long sea distance separating the two continents, there had never been a battle between the two knight orders.

Lastly, there were the black crusaders from the West Continent.

These heavily armed knights were mostly descendants of the noble class from the old continent who had ventured to the new continent during the divine era, and they had formed a certain religion during their colonization journey.

With the black cross as their symbol, they gathered around a few priests dressed in black robes, their faces expressionless.

These priests were actually inheritors of the ancient warlock bloodline, but they now referred to their spells as "divine magic," signifying that it was a gift from the gods.

Among the three known continents inhabited by humans, the Sia Continent dominated the world as the largest in size and with the highest population, undoubtedly occupying the center of the entire world.

The Southern Continent and Western Continent together make up about one-third the size of Sia Continent. According to historical research, they all split from Sia Continent.

The reason can be traced back to the giants, who were causing trouble for no reason at all. They had a war that caused the continents to drift, splitting Sia Continent into three pieces.

It was because of the trouble caused by the giants that the dragon clan, who lived at the top of the world, couldn't tolerate it anymore and finally destroyed the greatest source of unrest in the world.

Unlike the regular human soldiers from Sia Continent, the human armies from other continents have some mixed bloodlines from different races. However, most of them have integrated with humans, with only a small part of their bodies still bearing traces of monsters.

Compared to the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order of Sia Kingdom, these armies from the new continents were even more surprised.

Not long ago, when Queen Sia established the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, merchants from both continents also bought qualified girls from their own continents and sent them over. However, due to the long distance, there weren't many merchants who were able to achieve this feat.

In the entire Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, there were less than ten girls from other continents, and most of them had no connection to their birth countries.

For the countries of these new continents, since they sold these girls, they naturally had no relationship with their own countries anymore.

So when the commanders of these new continent armies saw the diverse mix of races in the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, they were even more surprised than the people of Sia Continent.

They knew how much controversy and bloodshed there had been to incorporate mixed-blood breeds into their army, and even now there are signs of unrest in the army.

All of this doesn't exist in the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

All members of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, infused with the divine energy of the Holy Silver Dragon, instinctively have a sense of identity that transcends race and background.

Many girls were initially sent to the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order by their families as pawns to spy on the secret of the Sia Kingdom's divine artifacts.

These noble families and even the king were eager to know what secrets were hidden in the ancient divine era tower.

At first, these girls hesitated to provide information about the divine era tower that their families had sent, and Ain showed no intention of stopping them.

However, the chiefs of these families soon realized that there was no regret medicine in this world.

The girls who were sent to the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order betrayed, one by one.

Well, it may be inappropriate to describe it as betrayal, but they sincerely joined the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

The information about the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order will still be sent, but every word and sentence is filled with pride, confidence, and dreams of a beautiful future.

"Prince Ashe is so pretty!"

"Today, I ate the most delicious bread in the world. Father, you can't even imagine how it tasted."

"If I can't eat bread from the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order in the future, I will die."

"Dad, let my little sister join the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order too. Her talent is even higher than mine, and she can surpass me quickly. I guess she has at least fifty seconds of talent."

"Great leader, thank you for adopting me, who came from a poor background. This is my gratitude. I don't want to go back to the organization anymore. In the past, I had no choice, but now I want to be a good girl and become an outstanding knight of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order."

Many forces who bear ill intentions towards the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order were left dumbfounded by the confident and happy information that was twisted in some unknown way.

Why does it feel like someone kicked a dog to see meat-filled buns?

Why did these girls change so quickly? They are just like daughters who can't come back home once they get married.

There were some people who wanted to fight against the girls who seemed to have betrayed their own power, but when facing the Leviathan faction led by Saramanda, Meross, and Heidi who had advanced to the hero-ranked level, all organizations were too scared to do anything.

It's not good to be scared, but this is a time when the magic power is declining. Even the Leviathan Empire, which has hero-ranked knights, only has a dozen or so.

Three hero-ranked monsters, an invincible troll, a Lamia Priestess with a magic eye, and the princess of the Mermaid clan all came together. Every organization had to tremble.

They couldn't win the fight, so they had to surrender.

They weren't knights from the divine era, and no one wanted to fight against monsters of that rank.